Vaccine incentives

I would like to extend my warm heartfelt congratulations on the news you received in the meeting and I’m relieved it was not going the way perhaps most of us were anticipating. I would like to believe this was a two-tier win for you and us as you gave us “inside information” of what is going on with your company you work for and it sheds more light of discernment delivered from God for the truth (which I think most of us have prayed to be blanketed on the world) to come forward and paint the propaganda we’ve been hearing for so long in the proper context it deserves. The lies and deceit are extremely strong (I know, I’m telling you all stuff you already know. Just call me Captain Obvious).

Some of us are in the thick of it, some of us are on the outskirts of it and some oblivious to much of it. But God delivered onto us the information we can trust through your meeting to help guide our explanations and discussions with others we talk to outside of this forum.

I thank you for sharing what you have discussed here with us, Kris. I wish you congratulations on the status of your job and your health situation as of now. Keep pushing forward with your head up, Kris. May the Lord shine a light from Heaven upon you brighter than the sun itself.


There is more and more information being put out there by doctors (there is a video of a six physician collaboration recently posted through a private website). They are documenting over and again what they are calling “shedding“ which is that the jab may not have been taken but when nearby those who took it you will also suffer effects in a similar fashion that would happen if you become too close to a person who has received recent radiation therapy. Those people emit radiation for a time. The universe is made up of energy so this is not surprising. It was more than a year ago that I heard various doctors on the Internet stating that this was going to happen - and sure enough it now is.

And then you have Dr. Pierre Kory (FLCCC alliance) A pulmonary critical care specialist who has been on the front lines since day one— continues to go on about how ivermectin would end this. And they are attacked every step of the way. We know that this is from an agenda and every day that passes it becomes more clear. We are living in very very dark days indeed. (I will share that I take sterile cattle and swine formula ivermectin (Noromectin but many brands are out there) with a little bit of juice about once a week according to the dosing by weight chart on Dr. Kory‘s website and I have not suffered any ill affects).

And you are correct - all of the professions that you mentioned are under I would venture to say the worst stress they’ve ever experienced. And yes many of them have unfortunately gone along and taken the jab. Some may not suffer the evident effects for sometime but many have suffered immediate effects to include stroke and or death, in otherwise healthy individuals.

In addition to all of the jab ingredients that physicians like Carrie Madej, DO talk about, they also contain mercury which is why they have to be kept so cold to keep it at liquid temperature. The mercury will eventually travel through the body and that’s where it’s going to hit the neurological system. The bottom line is they are filled with things that are very bad.

I have absolutely no doubt that at some point in time the healthcare org that I work for will in fact require these become a mandatory thing. The influenza job is already mandatory but they do allow you to have a religious exemption …And they are already talking about it being a yearly thing as far as covid.


wow I had not thought of these possibilities… the idea occurs to me how you know they praised and lifted up “essential workers” early on, then those were the first targeted for the jab- extra pressure after all the praising they first were given- then to lose a bunch of them at once in the future- agreed, literal nightmare! makes sense to me. chaos would ensue. I haven’t needed the hospital in a long time but I sure could need help if lack of police meant thugs break into my house and do who knows what. everyone would be at risk. I am not afraid. but I do want to be ready for anything.

@December_Mist I’m glad that the meeting wasn’t more than that. makes you very much needed. maybe you will get a pass on the shot, if you become someone they seriously depend on and don’t know how to replace. will keep praying for you.


I heard on the EIB network today, that Washington State is doing “Joints for Jabs”.


UGH!!! Because the best way to fight a respiratory disease is to put SMOKE in people’s lungs. ARGHHHH!!! I can’t stand all this insanity!


And don’t forget what we are seeing in some states: FREE BOOZE! Yes, let’s support “public health” by shutting down all the gyms and then passing out FREE BOOZE and FREE MARIJUANA to people who take the jab! You can’t make this stuff up.

Seriously, it sounds like they want a dumbed down, liquored up, half-baked, out of shape population that is easy to control and manipulate. I am so disheartened by how many people are falling for this.


You’re kidding… Such an absolute insanity


Honestly I don’t even know what to say to this… it’s bottom of the swamp Stupidity


Every ploy they use snags a few more victims.

Once they get the slurry into their bodies it doesn’t matter what they do because they will have to go back to Big Pharma for their next fix.


Not sure where else to share this but I know many of you will be interested.


Many people are saying in Washington State you get a free joint (marijuana) if you take the injections. Free pot, donuts, Budweiser Beer tuition, lottery. Gee. I wouldn’t jump off a cliff for a million dollars. But that’s just me.

Seriously. It’s like the Hunger Games or something. This is not the same world it was just 18 months ago.

We need God’s intervention.


I have read about the vax effects of the unvax too. Those who take the shot are becoming Spike Protein factories and are shedding it to others. The shedding is happening through breathing their air, all bodily fluids, and skin contact. Stay at least 3 feet from them. Also, increase your vitamin C level as high as your stomach will allow it. If you have access to HCQ or Ivermectin use it to prevent infection. There are doctors online who discuss this at Check it out. Also, have legal forms and info for your employers. It’s worth a look.


thank you for information. have you heard any report of people not only shedding the spike protein but shedding a spike protein that can self replicate once inside the next person’s body…kinda like a prion…i only read this once, so don’t know…but if the case, it will be nearly impossible for us to keep completely away from this b/c we don’t know who is/who isn’t vaccinated…

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I’ve read about the prion’s disease problem. It’s only in the vax. When the body takes up the mRNA the new proteins are becoming folded on itself. A Canadian Cardiologist did a study on the where the vax goes within the body. He stated that once the shot is entered into the deltoid muscle it is absorbed by the blood stream and goes into the spleen. From there it is sent to all organs via the blood stream. Spike Protein is being made in all organs, like the brain where we see the prion’s disease and other neurological conditions occurring. The Canadian doctor stated that these shots are a huge mistake because the vax is a toxin. It is not a antigen. My sources and


I believe that will be one of the reasons there will be a mandate for those who choose not to take the jab to be separated, Marginalized and pressured to take the toxic poison.

I don’t for one moment think that the demonic plan to turn people into slaves has let up.

They are just getting ready to launch plan B.

Stand strong and know that God is in control of our lives.


LOL. I hadn’t even considered the irony of offering smoking and drinking as incentive. just thought it was stupid. but you make me realize it’s even worse than stupid. it contradicts the whole point of jabbing!!!

and thank you also, I have been trying to convince my dad that this is all a scam. so I just texted him about what you told me. hope this comment will make a difference to him. so far he just thinks none of the mandates etc are a “big deal.”


:woman_facepalming:t3: This is where we’re at folks. Lord Jesus take the wheel…and drive fast :latin_cross::raised_hands::place_of_worship:.

:point_right:t3: Here are two links to the Frontline Doctors with medical/legal info:


Every time I hear someone say “I’m almost fully vaccinated“… it’s just so sad.


Well I guess the censorship is in full force.
The first link you posted to redirects to 3 or 4 different websites!
I’ve tried 3 different times till I was redirected to Microsoft dot com . Guess my ip is stored in Billy Gates’ log now lol


How about this for a vaccine incentive. I was at a church function the other night. This is a very conservative denomination. The missionary at this function told me that his mission board (headed by the denomination) told them that they all need to get the vaccine or the mission board will not be paying for any medical care related to them getting COVID nor giving them any stipend while out sick with COVID. I was so stunned when I heard that. He is not taking it, but his wife did. He is feeling guilt over not stopping his wife from getting it.