Urgent prayer request - hospital - covid UPDATE:9.14.22


I have permission from Gregg, to reach out to you all and he is requesting prayer.

I will summarize the situation so you can better understand what is happening.

His wife Kimberly, of over 30 years almost passed away Saturday, September 10th 2022. He woke up to find her unresponsive and by the Grace of God they were able to perform CPR and they got a Pulse. She is in dire critical condition in the hospital. He is unable to see her face-to-face because of (Covid Diagnosis) and she is in the Critical Ward. He has only been able to see her through a window for one hour so far.

I am heartbroken for him

Please if you are able to, pray for Him(Gregg) and His wife(Kimberly) immediately.


Welcome Michael to this incredible forum filled with loving prayer warriors. Thank you for reaching out to us for prayer on Greg’s behalf.
Of course I’ll pray for Kimberly’s recovery along with Greg’s faith in Jesus’ power to be increased.
Please keep us updated!


Thank you so much! I’m doing what I can keeping him and his wife in prayer. I really appreciate this big ol beautiful BOC (Body of Christ)



Morning Michael @CenturionsOfFaith,
Welcome! Thank you for inviting us to pray with you. And may you be blessed for seeking prayer for this family.

Father in Heaven,
Thank You that we can come together (even on the waves of the enemy) to do Your will and lift up each other in prayer. Thank You that we can come before You, bold as little children, confident in Your love, desire and ability to give us all we need. You are so good to us! We praise You for it!

Please pour out Your Holy Spirit upon this couple so that they will face this adversity assured that You are in control. Bless Kimberly’s health care team with wisdom and compassion, with integrity and success in their ministrations. Please comfort Greg and Kimberly and bless their resources. Please make a way for Greg to see his wife and be able to hold her hand. Please cause others they are dealing with to look upon them with favor, Father. Please break down barriers, open doors and direct the steps of Greg and Kimberly. Thank You for all You are doing in and through this trial Lord. We ask in the Name of our blessed Kinsman-Redeemer Yeshua. Amen.


Gracious and compassionate father, you made man and woman to be one flesh you know the depths of Gregs pain as he longs to be with Kimberly please make a way where there is no way. Overrule in this please. Amen



Kimberly is off the ventilator and breathing on her own! She was able to speak, barely, but she is speaking. Please prayer warriors, brothers and sisters, keep praying, The Lord is truly doing a powerful and wonderous work!



there something about that sweet name Jesus Yeshua :yellow_heart:



Kimberly is having her feeding tube removed, she is talking, and almost breathing on her own (almost done with Oxygen). It shouldn’t be long before she is back home with her loving Husband Gregg.

Its so amazing to witness how God had taken such a fragile situation and worked a literal miracle in our lives to witness. Seeing someone in the jaws of death having been resuscitated (CPR) from no Pulse to Heart beating for the Most High God and in less then two weeks, she is almost ready to go home. Hallelujah I am ready to go home to be with Abba! Thanks everyone, please keep them in your prayers!


Just found your post. Praising God with you. God is Good. Joining in praying for Kimberly. Thank you God for what you are doing. Complete healing in Jesus name. Sandra


Excellent news Michael! @CenturionsOfFaith

Our God is so good! May He continue to heal Kimberly and Greg (cuz he’s been through the wringer too). Thanks for sharing Kimberly’s progress.



Hi Michael,

I see you just signed on at the middle of the month to ask for prayer on behalf of Kimberly and Gregg.

God bless you.

Praise the Lord that she made it through. You came to the right place.

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