Trying to buy our first home

Looking for some prayers from my fellow brothers and sisters. My wife Veronica and I have been trying to buy a home in this crazy market with a limited amount of money. God has always provided and we are praying that the offer we have put on this particular house comes through. Please ask our Lord to grant us a home and perhaps this one we are excited about. My spirit groans for a home for my kids. Thanks for reading and god bless you all for any and all prayers.


Praying for you brother!


Thank you Thomas!

Praying for you and your family, Kyle. It is a crazy market… I am in the process of buying a house in another state and selling mine in CA. I know its not a great time to move and I am not sure if it will even go through before the Rapture but we are to watch yet also live our lives until His coming so I took the leap too.


Amen thank you for your prayers


Well we didn’t get the house…a little frustrated a little upset but I still trust the Lord, we moved into my wife’s parents home a couple weeks ago so we were not in a rush but they are not christians and its quickly being more and more obvious each day. Please pray again we really thought this particular home was our freedom and we are now drained with emotions.


Hang in there Kyle. I was living in my parents basement on weekends because we moved and I didn’t want to quit my job. It’s not fun at all. Very awkward. Anyway, I’ve since moved to our new house with my family and now trying to get a new job. :confused: I’ll whisper prayers. It’s tough. We were struggling with buying in a major major inflated market to keep my job or move to a much more affordable housing market and find a new job.


Thanks Brother. Much appreciated. Yeah Im working two part time jobs while my wife has a steady full time career but yes this market is not for the humble.

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