To Our Health While We Occupy

This topic is being created for us to get advice on getting and staying healthy while we occupy. We might as well feel good while we’re here, right.

A few of us have been watching videos by Dr. Eric Berg, a chiropractor, who gives great nutritional advice. One example is a video on the benefits of taking cold showers everyday - there are so many! I tried this yesterday, and admittedly it wasn’t easy, but I felt more energetic all day. Here is one of Dr. Berg’s videos - this one is on the benefits of intermittent fasting, which I am also doing.

Please join us with your ideas and recommendations, and results.

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This fasting is hard to do! I broke down and ate an hour earlier than I was supposed to. Maybe tomorrow I can stay in bed longer. That should help. Feeling pretty good though.


Yes! I am able to do this in the winter, and it helped me tremendously, but now that we are on farm time (very late suppers), I sometimes eat later than I want to.


@wren ! Welcome back!

For some time I have eat during a window period of around 6-8 hours and do not eat for the other 16-18 hours. I could probably shorten that window period up some… I will test it out and see how it goes.

That in mind, I still think it doesn’t matter when/how much, etc. one eats if one consumes poison. And IMHO there are many in our modern processed foods including chemicals, sugar, wheat (modern wheat is not historical wheat anymore but something else entirely) to name just a few. Just saying…


You are so right, and I’m glad Dr Berg stresses that fact too. It’s getting harder all the time to find food that’s not loaded with chemicals or gmo’s, and I’m not even sure we can believe labels anymore.

The fasting sure is taking some getting used to. The mistake I made was not praying about it first, but I’ll remedy that.

Thanks @wren for recommending Dr. Berg, and all of your great advice.


Aloha and love dear sisters!
@Violet thank you. :hugs:Good to be back
Janet, thank you so much for tagging me here.

Though At present i’m only able to do the “absent-minded fasting plan”. i forget to eat till i almost faint outside. And then, i’m so hungry, i start crave eggs, cheese, gobs of butter, homefries with onions, etc. Full blown Northern Breakfast Syndrome attack. Help! i need an intervention over here! Just kidding. (well kinda) the toast carbs part has to go. :laughing:
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t.y. sweet Janet.


Yep, I have a lot of trouble with carb cravings, and I’m hungry all the time - guess it’s the carbs. Clif bars with peanut butter - yum.


Same here Janet, and I don’t know if its “the pause” or what, but i waxed fat over the winter, gained 30 lbs i have to lose. Was always pretty slim. Not anymore. lol. Five pounds down, 25 to go, so this is perfect timing. Thank you Jesus! I pray you all are my support network to keep me accountable okay? To earn my keep, i can share new wild edible recipes if you like. But Berg things only is okay too. I can tend to wander off into the woods.

ps. our well pump broke, so we’ve been without water here for two days. If i vanish temporarily its repeated runs to the stream and the hoop house to keep the plants watered and alive. :crazy_face:

Love the title Janet! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I’ve gained a lot of weight too even though I walk daily, anywhere from 2 to 6 or even 7 miles. I was always thin and could eat what I wanted but tried to eat healthy. Praying that we’ll both lose some weight so we’ll feel better. The extra weight certainly doesn’t help my hips either. They’ve been hurting since I put this weight on.


Wow Janet, that is a LOT of walking and good exercise for sure.
eek about the hip pain though, praying you have relief soon. :dove:
My right one tried to blow out this Spring, and I kind of took a nutrient baseball bat to it. If i can later, i’ll share what i did that helped. Dr. Berg may also have vids on that too. He literally saved my life this early Spring with something, but more that later. Must do a water run. :woman_farmer:


ey guys i need some encouraging should i start making youtube videos


Great, thank you for that.

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How to get rid of carb addiction.

I would add prayer to his list. This makes sense and points out exactly how carbs make me feel. They’re like drugs, I guess.


well thank you for ignoring me

I doubt they were! Be patient :wink:

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I have such a limited diet (due to allergies etc). It works thou. I have some fabulous recipes! I should post them!

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have you like replied to me?

I just did :wink:

I replied.

Twinkie? Flakie? Yum? :wink: @Janet7 sorry sugars lol! Cover your eyes.

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