Thought I'd introduce myself

I am new here and wanted to say hello. How is everybody going?


Welcome. You may not know this yet, as you just joined, but we have a great Intro thread to share about yourself on the forum; have some fun and talk about yourself.


Hello :slight_smile: from Sully and I

and welcome.


Hello, and welcome to the forum. May we bless each other with your presence.
Warmly Doc :dove:


With 3 score and more under the belt slowy, very slowly.

Welcome to our humble abode. Watch out for the card game where two jacks open. It can get really crazy then. Keep you head low as you walk past the food, it is often known to fly across the room. We will love your pets and be amaze at your hobbies. Sometimes we will even make sense in what we say but mostly the inmates have taken over the facility.

Other wise it is all good in the hood.


Hello…Great to have you here
all the way from South Africa…
May God bless you.


I love Sully…AND you dear @Lya …How are you doing?


We are good how are you?!


I am good…was in pain…but so much better…

My dad had op …fixed 3 vertabrae in his neck…he is 88…last Tuesday…He was supposed to come out of hospital on Friday but has now contracted a fever and chest infection so they are still keeping him there until he is better.
He has been very confused since the anaesthetic…not quite knowing where he is and seeing things that are not there…he is a strong believer and I know he is in Jesus’s Strong Hands.
Praying for him and you…and Sully!


Hello. Welcome to our church family! I ask Lord Jesus to bless your time here. Many people around the world are struggling and searching for likeminded believers. We graciously accept all that seek the Lord and carry the blessed hope of his soon appearing. You May find some truths here that are scoffed at. But rest in the knowledge that God is in control and we are living each day in anxious expectation of His glorious appearing! You’ll also find many prayer warriors here that truly have blessed people by the power of the Holy Spirit and the loving kindness of our savior Jesus Christ!
-In the peace and love of Jesus Christ

  • Rebecca

I know Jesus is going to see him through. Meds are tough for me too. I get side effects, I guess my body is super sensitive.

I pray he will contiune to heal, as slow as recovery may be, doctors will continue to be compassionate and caring to both of you.

Hugs and thank you for praying for Sully and I. It is much appreciated.


Let me invite you, and everyone else, to the Solid Ground Cuppa House, where the conversations are free, and so are the refreshments!


Hello and welcome :grinning: :smile: :smile: :smile: :smile:


Hello there! I am going east via minivan.
So nice to meet you! I am called Tony. Welcome! :hugs:


Oh my I am sorry about that. I will pray for your dad.


Tony, you guys are on the move? Safe travels. Me and Hubbydude pray for you and yours (move and daughters) every morning. Excited that you guys are on the way to better!


I am blessed and vertical, praise God. Hope you are well, and I want to welcome you to the forum. Please make yourself at home. There are wonderful people here and you couldn’t find a place more alive and full of the love of the Lord.

You and hubbydude are incredibly sweet people. Thank you from my :heart:. Not literally traveling quite yet but just a matter of days at this point. I suspect that once the truck gets here I won’t be able to pop in here even for a moment. :smirk:

It was touch and go for a couple of weeks bc of the low inventory of real estate. We didn’t have a house to go to!!:flushed: But we found a decent rental near Loudon Lake that’s not too far from where we lived previously and will house hunt from there once our home in Oklahoma sells, which will take about two seconds :grin:. These are precarious times indeed. We just have to keep reminding ourselves that this whole convoluted mess in our economy and world politics is no shock to God. :wink:


This thread is kinda like when you go to the grocery and keep seeing people you know and you just keep stopping to talk. You know; it’s usually somewhere in the frozen food section in front of the ice cream :wink::joy:


Morning Tony @Romans1013,
I’m praying for your safe passage and that the world holds still until you get to where you’ve planned. If for some reason that doesn’t happen Tony, remember our Father IS in control, and he will put your family exactly where He wants you to be.

May you bless everyone you meet as you travel to your new home. May your witness be strong and your words of faith bold, planting countless seeds along your way. May our LORD water them all, bringing them to Life. May your old house sell quickly and for tons more money than you expect. And may your new homestead overflow with abundance (and cost far less than you expect!

Hubbydude and I are looking forward to meeting your family— ALL of them— at the JDF Forum Reunion after our Father calls us home. May it be far quicker than we expect! Safe travels Brother. Shalom.