Ugh.. This is terrible. Urgent Prayers Please

:cry: I was just watching the news, which i rarely do.

I noticed a story about a local Pastor who was arrested for rape and sexual assault to 3 minors.

They showed his face, and i was like… Wait, why does this man look familiar?

I then remembered that a friend of mine would post livestream videos of this pastor. Prayer, weekly bible studies etc

She and her husband no longer attend this church here in PA. They moved to FL, but she continues to post videos to support the church and spread the gospel.

Anyway, I just reached out to her. She’s heartbroken and having trouble wrapping her head around all this.

Please pray for this church, the leaders, and most importantly the victims

This is a terrible, horrifying and incredibly sad.

The church should be a place of safety.

Please pray

Alissa :two_hearts:


Praying now and will pray, also for your friend.
Praying also for the pastor’s wife and family, not being sure if they are still members of that church. Finding the right words is difficult. One of those times I suppose when the Holy Spirit must interpret our groans.

Edit: Actually, the verse I was thinking of says that the Spirit intercedes for us with groanings too deep for words. (Romans 8: 26)


Oh dear Jesus. Help this body of Christ to stay strong. Let this situation bring them closer together praying more powerfully than ever :pray:t2: