Unshackled programs

It’s very hard to find decent programming, so I would like to introduce Unshackled. The Christian radio station I listen to carries the Unshackled programs on weekends, and they are so good, I stay in my car so I can finish listening. There are so many good programs, and they’re online too at unshackled.org.

About Unshackled:

“Real people…real life stories…stirring, dramatic accounts of hopelessness, and the hope that changes everything. UNSHACKLED! the award-winning radio drama from Pacific Garden Mission in Chicago, grips the heart with compelling and relevant stories of transformed lives.”

“Without Jesus Christ, we are all shackled by sin — by our wrong choices, disobedience, and selfish motives. But God is at work, and the power of Christ sets us free of our bondage. We are…UNSHACKLED!”