Very ill . Any prayers appreciated

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Prayers requested.

My brother whom I dearly loved. passed on something when he visited me last week. Could be covid but I refuse to go have a long stick put up my nose next to the weakest most porous area of the brain so… But I haven’t been sick for 2 1/2 years. Now I’m spiking high fevers, my head is killing me and I think I’ve developed a sinus and ear infection as I’m prone to them. I feel like death warmed over - my mother’s old saying. I’m 68 and live alone which kinda makes you feel alone especially when you’re ill.

Thank you ahead of time for any prayers! God bless us all!


Praying for you! :pray:

I am also 68 and living alone, so I understand your plight. :weary:


I just finished praying for you Nonna4. Get some fresh garlic in you. When your ill, you don’t have the strength to make homemade chicken soup. So, get a can of chicken noodle soup. Add the can of water and bring to a boil. TURN OFF HEAT. Squeeze 3 BIG cloves of garlic in soup. Best if you can do this at onset of illness. Has helped me numerous times. I call garlic God’s antibiotic. Hope it helps!! And, drink lots of water too. :purple_heart::pray::latin_cross::innocent:


P.s. or squeeze garlic on buttered crackers with a honey and water chaser. :purple_heart:


I am praying for you. :pray: Maybe you can ask one of your neighbors to go to the grocery store for you (or have the grocery store deliver), so that you can get the things you need to keep hydrated…they can leave it at your door. You are in my thoughts, hope you feel better soon. Stay strong in the Lord!


Awwww God Bless you and thank you for your prayers. Right back at you prayers!


Thank you so much for your prayers! I truly appreciate them.


Thank you for your prayer. I sure don’t have much strength right now! I will try the soup with some garlic. = )


Linda, I pray for you and while I have no great incentives for advice as others do – I would say, as I deal with sinus and allergy problems a lot - I get the sweats, and chills and while I don’t get feverish, it does feel like death warmed over for me during some of the harder moments. I use a decongestant and maybe if it really hits me, tylenol (I can’t take ibuprofen any longer). But with a good amount of sleep, cool breeze via a fan (I pretend I’m on a nice beach shaded by palm trees and the water lapping at the foot of a nice hammock or cot I’m laying in) I sit back and pray the Lord to heal me. I wake up sometimes feeling like 20 bucks, other times a lot better.

Don’t know if this will work for ya, but I pray the power of prayer from everyone enlists God’s will for you to be healed from whatever ailments or afflictions have befallen you.


Praying for you Nonna.

You need C vitamins and probably sweat a lot.
Try to take your vitamins (or orange juice 0.5L) and go to sleep to sweat. You should shall be better after.

If you don’t have orange juice, try to make a juice with 2, 3 tomatoes. Drink all (0.5L) and go to sleep


Never alone in Christ Linda - Matthew 28:20. Praying for your swift recovery according to God’s will.


Zinc, Echinacea, LOTS of Vitamin C, and fluids. They don’t stop or prevent ick (as I call it), but they lessen it tremendously. I’m coming out of ick myself. Best thing is resting, taking it easy on yourself, and boosting your immune system.


@Nonna4 try also to eat onions.
They are rich in vitamin C, antioxidants and help the immune system. Maybe a onion soup or onion in salad with tomatoes…


I’m so sorry for the loss of your brother.

Be encouraged Linda…I’m 76, am too alone and recovering from pneumonia. Tho you’re struggling with many symptoms, they serve a purpose. The body is a remarkable mechanism which will need time and rest to fight the infection within you. The advice you’ve received so far is very sound. Drink plenty of fluids, sleep as much as you can and never stop thanking God for the miracle of His healing power. It’s important that once you start to feel a little better not to over do it.

Loving Heavenly Father, please fill Linda with your spirit of peace and carry her in Your mighty arms as Your miracle healing covers her from head to toe. Fill her heart and mind with KNOWING that she is not alone for You oh Lord are there and will hold and carry her through this trial
Im Jesus precious name…Amen


Praying for your healing and God to meet alll your needs including connection with those who love you and care about you. I’ve recently realized the importance to connecting together as the body of Christ and even though we can’t be physically present together yet . We can meet each other’s needs through lifting each other up in this forum as well as prayer. I know the devil uses loneliness to make us feel isolated and forgotten. You are not forgotten and never alone. Gods spirit is with you always and we as a body are here for you at anytime to pray, talk to you and lift you up. Soon this body of Christ will be together in the presence of our bridegroom and every problem of this earth will be a distant memory.
May God heal you, meet all your needs, comfort you and bless you my dear sister.
Grace and peace to you in Christ :heart:


if you do think its covid, please get a oximeter you can find at the local drug stores.
watch your oxygen levels if it dips to low under 90 its not good at all!! usually the 8th day that will take a turn for the worst. (not trying to scare you last year hubby and son ended up in the hospital with it and thats how it went) also, you would want to just sleep and not eat or drink my dil’s father and his wife had it and they forced themselves to eat and drink although they did not want to. they came out of it without the hospital. I fully understand that test swab. its awful. praying you feel much better soon! May the Lord show great grace and mercy on you :heart: oh yes, and LOTS of vitamin C the ascorbic acid one.


Oh dear, praying the Lord to heal, protect and keep you safe from other complications. In Jesus mighty and merciful name, Amen.


Thank You.

I deal with depression and this is just crushing me. I think the illness itself is messing with my brain.


Thank you and God Bless you!

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Thank you in God’s name! I do have to force myself to eat and I’m doing my best to take vitamins though it’s very hard and I’m nauseous and gag easily. I’m fighting depression now. Must be a side effect too? Lord have mercy.