UK Church, it must be divided?

I am watching Divide & Conquer.
My dilemma is, I love my old Church, I have left in peace, I have tried as much dialogue as possible. BUT I cannot stay, legally it could be open but is not, when it is it is silent, no worship, no allowance for exemptions (not really) distanced, cold, all windows & skylights open, 40 in a space for 300.
It has only been open 5 times since last March.
My duty to Jesus is to fellowship so I have found real (not zoom) fellowship elsewhere.
I feel this division is impossible to avoid, almost like WW2 Germany, you are with the Jews or against. I am for humanity and Jesus touch and real fellowship, my children’s and friends mental health, not making them do online school all day, no friends, Groundhog Day.
I cannot worship God in a Church that now serves Covid regulations above Jesus, to be honest I am not sure my old Church are Christians, but I leave that in Gods hands & I pray for them. I do find it at any point now very hard to have fellowship with my old church friends, I feel they are omitting the assembling and honouring our government above all else. I do not feel hateful towards them but it is not easy to feel respect for these leaders, when it could have been so different. My old friends and their children and old people are condemned to miserable pharisecal gov laws that they obey more than anyone else I know. Please pray for us to have grace, love, humility & wisdom. But also not to judge where there is division?
The Church in China is divided between the official and house, communist regimes had the state versus underground.
I LOVE the prophecy updates, many many thanks & to you great IT guys!
Much love in Him :two_hearts::heartpulse::+1::pray:

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@Amber , almost everywhere churches are following government orders due to covid fear.
satan has found a weapon to persecute Christians since year 2020 and will do so. Expect crazier things ahead.

I still following online sermons and to split is not unwise in my opinion. I did left church at one point of time and came under satan attacks because isolated sheep is easy target for satan. In the end I found a church that I can relate and stayed there.

There is protection when a group of sheep gather together under one undershepherd.


When I really start to feel the anger come up in my spirit. I try to remind myself how lost these antagonists are and that they have no idea what awaits them.

I trying listen to holy spirit as he reminds me this is as good as it gets for them unless they turn and follow Yeshua and time is nearly up. Then my hope is to pray for salvation and deliverance.



There is a lot of wisdom there dlcv!
You wonder how many sheepies JD is shepherding all around the world?
This forum for me has become the gathering and fellowship of the saints.


Hi Amber,
Same here in Canada!
I have not been to church in a year.
We need to stick together and what an awesome place to grow here.
Thank you for sharing - I could feel the raw emotion and so appreciate you pouring out unhinged.
I pray the God of peace will bring you great comfort and give you wisdom and discernment how to navigate the landmines all around you. May His abundant grace give you all the sufficiency you need - now and always.
Big hugs from The Polar Vortex (We have tons of snow right now)


Hi Amber, I feel as you do. The churches have all had the government tax exemption and I fear that $ has become the focus so they stay compliant. It’s so hard to think that what we build our foundation on " the church" is made of material things as well and our true foundation is our Faith in Jesus Christ!!! You are in my thoughts and prayers. I was brought up as a pastors kid and found this hard to swallow as well!!! Thank God for JD Farag! God lead me straight to him!



I have been out of the church for a long time yet was starving for fellowship with other believers and God led me here.
I hardly ever post anything just usually read what others have to say and there is so much wisdom and word shared that really uplifts my spirit
I thank God that He has provided a way for us to be together even though we’re not face to face. Praying for each other is a privilege no one can take away from us and to know we’re not alone in this.
Love to each and every one of you. May Jesus fill you with His peace that passes all understandings and strengthen you in your inner man by the power of the Holy Spirit and give you hope from on high.


You are absolutely right about the state of church here in the UK. Just following the covid narrative. Us Christians and those non-Christians who understand what is going on with covid, but not from a biblical perspective, are being shut down and before we know it we will be under the regimen of vaccine passports, we are right on the cusp of it here in the UK. I am out of church, but do a small amount of Zoom prayer meetings, but even then, I’m not sure how people feel about the jab, they seem to be getting it. Maybe there is a way for those of us in the UK to connect? I’ve been following JD for the past year, but have only just joined here today - are we able to message each other and perhaps set up a UK network? Bless you


I feel like you,I’m in uk.


Love you brothers and sisters over there. The world is getting smaller by the minute, looks like Canada and the Uk are racing to the NWO. Shalom


There are a few of us brits here on JDs forum @jasonacts177 and @Cheryl49 I have seen more but not really gotten to know them. I have been lurking for a while here without much activity. I like to see what others are talking about. I left my seeker sensitive church a year ago now. Good riddance. Its great to be able to see we are not alone. I hate the Propaganda here. It is NON-STOP. But God right? Come, Lord Jesus, Come. I have even started a out reach ministry of sorts on Parler since I cant do anything else right now. Lockdown - will it end… Will see what comes of it.


You may sent a private email to those in UK first to get their consent. Zoom meetings is a good place to start.


Have been trying to get people connected in UK, if you are on fb there are 2 good Christian groups to join, The Last Battle & Christian Lockdown Sceptics, the first I started in July, 330 of us now, deep sceptics & large focus for me is to try and hook folk up, so any who want fellowship can find it if they don’t have any etc. I know fb not ideal so no one shares too much.
What part of UK are you from? I’m in Surrey.


If you are on fb join The Last Battle, all likeminded Christians, 330 of us from round the UK so far, though actually a few are from abroad but many UK so people to link up with possibly.


Where are you approximately? If on fb join The Last Battle group, Christians like us on there.

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Wow, well said and sad to hear. You are called what is the remnant of the church in your country, for matter of fact in Europe. I can hear the groaning, the heartache. I personally went through a similar situation in the military but nothing in comparison to yours.

We are created to be relational in person and not in zoom.

The Lord started the church and it is the Lord’s job to close the church. The State does not have authority over the church which is the body Body of Christ.

I pray for your pastor that he will have changed heart or for a new shepard to tend to the Lords flock.


Im in the Uk too, we have been having house church for many years. would love to be able to connect with others over here.


I’ve just searched and can’t find either. :frowning:


Hi Beth, friend me on fb? Amber Donovan