U just deleted my prayer request

Reminds me of a hymn I used to play often…


It’s satan’s modus operandi… Especially as we get closer to the trib.

Daniel 7:25

He will speak out against the Most High and oppress (wear out) the saints of the Most High, intending to change the appointed times and laws; and the saints will be given into his hand for a time, and times, and half a time.



unfortunately, im working off my “smart tv” and there’s no place for notes…my laptop is glitching, so i dont trust it and using my cell phone is an even bigger task. so, kinda stuck for the moment.

July 9


The sun came up this morning and it’s a good day to live for Him!

Love this @BrianT - reminds me of Lamentations 3

22 Through the Lord’s mercies we are not consumed,
Because His compassions fail not.
23 They are new every morning;
Great is Your faithfulness.
24 “The Lord is my portion,” says my soul,
“Therefore I hope in Him!”

@ecclesiastes-4-3 - sorry that you suffered from the glitch (surely a phrase that will continue to amass an ominous tone) but hope you can take comfort in Matthew 6:8.

Practically speaking if I’m composing a lengthier/weightier post I do now tend to create a draft in an offline programme (Word/notepad etc…) because I’ve experienced the frustration of losing my ‘voice’ once too often.

In Christ

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guess what? i sent a reply to u that said: TOTALLY TRUE. and got back a msg from the website saying that my msg was not posted because it wasnt a complete sentence or some such nonsense??? this website is really getting on my last nerve.


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That’s awful! I’ve never had that happen. There was a time when I tried to post just a series of emojis and it wouldn’t let me post because it wasn’t enough characters. Hmm. That’s weird. We have great moderators. I bet they can give you some help. Looking forward to your posts for sure!!


Maybe it was accidental

As far as I recall, there is a ten character minimum requirement to post a response. I’ve also been caught sometimes because I"d like to post a quick emoji (or series of emojis haha). @anon17134780

I try to think of it as a good–and positive–way to slow me down to create my best response. :blush:


Definitely satanic attacks going on. My wife has always said she always feels safe with me near her. However, for the first time the other night in bed she said she didn’t feel safe and was that it was frightening!
I’ve just come through some terrible physical and mental attacks. And I can tell you that as long as you “willing” serve Christ, especially now, and try to be a positive example of Christ, you’re going to get hit. Count it joy when you are attacked because you’re doing your job. Be at peace everyone.


You are not the only one.
Once you recover and post your original request I and others will be honored to pray for you…starting anyway.

I want you to know I was cut off from the Forum unexpectedly from Thurs-Sunday without notice or reason and I suffered a crushing satanic attack that blindsided me. I am just now finding out details about what happened on the Forum thanks to @jasonacts177. It seems to point to what @JackN was saying about the modus operandi of evil. Especially as we get closer to the trib.

This Forum and some of its members are still under attack.
Please Start Praying Everyone.
Don’t forget to add in Pastor JD’s request to boldly preach the Word.


Hi Dusty,
First of all welcome to JD’s Forum. Many here call this home and we hope you find a home here too.

If you take a look at my post above you will see you arrived at the Forum being attacked.

Remind your wife that as evil increases, so does the power of the Holy Spirit in these times. Greater is He who is in us than he who is in the world. God’s perfect love casts out all fear.


Thank you for your quick response. I’ve been here for awhile but mostly reading requests and praying.
Personally I’ve been through so many hard life endangering times in the past 2years, not including 27 in the military, that honestly fear , for me, doesn’t enter into the picture anymore. God has delivered me numerous times from disasters and near death incidents. I’ve physically, emotionally and mentaly learned to rely on God through all things.
I’m now concentrating my prayers on others of my spiritual family that are allowing emotions to guide them to fear rather than seeing the hand of Almighty God moving in their lives for them.
Be blessed and safe. See ya soon in the Air! Beat ya to the throne!


I have to say that I have various sites bookmarked with icons on my Brave browser home page. The JD icon is the last to load on that home screen. This has been the case for weeks, now.

Thank u for ur encouragement.
I will try again.

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Yah, I got some replies saying that it happened to them as well.
Maybe it was just glitching that day.

That’s a nice way of looking at it.
But my post was quite detailed since I wanted the brothers n sisters to pray specifically about the hate Mail I’m getting.

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Thank u Becky, I will post again so as to include the specifics.
Maybe also get some advice along the way :slightly_smiling_face:.


Hi , @ecclesiastes-4-3
I am praying for you and God knows everything and when we pray for you
God knows .
Dear Lord ,
We come before you and ask for pray for
Eccl that you bring him comfort and we pray
for protection . You know eccl needs and we ask you pour the holy spirit on him . Comfort
and ask you put a hedge of protection around
eccl . We pray you give him rest tonight .
we ask this in Your Holy name Jesus Christ

at first it annoyed me but then it occurred to me that things like “lol” on its own can be easily misconstrued. I wondered if part of the motive in this design is to prevent misunderstandings etc. either way it made me appreciate the feature same as you lol.

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Yes, I was having issues as well, tbh. I’m thinking it’s to prevent quick replies that might lead to misunderstandings, too. Of course, I’m just spitballin…quickly consulting Code of Conduct. lol @alllllz

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oh yeah i thought of another thing. aside from misunderstandings, it also would be a ton of clutter for there to be 20 “lol” /etc messages flooding the forum. they definitely would be there if the system allowed it lol. i guess its for the best!