Times of the Signs

As we see the daily unfolding of events which give us pause, and point to the end of days, sharing information to offer up prayers as led to do so, must be our focus.

Therefore we will not fear though the earth gives way, though the mountains be moved into the heart of the sea.” Psalm 46:2

Keep your eye on the hand of God in all the affairs of men. View His powerful and over-ruling providence in all things, including your most troubling fears. Learn to see God in all things, and behold Him as your God, and the distressing fears within you will have little influence to awaken the passions of your soul. Isaac Watts


Here in the US, we are watching a daily brick-by-brick deconstruction of the Constitution and Bill of Rights. It is barely possible to keep up with all that is being done, often by Executive Order, without a peep from Congress. Thus begins the attack on the right to own personal property.

So much to lay at the foot of the cross.

“Biden’s plan rips the heart out of local zoning authority. What, if anything, remains when the Biden administration is done won’t matter, because de facto control over the suburbs will have passed to the federal government,” Kurtz told The Epoch Times on April 12.
Kurtz believes the ultimate goal of advocates of the Biden plan is to eliminate single-family suburban neighborhoods entirely and to replace them with densely packed urban high rises.


Global Governance is what the pope wants.


Just saw this about a possible war with Russia? I need to start paying more attention I must admit.


Throw in on to of this tensions between the US and China over Taiwan as well as civil unrest on US soil, this summer may be getting very hot and I ain’t talking sun based heat.


It seems the Biden regime is ramping things up. They just have no idea how they are helping put everything into place.



I saw there i a microchip,created by pentagon to detect covid


I just saw this, I think its developed

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We can see how they will integrate across all datasets with these chips – biometrics, global currency, health information, social score.

Here is Visa’s plans as of last July. Advancing our Approach to Digital Currency | Visa

The US Gov has implemented plans for sharing health information across the board by August 2022. https://www.ama-assn.org/system/files/2021-01/information-blocking-part-1.pdf

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Then there’s Iran

Yup it’s all lining up brothers and sisters. Keep on track with eyes and ears open but don’t forget to focus on your first love and to draw others to salvation in the time we have left. Forget what others will repel as conspiracy theories and use every opportunity to share your love and faith in the Lord Jesus, God. We all know from JD how simple it is. ABC. Pray for the opportunity to share with anyone we meet, just to share the example of our peace and lack of fear. No need to bang on with all we know. It’s too much. We’re privileged to know but not essential for salvation. We must be gentle to the lambs when bringing them into the fold.

God’s strength and guidance to you all


This breaks my heart. Pray that those who might think of availing themselves of this “easy” answer will reconsider.


Thank you for this encouraging word . God bless you always.

Oh Hawaii, how horrible. I pray against this evil development. What has happened to a once caring, compassionate profession that they will now kill with the blessing of the state? It’s unbelievable the depths of evil.https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2021/04/13/hawaii-gives-green-light-for-nurses-to-perform-abortions/


Received in my inbox this morning from Lamb and Lion Ministries something I think is a great way to identify and separate the myriad of signs we are seeing on a daily basis. They have suggested dividing the signs into six categories:

  • Signs of Nature
  • Signs of Society
  • Spiritual Signs
  • Signs of World Politics
  • Signs of Technology
  • Signs of Israel

I believe it is important for believers to know what is happening; the Lord “has provided many signs to alert us to the fact we are living on the threshold of the Tribulation. And the crucial question for every human being is ‘Are you ready?’ Will He come as your Blessed Hope or Holy Terror?”

May the Spirit guide us to “ears to hear” the warning; may they choose Life!