Travel to Israel

So I’ve always wanted to go to Israel and Egypt.
My husband has agreed to help me make my dream come true!!!
We are looking at current tours and I have a question and prayer request….
I’d appreciate prayers that this becomes a reality for me and for God’s hand and guidance through all of it. I’d be going alone. Also would want an affordable, reputable tour.
My question is ….does anyone know about the covid testing and vax requirements?
I’m not getting clear answers when I search.
It appears that you don’t have to get the jab🤷🏽‍♀️
Some websites are saying they test and quarantine upon entry until a negative result and others say there is no testing required.

If anyone has some more current information or can guide me to where to inquire, it’d be greatly appreciated.


so awesome! I dont know the answers to your questions though.
If possible would go in a group for safety.

maybe talk with the customs and the airlines?


Here is some information I found. The first link looks like an official Israeli government website.

Also – Tom Hughes is hosting a tour to Israel in November! Looks like it’s currently full, but if you click to register there is a waitlist. Tom did say no injections were required. There is a contact form at the bottom of this page if you want to ask any questions about the tour.


Andy woods mentioned recently (as in the last few days) that Israel have dropped the jab/test protocols for entry. Info should be available on US/Israel gov sites.


Thank you!
I’m trying to go in a group tour through a Christian organization.
I think I found the answers I need :relaxed:


Thank you !!
I will check Tom’s tour options.

I found the same website information :blush:


Can’t help with the intel, sister, but I can help with prayer.

Loving Heavenly Father

Should it be Your will, our sister travel “to the place You call home”, please galvanize her with protection from evil and those not of You. Please bless her with peace and calm in any and all situations with travel and culture. Please put an army of guardian angels in continual readiness around her. Guide her steps O’ Lord and bless her with Spiritual wisdom and understanding along with a boatload of discernment. Should it be Your will being done, place her in the safest of tours and hopefully with people she will already know (I don’t know how You’d do that, but You know. So that’s a great start.)

Continually rejuvenate her immune system along this traveling and bless her with all she needs getting through this journey and bless her with enjoyment throughout her journey as the hearts of many go with her as we live vicariously through her time abroad (once again, should Your will be done. Just making that clear, Father…kind of like thanking You in advance.) Please guard her words, thoughts, and actions as well with those she encounters.

We pray this in Jesus’ name


Well, thank you all for prayers and support.

I’m very upset and I do not know where else to ask for more prayer.
My husband started having me get information on getting a passport. I also need to renew my driver’s license by October. So I was already getting everything ready.
So he’s asking me about the tour I want to go on and I’m reading him the information and the reviews from the tourism company. It has all good reviews.
So tonight I’m looking up the flights and I needed ti email the tourism company with some questions. So I finally got that done and was at a stopping point. It took me about 30 minutes.
It was only 8 o’clock so we were going to watch a comedy and sorbs time together.

I went out to do something in another room, came back and my husband had shut the tv off and says, I’m going bed.
I told him I thought we were going to spend time together. He is always on his phone looking up fishing, guns, car parts etc even when we watch tv. When I bring it up he yells at me.
He started sarcastically saying “ how are we spending time together when you’re on your phone?” I told him I was looking up the information about pricing etc and trying to get questions answered.
He started yelling at me about living in la la land with this dream trip asking me when he’s suppose to get his knee replacement surgery ( he had one done already 2 years ago and refused to get the other one done making excuses). He then said he wanted to go to Pennsylvania to visit his mom and how is he supposed to do that?

He told me I was selfish and living the life.

I started crying because he is always busy and I am out at the end of his to do list. I told him that. I told him he crushes me inside. I am also still crying as I write this because I’m also so confused. How can someone give support and even make suggestions then rip the rug out from underneath me? I still don’t know what I even did wrong.

(I earned almost 3000$ as an extra incentive reward last year for taking continuing childhood education courses. He wanted to put that in our savings, which I agreed to. Yet he labels everything meaning income, vehicles, the house etc as “ his”, but there is money that I’ve made that could go towards this trip as well as the fact that I’m still bringing in money from the gym job.

So I left to another room crying and he went to bed.

10 minutes later, he comes pounding on the door of the room I’m in and we’ll, no need elaborate on what he really wanted.
I told him to leave me alone and out of nowhere he brought up quitting my preschool teacher job and how I just go around making these random decisions. So now I’m upset about that. I reminded him that he said he was fine with it and he said I was worried about him overreacting for nothing when I notified him I had turned in a resignation letter.
I reminded him of my throat as a main reason for resigning and he advised me that I just never stop talking. :sob:( btw 2 weeks ago , I just finished another round of antibiotics and steroids for it and I wasn’t even teaching)

I feel like I can’t win. I’m constantly gas lighted by this man. He constantly puts me down, does and gets what he wants but if I try that , well, I just explained one of many deja vu scenarios that have constantly occurred in my 30 years of marriage.

I am so alone and I do t know who to turn to or talk to. I also just simply don’t understand the why’s of all this.

Just when I think everything is fine, he’s fine, we’re fine, and I’m not walking on eggshells
( which I walk on a lot) I’m walking in them again.

This is such an empty feeling. My life with him has changed me as a person. Many times I feel like a shell and am so emotionally and mentally crushed. It just drains me.

Thank you all for letting me “ cry on your shoulders”. I’m sorry I’m unloading my burdens here.

I’d appreciate prayer of any kind. Personally, I don’t even know sometimes what to even pray for anymore.


gaslighting, diversion, the yours is mine and mine is mine too. I’m so sorry
classic narcissism. Have you tried to take vitamin C in large doses for your throat?

praying for you ! dont let him get you down although it is hard and no you did not do anything wrong so I would not accept credit for that!


Just now seeing this. I will definitely pray for you. People confuse me so much and really make it hard to love them!



Aw Steph, my heart goes out to you. I’m so sorry you’re going through this.

Marriage can be hard work. When it’s good, it’s great, but when we hit rough patches, it can flip our worlds upside down.

Due to hurt feelings, our emotions can take center stage and sometimes it’s hard to step back to see what went wrong.

You expressing your love for God and wanting to go to Israel, annoys the enemy.

Anytime we want to strengthen our relationship with our Father, the enemy tries to distract us.

And it’s clear to see how the enemy is weaving himself in and out through this.

His strategy of attack comes in so many forms. But he especially loves to attack our minds. He pokes at our weaknesses and loves to remind us of things that annoy us about the ones we love the most.

It’s why many little explosions (arguments) come out of the blue. And alot of the times it’s over the dumbest things. We either see something or experience something that just doesn’t sit right with us, and instead of reacting in a calm, natural state - We internalize it.

Before you know it, this internal thought begins to fester. It grows roots and attaches itself to other open wounds.

And that is exactly what Satan wants.

He’s nothing but the spiritual jabberjaws of doom and gloom.

He loves to antagonize and poke us when we are feeling vulnerable or weak. But he especially loves to do this when we share our passion for the Lord.

At the end of the day, Satan hates families. It’s why we see so many broken homes.

But even more, Satan hates the children of Christ.

And Steph, you have such a big beautiful heart for the Lord. I can only imagine how delighted our Father gets when He hears how you want to experience more.

So, hold on to that. If this is God’s will, He will open the doors and arrange this trip to happen.

I know you’re hurting right now and you’re feeling quite alone, but just remember you have many who love you. Many who are standing by spiritually, and praying for both you and your husband. Including I.

We love you, but more importantly, Jesus’ Loves YOU!

:two_hearts: Alissa


Praying Stephanie. Your outpouring hit home on many levels and from both sides of the ribcage.


What a beautiful response, Alissa!


Thank you Alissa.
I’m having a tough time.
I’m trying to make amends despite the hurt as my kids and their significant others are coming this afternoon to celebrate my son’s 24 th birthday.

I must apologize as I have had a very bad attitude and I am trying to “let go and let God”
No one said life and especially marriage was easy.

I know God knows and understands about it all. So that does comfort my spirit.
Thank you all. I so very appreciate the support and encouragement.


I told myself that maybe the rapture would come this year , that’d beat this trip because the real
THING ……JESUS would be right there instead ! :grin::heart::heart:


@Stephmerm just pondering on what you shared about you and your husband, since i’ve never been married, i don’t really have answers to what your needing except i can pray for you. the conversation you have with your husband sounds like maybe you could benefit from attending a codependency support group to learn how to set healthy boundaries… just my opinion. There are books to learn to set healthy boundaries and i’m sure there’s a support group for codependency in your area. They had a support group at a church i used to attend in learning how to set healthy boundaries and this was the book everyone had in the group

p.s. please don’t be mad at me for sharing my opinion, also you can get your passport at any AAA agencies


Thinking of you and your husband, Stephanie. Praying that God will give you wisdom to help you heal and forgive (not that you haven’t). It is hard to navigate a marriage when these situations come up. Maybe put the travel plans on hold for the moment and give it to God. I am sure you have probably thrown it at Him, huh?? I would too. So disappointing to have your bubble burst and excitement be stifled. Israel is not going anywhere, and besides, I am looking for our trip HOME during the fall, aren’t you? I have a cruise planned, but worry about the testing and garbage like that, but I don’t care what happens, as long as I am in the will of the Lord. Praying for your peace dear sis.

P.S. I got my passport at the post office. Quick and easy.


Yeah, no problem

Listen, sister, I gotta tell ya, accounts like this always make me wanna step back into my old life. I made Denis Leary look tame in comparison. Now you can say whatever you want but I dislike bullies. I also dislike cherry chocolate cake and frosting (I’m weird like that). Inevitable I would be praying for ya, sister.

You keep your head up and on straight, looking up. Praying we’re outta here this week.


That was a great post, Alissa! Just one thing; can I mentally change jabberjaws into jibberjabber? I keep getting an image of…

And with jibberjabber I can get this instead.

Okay, I think my joking is done for the day.


Better not to go in Israel now!
Maybe you want to see the Palestinian rockets closer :roll_eyes:
We will.go in Israel during the millenium :laughing: