Urgent satan trying to kill, destroy and steal

I need a miracle from God. satan has come to my family to steal, kill and destroy.

My adult daughter, single mother with 3 children has been diagnosed with Ocular Melanoma. She needs emergency surgery and radiation but the hospital turned her away because she has no health insurance. They told her she must pay $24,000.00 up front. So I told her to please get in touch with her Oncologist to see if they can put off that fee to save her life. She is only 36 years old. Those children need their mother! The prognosis is good IF she has the life saving treatment. They have her waiting on an emergency.

Next prayer my adult son was born with Cystic Fibrosis and he is 39 years old and giving up and not caring if he dies any more.

Next my husband has bladder cancer and again the surgeon actually told him, yes told him the big pharmaceutical company that has his life saving medicine put it on back order for years in order to drive up the price of the drug!

I don’t want to lose my entire family. I know Jesus said, “I have come that you might have life and life more abundantly.” I would really like to experience that right now.


Wow, you are going through a deep valley. I am praying for you and your family. May God give you hope and encouragement. Read the Psalms as you pour out your heart to the Lord. Thats my “go to” when I need to cry out to Him. Please Lord help this family.

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Wow that is a lot for you to be going through but I will keep you and your family in my prayers !! May you all find comfort in Jesus !!
Times like this make it hard for words to express anything close to what I could possible type. So I am just taking you to prayer! In His hands and through Him is far better than anything I can convey.


May we remember that God is in control. He may have had this happen, or let Satan in, or it’s just because of the fall (sin) from the beginning. We have been dying & getting diseases from the time of the fall. But sometimes God allows these things to happen for a reason.
I find myself many times when in the middle of crisis I want to blame. But I later find myself looking to God for all the answers to my questions. Most of the time HIS answer is because I need you to come to me through this trial & find the joy within’. It is hard to lose someone & see what they are going through and want to fix everything. I am a mercy. But I have found that during some of these crisis that I found joy & peace just by being around those with the diseases. And for some, they have passed on to be with the LORD but I still think back on the joy we had together even while they were ill. And how GOD played a huge roll throughout it all.
May you find the answers you are looking for from GOD our Father, joy & peace throughout this terrible trial. Love In Christ…


I am praying for you.
You are in a valley for sure…BUT GOD
God will make a way where here is no way
Peace that surpasses all understanding, mercy and grace engulf you, according to your need.

God is faithful

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That is exactly where I am going, to God, in Jesus name and Holy Spirit.
This lockdown and Plan-demic has kept me away from people. My only outreach to Christians is through the internet. I watch J D Farag all the time and John Fenn.
Thank you and I ask God to bless you in Jesus name for praying.

Thank you and God bless you in Jesus name for your prayers.

Yes their lifestyles and mocking God, Jesus and Holy Spirit brought this to them. I know that.
I am asking God to rescue them all from satan in Jesus name.
I am asking for their salvation.
I am asking for them to be ready for the rapture.
God bless you for praying in Jesus name.

I sent you a reply. Did you get it?
May God bless you in Jesus name for your prayers, advice and help. I sent a message to you explaining in further detail how the ones I am praying for especially my daughter and son make it difficult for me to even suggest anything to them at all.

God bless you in Jesus name for your prayers!
I listen at night all night long to a recording of nothing but promises of God, scriptures and before I do I tell God, this is not for me, this is for these 3, my daughter, my son and my husband.
Healing scriptures and promises of salvation.
More than anything I long to see my family delivered from satan and them come to Jesus Christ and repent. I believe God is using these crisis to bring all of them to HIM.

My prayers are being sent to you and your family to stay strong and focus on the lord xx

God bless you all cheryl xx


I ask God in Jesus name that everyone that responded and praying and prayed for my situation gets their needs met as well! I realize people on here that have responded have their own trials, tribulations and hardships going on as well, so I ask God in Jesus name to meet all your prayers and needs as well. Thank you all.

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(((((((((( hugs & prayers ))))))))))

May God wrap you & your family in His loving arms and give you strength and peace during these trials.

Blessings & Maranatha :revolving_hearts: