Vaccines and jobs for people going forward

My name is Paddy O Riordan, and my wife is Violet. We are both Christians, and living in northern Ireland. We are not getting this Covid vaccine. I am working in a care home, and when the vaccine becomes mandatory, I will leave my job. It’s going to be hard to get another job, especially a job that doesn’t require this vaccine. I have a degree in creative media studies, and I am thinking of working online. This type of job might be an option. I am not sure if I can get such a job. Vaccines are going to be pushed, and limit vacancies in the job market for all who don’t comply to this new world order. I love your preaching, you are one in a million, that is willing to lose all. We will lose all in this world, but gain in the next. We are ready for this great reset, and praying for you all. The rapture is soon. People must be ready. God bless you for being faithful to the word, because not many are. Most people I know are happy to get this vaccine. I tried to tell them, and showed your videos, but nobody is listening. This must be the great deception. Keep up the great work. PS can you say hello to paddy and violet o Riordan in your next prophecy video, it would be fun to hear our names mentioned, as it would cheer us up. we follow all your sermons, but if you can’t I understand. thanks


I know exactly what you mean… I am a Chef in a London Hotel… currently on furlough… I have refused the jab but most of my colleagues have taken the untested experimental jab… If they make it mandatory for hotel staff I’ll resign from my job… My longer term health is more important than a job… I trust the immune system supplied by God more than a drug funded by Bill Gates…In London there is a shortage of care home workers… I’ve spoken to several care home staff who, like yourself, have not been jabbed… If they make it mandatory more staff will leave the industry and their staff shortages will become an even bigger problem…


I will leave my job also, if I am forced to get the jab. it’s hard for Christians in these days. great to hear your situation, and your courage to stand up. God bless


Exactly the same, here! I’m retired but my husband is not. He will too deny the jab and quit if it is enforced. We will, as you, trust God to see us through! God bless you and your wife!


God bless you. The more refuse this jab the better for us all. The Best Website Ever


I’m praying for those of you who are working and being threatened with this so-called vaccine :grimacing:

My husband and I are wondering about this terminology “getting the jab” and “getting it into the arms” etc etc … I’ve never heard of a vaccine referred to in this way :roll_eyes: Thoughts anyone?


“getting the jab” and “getting it into the arms” is making it all sound harmless, when it’s not. Next we will be getting it “in the hand” and “in the forehead”… What do you think?


That’s kind of what I was thinking too Paddy. Thanks for responding! :+1:


@Paddy Hi Paddy, good video! Are you speaking there? Your Irish accent reminds me of the Irish Country Music Radio I used to listen to. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: God bless you.


yes that’s me speaking, I got banned from YouTube, so i use alternative platforms to tell people the dangers of this vaccine


I have many other platforms and places i.e XRP Ripple

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Oh my goodness! You are the first I have heard speak of this. I too have thought the same “ we have to get shots in the arms of people” for example. Over and over I hear this and it too has struck me oddly and does not sit well. As far as “jab”, I call it that myself because it is not a vaccine!
God bless!


Yes LG I agree: odd and repeated over and over by the news media and others as though scripted.

It defeats their purpose really… who wants to hear about getting a jab in the arm. I don’t know of anyone who particularly “likes” getting a shot with a needle for any reason!


yes you are right. it’s not a vaccine, it’s mRNA. Look up mRNA to see


it’s what’s in the vaccine that’s bad. research the word “mRNA”


I am NOT getting this vaccine! They have prepped you to scan your forehead for a fever and then scan your hand with hand sanitizer. It’s the precursor to the MOTB!

#1. I am not altering my God given DNA. There is no antidote for this vaccine. Someone mentioned in a post earlier about if you get a blood transfusion will the vaccine be in the blood of that donor took the vaccine? My plan is to not have an procedures done that requires it.

#2 If it means we have to be martyrs, game on! History repeats itself and I see Nazi Germany and Nuremberg all over this!

I’m just sad that my own family members have taken this vaccine. Am I going to see them suffer and fall over dead because of it?

“They should believe a lie.”


Yes that is correct, pfitzer and moderna - mRNA Johnson and Johnson, viral vector, aborted human cell line


from what I have read, you are right, and that the fact that this vaccine is forced, is a red flag. people don’t learn from history. world war 3 has started when the lockdowns began. God bless


I work as a massage therapist and so far here in Alberta, Canada, it is not mandatory. That being said, I can see that changing and when it does, I will NOT be getting vaccinated and will quit my job. I also despise that phrase "getting it into as many arms as soon as possible "; to me it stinks of sinister overtones. So many people I know are just running to get their “shot in the arm” so they can get back to normal. When asked, I answer I will not get it. This answer seems to take people a back for a second and I always see some kind of flicker behind their eyes for a split second as they regroup from my answer. I also warned my husband not to be surprised when we start losing friends and become “the problem”. But I am always reassured by God’s Living Word and from JD’s very frank and loving demon’s. JD you rock!!! I love your sense of humor too !


Autocorrect! It should read JD’s sermons…not demons!! I wonder how it changed to that?! :thinking::thinking:

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