Update on mask req. at work

praise God!!!

the original topic is here: Nephews & mandate dynamics at work

praise God because He has continued to deliver me from evil at work. He is making a way for Truth to prevail there.

it’s been a total spiritual battle, as my coworker always wears masks and asks customers to do the same, even though I don’t wear one.

it all came to a head last Saturday. I overheard my coworker talking to one of the board members that morning. the guy was asking her, “she’s not vaccinated? and not wearing a mask?” “No” “well, get rid of her then!” “my dad tried to.” “I’ll talk to Judy about it” “thank you.”

I was livid!!! I’d felt my coworker didn’t really like me, and this confirmed it for me. she’d wanted me gone the whole time.

I confronted her. “well I have no heart in what I’m doing now, after witnessing that conversation.”

I went on, “that wasn’t very nice.”

she asked, “what?” hardly able to believe she’d been caught.

I repeated, “that wasn’t very nice. talking about getting rid of someone?? im not the one in charge!”

she went silent. I went on, “I don’t have to do this job. I didn’t fight for this. Judy simply told me its my choice whether I wear a mask.”

she stayed quiet, feeling ashamed that I saw her engage in such horrible words about me.

I told her I was going to the back of the store for a moment. I went into the owners office, and I was straight up with her.

“I’m REALLY unhappy. Jen was talking to…” I told her what happened.

Judy told me then, that Jen shouldn’t be saying those things. she also said that Jen’s dad (the board president, the latest person who had questioned me about my masklessness) had NOT actually “tried to get rid of me.”

I think Jen has other personal probs with me, because she’s in love with some guy there , and he doesn’t wear masks anymore. so I think it’s some other reason she wants me gone. but anyway.

here’s the really cool thing: apparently Judy HAD NOT KNOWN the mask requirement sign was still on our door!!! she’d had the signs removed months ago and didn’t know that one was still up!

talk about bad communication! we haven’t required masks for months, but no one really knew except the owner. what!!!

so she had me remove the sign, and throw it in the trash!!

she also said that the mask mandate isn’t law. her assistant chimed in that if we went to court, we would win.

I was floored! these people took the vax and still wear a mask occasionally. but apparently they know the law and they care about it!!

so Jen finally stopped asking customers to wear masks, after Judy discreetly talked to her about what had happened.

that was the third instance. the board member questioning my mask, and failing to change me.

my bosses are on my side.

God, thank You. when I took this volunteer position in 2018, I had NO idea how much you would work it out for my good.

I thought I was just being open to a new experience. pleasing the cashier who had told me she loves when I’m there and that I should be there more often. that’s all this was for me, making that nice woman happy.

this is a thrift store. I get all kinds of great things, first dibs, for super duper cheap.

when the plandemic hit, the store closed for a few months, and by the time we returned, I had learned the truth, and I refused the masks from the beginning, when they WERE enforcing them at the store.

I had always just “gotten away with it.” I had passed up a cashier position here before, because I refused to wear a mask.

after all these few years of being here, and seeing what has transpired, I know why God put me here. I had my own goals, but He had had a bigger plan for me.

thank You God for the refuge that is this store. thank You for giving me a direct business to fight the evil in my area. thank You for the encouragement I receive from the customers and co-workers who support my decision. thank You for giving me a place to get things I need when I am so poor. thank You for the light You have given me to shine on everyone there around me.

Jen and one or 2 others had returned my love for evil. but You shamed them for their words and bitter hearts. You lifted me up before every enemy. You have given me shelter and favor.

even if it all ends today, I know You did this, You make Yourself apparent to me, You strengthen me, thank You for this awesome journey.

Praise the Lord for His good works in my hometown!!! He is winning the war in many many hearts!!


hi ,
great testimony on trusting
God . I am very happy for you
and let your light shine .
may God bless you



perhaps I’ll just use this thread to throw my work stories onto it. every day at the store, there’s another covid thing that comes up.

so today’s story (well one of them):

a customer was wearing a mask, looking at the display case in the front counter. I told him the perfunctory, “I can get something out if you’d like.”

he declined nicely enough and so I thought all was well. but then as he left, he addressed my coworker (who is still wearing a mask), looking at her, but clearly he was saying words for ME to hear, because he said this as he walked out: “I’ve had 5 friends die. and none of them were vaccinated.”

he had sounded a little angry too. I understood where he was at. I knew the potential reasons he is wrong. but the point is that he is where he is, and I feel for him, thinking my masklessness is to blame, he’s been told to hate me, I felt terrible still for this brainwashed, lost man.

my coworker and I were quiet for a couple seconds after he walked out. then I said genuinely, “poor guy,” as I continued hanging up clothes.

I understand I will be hated, but I’m here to love them anyway. to do less, would be going against why God put me here, and it’s more important than ever that I do not succumb to the division devised by satan.


well this isn’t work related, but the original post was also about my nephews, so I will update you on that here as well.

last night I found an opportunity to talk to my 11 year old nephew (the oldest one) about the shots. his parents weren’t there for the gathering at all last night, so they weren’t there to hover in if I say anything. toward the end of the night, the 11 year old (Luke) told me he thinks he is getting the shot, because of school basketball team. as we walked out the door to leave in that moment, I said to him quietly (because MY parents were near), “IM not taking it, I don’t think you should either” he said something like, he doesn’t want to, but that he won’t be able to play b-ball if even one kid gets sick at school - unless he is vaxd. I told him, “that’s wrong!!” he agreed, citing that he just doesn’t have a choice if he wants to play sports- and that he doesn’t like how they are pushing it!! I repeated, “yeah, that’s not okay!!! I know I can’t stop you from what you’re gonna do. but I’m so freaked out by all this… I would save all 4 of you if I could [all 4 nephews]”

at this point, a couple other of the nephews were standing there listening closely. they watched as my voice started to break, my tears started to come, and I said, “I love you so much, Luke” and hugged him hard, he hugged me hard. tears were officially there, in my dire warning, him knowing how afraid I am for him and the others.

my dad, who is showing signs of regretting his vax lately, looked slightly ashamed, and I hugged him goodbye too, and he had seen what happened, and knew why I had tears. then I hugged my mom goodbye and we all parted ways.

it was the most I was able to do. God gave me that moment for all them to witness. I feel a little better now, knowing I took the opportunity to risk alienating my bro if he hears about this, for the sake of trying to save my nephews and give them a chance to at least think for themselves if nothing else.

God please protect them.


Hi ,
I have a friend who berated me
today regarding the Jab . Please
pray for her , she is a dual citizen
Uk /USA so she had to get the jab in
order to go take care of her
mother . Her mother is in bad
health and very frail . My friend
has gotten Mrna and the booster
and has been sick off and on ever
since . I feel bad for her because
she knows there is a correlation
and she gets very sensitive . I
do not bring it up she tells me
I need to get the jabb . I am
worried for her health . I have
known her for 25 plus years .
I do love her like a sister . This
situation is so sad . She has to
take care of her mother in the UK
and needs to fly every 3 months .
She stays for 3 months in the uk .
The NWO leaders are so evil .
@alllllz I am sorry your seeing
the sad reality . I am watching
my parents deteriorate little at
a time . My son was in
the hospital . They made
sure he got the jab before we
got conservatorship . He is now
suffering from low white blood
count . He is at risk of sepsis
and fungal infection . This was
a direct result of the injection .
I can only give it to the Lord
as it is out of my hands . God
will bring justice in his time .
I pray God will be done on earth
as it is in heaven . Our Faith
in Jesus Christ keeps me going .



praying for your friend, Becky. awful to hear that she berates you over it. possibly she is desperate to keep believing in her own choice?? I don’t know but it sounds like she’s very important to you, I’m hoping and praying for the best, and for her mom as well <3

your son. I’m heartbroken to hear about him. praying for him as well. I don’t know if he knows Jesus so I’m praying just in case. and I pray he will get better from this. God please help all our babies be safe with You in the end no matter how they slip on this earth.


hi ,
my son knows Jesus and
he believes in Jesus death
on the cross for his salvation .
He has a lot a spiritual warfare .
Satan hates Gods children and
tries to hurt us through our
children . Praise Jesus for
saving us .



I realized I feel a bit relieved after talking with my nephew, even though he’s likely to still take it because of pressure from others. the reason I feel relieved is because of his expressing to me that instinctively he knows something is wrong with this. gives me further assurance that he will be okay, in God’s hands. he is an innocent little boy with more common sense than many adults, in that the pressure to take it seems wrong to him. he also thinks it has been rushed.

so even though nothing is “solved” yet, I am relieved to hear that he can think for himself. if only I could be the parent that saves him and protects him from all this. :[


each day more and more unmasked people are in my store.

an older couple commented on it while leaving the other day, and it seemed the wife wasn’t really happy about us removing the mask requirements.

so it occurred to me, there must have been people who really appreciated our requirement to wear them, and would be disappointed now that we took the sign down.

in a consumer world, where we are sposed to strive for customer satisfaction above most other things, how shall I feel about this?

well in my mind, from a purely business perspective, it’s better to accommodate BOTH types of people- masked and unmasked- so that more people will spend money here.

from a personal perspective, I’m like, wear what you want… and my concern over those who dislike the change, is well outweighed by the relief I know I am bringing to those who don’t want to wear one. this store has now become another safe haven for people like me, while still allowing those who want to wear masks, no discrimination of any kind anymore.

and as I see the numbers of masklessness grow in my store, from a Biblical perspective, I am elated to see fellow comrades in the fight for true bodily autonomy. I don’t know who all are Christians, but these are all people who obviously are geared up for the spiritual battle, and it’s encouraging to see.

one woman asked me while she was checking out, “do we have to wear masks here anymore?” I said no. she took it off. I said, “you’re free!!” and she smiled and said, “I’m free!”


update on nephews …

rcvd verification tonight that the 7 year old (an only child) has “been vaccinated.”

if you guys could please pray for him. I don’t know when he got the injection but as of now he seems normal. thank you all.

I haven’t heard anything new on the other 3, I just assume they will go through the same thing, I’ve done all I can, leaving it in God’s hands now </3 <3




A lot of days, it is only God keeping me going too. I want Him to be happy with me. Because he answered my fervent prayers for His truth to be revealed and lies exposed, I was led to facts about COVID and the jabs much sooner than most. With people I care about not able to hear this truth, I have had to accept the fact that I couldn’t help many of my frightened friends and family. To protect their lives and lifestyles, they got jabbed.


well had an interesting encounter today.

I was helping a customer over and over… she kept adding things to her order lol… and toward the end of helping her, she said, “you have such a great smile… I can tell you know Christ, by your smile, but I’m still giving you this tract…” then she handed me some tract from a Baptist church that tells how to be saved etc.

I was floored. I told her no one ever has guessed I know Christ just by looking at me. she laughed and said, “well when you’re in your 80s, you start to just know these things.” I responded, “I’m looking forward to that then.” <3


one more work story for today.

some masked customer seemed totally nice , and I do think she really was. but her closing statements before leaving, had a certain agenda… here we go…

“my daughter was fully vaccinated , she went to a concert with no mask, because she thought she was good , but days later she got sick with covid.”

she wasn’t looking straight at me, so I only half-listened. she seemed to be talking to the next customer behind her in line.

but then she looked at me, so I was like, “you talkin to me?”

she said, “both of you. [then she repeated her story,] - I just wanted you to know. have a great day.”

she walked out. she hadn’t sounded mean. it was like she was really trying to warn me and the unmasked customer. she’d been trying to say we should wear masks.

I’m sorry your daughter “got covid,” whatever it was, but, hey, if the masks didn’t work, and the vax didn’t work, then what do you think we should be doing? wearing the mask? makes no sense. she’s falling for lies. and wasnt looking for a response, since she left right after that.

well it didn’t cause either of us to put our masks on. that’s the end of the story today.