Vaccine(s) re-posting

My previous post with detailed data on the various C-19 vaccines was ‘cancelled’ by the censors as ‘off topic’. This cancellation behavior is shocking given that you have been ‘cancelled’ by YT! Still, I prayerfully suggest the following.

I say “Come, let us reason together…Isa 1:18”

Given that Pastor JD has devoted many hours to the topic and multiple posts have mentioned or asked questions regarding vaccines, the “off topic” charge is unreasonable. Let’s be clear, I am neither an advocate nor an anti-advocate for the C-19 family of vaccines. I can make reasoned argument on either side because I have a post-doctoral education in multiple disciplines. However, it is clear that most non-medical and/or non-advanced science degree people don’t understand that there are multiple vaccine types. That information is critical to making informed judgements. Currently, there are three available vaccine ‘types’. They are mRNA (Moderna, Pfizer), viral vector (Johnson & Johnson) and primary antigen provocation (Novavax). In the near future there will also be a DNA editing vaccine (evil), and lastly, a traditional inactivated or weakened primary C-19 based vaccine. All of these are very, very different. An analogy might be useful. Imagine you wanted to ‘fly’ a package from Honolulu to Hilo. You go out to the airport and on the tarmac are parked a helicopter, a crop duster biplane, an F-16 and a B-737. They all can ‘fly’ the package from point A to B. There are real benefits and real risks to each choice. You are not a pilot. Now choose.

‘But the wisdom from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, open to reason , full of mercy and good fruits, impartial and sincere .” Jam 3;17

As a believer in Christ, I implore you to “Test everything, hold fast to that which is good.” I Thess 5:22


Thank you for your post.

I don’t necessarily see the mRNA “vaccines” as unproblematic as you appear to as I still see there being a huge potential down the road for over-reactions within a person’s immune system potentially brought on by said vaccine. Time will tell, and it may take a while.

Also, I appreciate knowing about the Novavax vaccine as that may be a vaccine that some who would absolutely refuse an mRNA vaccine might actually consider. I had not realized that was one of the possible vaccines so that is new information to me.

I still do not personally want the vaccine as I’m young and healthy enough not to be in the high risk factor groups. I’m also being pro-active with trying to maintain healthy nutrition (keeping away from sugar being a biggie) and making sure I have the things I’d need such as Zinc, Vit D, and a few others on hand to treat either prophylactically or within the very first hours of feeling as though I might be catching something.

Either way, I appreciate the information.


“Those” who are pushing for everyone to get the vax is a MAJOR issue. “they” are not on God’s side but satan’s side. That whole agenda with “them” and to push push push the vaccines on everyone is a RED FLAG and alarming. NO, i dont trust any of these vaccines… PERIOD
My body is a temple of the Lord and i want to keep it that way.
Not want ANYTHING to do with “their” agenda, and that includes those vaccines.


I have seen some biochemical evidence that heavily suggests genetic editing on the original C-19 virus. This is not ‘proof’ as such but it leans in that direction. There are some strange ‘coincidences’ about the backstory of the Chinese lab. The US actually gave this lab money for research and Dr Fauci had some influence in that grant. Not necessarily nefarious as the world infectious disease community was nervous about the SARS and MERS outbreaks of the last 15 years. SARS and MERS are members of the covid virus family. Further, one of the principal Chinese level 4 research docs studied under Dr Ralph Baric PhD, at UNC who is the Covid research doc of the last 20 years.


Yeah, there are some dirty hands right here in the US. Fauci is one of them. They act like they’re all innocent but when you start digging, it’s sickening how corrupt a whole bunch of 'em are.


The initial post on this thread is accurate. Appreciate the information and would like to add some of the medical community is also concerned with what is known as pathogenic priming and/or antibody dependent enhancement. Please do your research in order to make wise decisions. This is going to be over simply but the vaccines are all genetically modified organisms…everything in the super market is marked when non-GMO and yet many people who are vigilant about not buying GMO products are running to get vaccinated without even consideration of long term effect.


If you previously posted on this topic in this topic category, I am not surprised that your thread was cancelled. Posting about vaccinations and their efficacy is “off topic” in the #prayer-requests category and has nothing to do with cancel culture.

Posting this information a second time (again in the wrong category?) doesn’t come across as an act of good will.

And—just for the record—I didn’t flag this thread. :blush:


the reason it was considered off-topic is because this category is dedicated to prayer requests only. I’m sad to report there is no suitable place to post general vaccine discussion except the comments section of a prophecy update post.

I don’t know if they are going to reinstate the General Discussion category, but for now, a whole new thread of this nature has no place. I don’t agree with the decision necessarily, but that category was causing more problems than it was worth, apparently. so unless you are asking for prayer, it’s best to discuss vaccines in the comments section of the latest prophecy update post on the forum.

I empathize with the frustration of having your post deleted. with the current conditions of this forum, I’m just providing info as to how you can raise this important topic without your posts potentially being deleted. thank you for coming back to try again! I sure welcome all well-meaning discussion and have had to work around the changes of this site. it was annoying at first but now I’m glad because I truly wasn’t always acting my best, and now I am careful to represent Christ better when I post.


Why not just get a natural immunity to the virus but for some reason they want to inject you with something. Why control my movement my liberties and my freedoms when I do not have the virus in the first place.

A true test or argument is not getting the vaccine. The quesion should be do you have an immunity to the virus and how effective is it to the virus. Not that did you get the vax or not. If you have a great immune system, most likely you will fight it off.
Vaccines are not the solution, it comes down to ones immune system.

It is about an effective immunity rating not that I recieved a vaccine check mark from the gov.

Who controls my life and the timing of my death? God does. It may loose my life by slipping on a banana peal or by a nuke.

Ultimately, the real virus is sin and how have you moved someone closer to Christ or have shared your faith with the Lord?



Getting natural immunity requiress you to get the disease. In fact, probably somewhere between one third to two thirds of the general population have been infected, had a cold for two days, and then got better. But, if you are significantly obese or have chronic health problems or you are older than 70, you just might die. Historically, vaccines have saved hundreds of million of lives. Measles, mumps, smallpox killed untold millions.


Thanks. I’m a new entrant to the forum and the only ‘topic’ category available was prayer request. I just thought they hadn’t gotten around to expanding the ecosphere.


I heard on the news(maybe fox or newsmax)that the J/J has aborted baby something in them.


oh cool. glad that i could unwittingly fill in that blank for you! :] and welcome to the forum!!!

For some reason this time there is a completely different set of factors for reasons and purposes that are being overlooked with this experimental vax especially when it is being experimented on humans without human trials ( a six year process) It’s being forced upon us in exchanged for a normal daily life (health pass to go to the movie theater, ball game,…) it indirectly alters DNA next step in development will directly alter DNA.

Accross all population groups the death rate it 0.01. This is a very strange cessation of human population movement, freedoms for such a very small death rate.

We closed down global economies, schools, churches, …

I do not direct this toward you this is how I have followed one of the greatest human blunder in human history.




I’ve looked at who are the major chess players who are creating and manipulating these events, from elections, to media, tech companies, Governors, world organizations that wish to erode a destroy nation states, sovereignty and national ism, global agendas, to so many other factors and players on many levels and Scripture and to how everyone is reacting to this and that this is just not about the vax but it’s being used for a global decline for a global government.


They all have it directly in or was used along the way to make the different kinds of vax.

I sticks that we have been exposed to aborted fetal cells in others previous vaccines.

The Lord will always have a consequence to the use of a forced death of the most innocent. God would have made a better way than to use aborted baby cells but humanity wanted to go the dark path.


No discussion of the vaccines is complete, in my opinion, until one has availed themself of the Mar 15 podcast from I do not endorse all of the host’s views on other Christian topics, but on this podcast he plays an interview with a leading immunologist, in the field for over 30 years, even was employed at one time by Bill Gates. Ironically, credentialed doctor gives reasons to be very alarmed at the future if we continue this world-wide mandatory program.


Thanks @Jellybelly57 And welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

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On my post I hoped to make Pastor Farag, and others, aware of what a top-scientist shared regarding vax’s. Info
that is unavailable through regular media. God bless!


I also heard that now we need a third vaccine shot.


They are lying that we need a booster jab. Dr Mike Yeadon, ex VP and head researcher for Pfitzer said that even if there there is a small to a moderate change to the virus (mutation) there are mechanisms within our immune system that break down anything foreign into segments and your immune system only needs parts of the virus to know to combat it, meaning our Immune System can detect just parts of the virus to be immune to.

These mutations that are spreading are insignificant because these mutations are only 3% different than the original. Also, the family of SARS, which Corona viruses are part of are much more stable having smaller deviation mutations compared to influenza. Influenza can have dramatically different mutations. This is why they have a new Influenza vaccine every year due to huge differences in their mutations. So we can easily be dooped into thinking that we treat the corona virus like Influenza since the flu shot is given every year. But with the corona virus does not change that much.

Also according to Dr Mike Yeadon said that the corona virus does not act or respond in second waves. Maybe a another ripple but not in waves. We don’t need a second or a third lockdown, either. This is another lie.

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