Used the ABC's - Thank you!

Thank you Pastor J.D!
As an elder in a little small town church, sometimes it is my turn to preach (teach) the congregation on Sunday morning.
It is a pretty quiet, conservative little church but they were impressed with the ABC’s of salvation I used at the end of the sermon.
Many people said they hoped to be able to use the ABC’s in the future.
Thank you again Pastor J.D!
tx, Ed


To accept the gift of salvation seems easy based on ABC but how about paying tithes ie 1/10 of your income to the church, is paying tithe a requirement for salvation? My countless observations with the way Christians witness to non Christians to obtain salvation is very simple just like ABC. However once that person has accepted Jesus and attends church regularly, he will be preached on Malachi on tithe and that if you don’t pay tithes, you are robbing God ie a thief. This is serious. I know God doesn’t need our money but if one doesn’t pay tithe, will he lose his salvation and go to hell? If so, then when witnessing to non christians, Christians should be more up front in telling the non believer that upon accepting Jesus, if he is a working person, he is expected to pay 1/10 of his monthly salary to the church, otherwise he is not a believer. Because by just preaching about ABC and nothing else but with a hidden requirement of paying tithe as a requirement to be saved to be preached later looks deceptive to me. I am not against paying tithes but if it is a requirement for salvation, it should be made known right from the start.

@ssyk :dove:
Salvation is by faith through grace…alone. There’s nothing required (works) to earn it or keep it. It’s a gift and once we are sealed we can’t be unsealed…PERIOD!.

As for tithing, it is a duty to give back what is God’s anyway. We, His children, belong to Him and whatever monies we acquire, he is due a portion…but…cheerfully given, not begrudgingly.

“Tithing is another expression of thankfulness that is costly. Since the Lord is the source of all provision and wealth, our grateful response should be to give Him a portion of what He has given us.”

  • Dr. Charles Stanley

Here is a (very) short article on the subject of tithing by Dr. Charles Stanley…worth a read :wink: :+1:.


Beautifully said. :heart: