Vaccine incentives

(1)pray for people for discernment. And (2) please pray for my job which is on the line.

I work in healthcare and it’s not yet mandatory but I think eventually the jab will be . Currently I work remotely because my job is computer and phone only anyway. I have done so for about 10 months but the employer really doesn’t want me to continue.
I have concerns about being surrounded by 25 vaccinated individuals in a small space after hearing about people getting sick under these conditions. By way of example menopausal women beginning to bleed which is absolutely not normal after the first year of menopause. I’m perfectly content and just as productive working at home. However I have been called to a meeting between the boss and human resources in approximately five hours. :frowning:

I’m in Washington state and they are pushing hard to get everyone vaccinated.The governor of Wa just put out in the news five days ago that they are offering a lottery of weekly drawing $250,000 if you get vaccinated they are drawing from the state list of vaccinated people and this is to go on for five weeks. In addition to that they are offering college tuition free camping cards and other free bonuses to suck people into the poison. Pray for the people of Washington state because over 3 million of them have already fallen for this.


:pray: for you

I too am in WA state. This lottery fiasco is something else, as is Gov Inslee. We had so hoped Culp would get in.


It is absolutely insane that is more than $1 million!

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I read the temptations of Jesus in Matthew 4 this morning. It reminds us to follow Jesus’ example of not giving in to our flesh; trusting in God’s protection; worshipping God alone. Satan wants us to give in to our physical needs and wants and desires.

I expect to be in a similar position soon. I will pray you can stay home. I hope and pray we can all pass these temptations coming soon to our doorsteps. Lets not give satan what he is asking for. Lets worship God alone by trusting Him for our bread.

Let us know how you fare after your meeting.
Stay strong.


Loving Merciful Heavenly Father

Kris is about to venture into what many would call “The Lion’s Den” for their job, but also to face torment upon sticking to their guns on an issue You already know about. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, You provided us a year to come back to our first love and in so doing, strengthening our resolve so that this year, “we put up or shut up”. Many of us aren’t fully prepared as we’d like to be but, this is yet one reason why we have You to lean on. In our weakness we are made strong by You, O Lord.

We pray that you will, through the Holy Spirit, speak in Kris’ place when presented in this meeting for their job. Let no word be rehearsed and may the snare be repurposed that is placed at those of Kris’ feet for the trapper and not the trapped. May You fill Kris with discernment overflowing within them. May You place upon Kris and in Kris a heavenly calm and peace in their heart and mind for this trial and a trial it may be in many respects.

We pray that in only a way You can present, Kris is able to use the facts gained through what Washington has foolishly done to present a devilish scheme to pressure people into something they should not be faced with. May You bless Kris with bold strength and courage to stand [their] ground and budge not from what they feel is right vs wrong. Good vs Evil.

Kris, please put on the whole armor of God before you leave for this meeting and remember your scripture when in need. Be cunning as a serpent and peaceful as a dove and may the Lord direct your steps in all that you do.

Galvanize Kris, O Lord so that those who are not of You may not dwell with Kris nor contend with Kris. May the presence @December_Mist present within this meeting be but a foreshadowing of what’s to come for those who work against You O Lord. Not through strength of force, but through wisdom and righteousness.

We pray this in Jesus’s name


Used to work there…thank God no more!

Yahoo news says hospital is suspending them . . . Houston news
says they walked out. (Just can’t trust the news these days)


A vaccine so dangerous that you have to pay people to take it, for a virus so underwhelming that you have to be tested to know if you even have it.

Somebody turned on the crazy switch.


Ah good ole Washington…

I :pray: your meeting went in your favor.


Pretty much.

When did a vaccine ever assure immunity anyway :thinking:

Now we have a “notavaccine” that causes illness.

People have lost their eyes to see and ears to hear what is before them.


Your prayers were answered thank you so much everyone I am still working remotely for now!


Those people in Texas being suspended …This is so awful they need everyone’s prayers!!


I prayed all the way up until the moment the meeting began… thank you so much Jon I appreciate that! Basically they were telling me that I am now taking on the work of two people— I have faith that I can do it — that the Lord is going to give me strength to do it . Many staff have left in fact half the staff from management to medical personnel over the last few month. It has truly been a mass exodus; even those who are vaccinated… healthcare is becoming scary. They are extraordinarily understaffed . But thankfully I am still under the wings of God and safely working remote. And for now — we are not forced to take the vaccine although it is being promoted heavily.

If there was ever a time that we as Christians are called to walk daily step-by-step in faith with eyes completely on God it is now!! Amen He is King of kings and is faithful!


Yes all true… having worked the triage line I have noticed we have an increase of incoming cancers this last year… far more than before. And we have people calling in wondering why their symptoms are suddenly different and so much of the time they say “but I had my vaccine within the last two months”. It’s not good but you are correct people are not able to see this.


Someone posted that other states are also offering incentives for vaccines— I guess New York (or was it West Virginia ) is offering guns?! I don’t know if that’s true or just a joke I didn’t research it.

And yet nobody questions why they would be offering such huge incentives even in the midst of truthers saying how very dangerous it is. It truly kind of agonizing to watch all this happen. I feel like that we have all gone into the twilight zone in the world has lost its sanity. I would say they all need our prayers especially against the lies that are being put out you know in a similar way— that Satan attempted to tempt even Jesus. In a similar fashion that he tempted Eve to eat the apple. Look at what’s happening all of these incentives to take the poison.


I’m not sure what other states are offering but maybe someone will weigh in on this.
Just small incentives is what I’ve seen: a donut, a drink etc. etc.
Yes, Twilight Zone. Senseless.


The devil is working the desire for money and bonuses after having locked people down… The manipulation is heavy. And sitting back on the sidelines I don’t know gives me an idea of what the people in the ark must’ve felt like.


So glad things went well for you and that you are able to continue working remotely. I am in Washington state, too, and I am alarmed at how many doctors, nurses, police officers, firefighters, military personnel, and essential workers have been bullied into taking this experimental jab. I suspect there are going to be severe side effects from this so-called vaccine . . . perhaps even mass casualties. What would we do if all our medical personnel and public safety officers became severely ill and/or started dropping all at once? It would be a nightmare, a literal nightmare. And we would become easy targets for a hostile foreign military. Just from a security perspective, it seems like it was incredibly foolish (or incredibly sinister???) to have all of our critical infrastructure personnel take an experimental new injectable all at once. I hope I am wrong in my misgivings, but I have an unsettled feeling about all of this. I pray that the brave men and women who protect our society will all be OK.

Thank GOD for you and others like you who are willing to stand up for their own bodily autonomy and convictions. If the Lord tarries, we will desperately need trained medical personnel and healthcare staff who are unvaccinated should the side-effects of this jab turn out to be as severe as some of the censored scientists are predicting.