We are odd, living a totally different life

I’m just now starting to realize how very difficult the coming days are going to be. This is starting to get rough…and it’s only the beginning. I’m remembering the verse about people going about their business, eating, building, giving in marriage, etc., with their “green passports”…while we here, and our brothers and sisters around the world can “see” & know what is happening,…we are living a completely different existence. When I hear people making long term plans & vacation plans, it’s so strange…all while we are wondering how long we will have jobs, a home, food…or perhaps be taken out of here shortly? It’s hard to relate to most of the world in these days, huh?..imagine how odd we will seem giving up everything over a “jab”? Sometimes, I can feel satan poking at me, saying things like “maybe you are in a Jim Jones kinda cult and don’t realize it?”…“maybe you are just buying into the crazy on the internet?” …or “surely you don’t believe the government wants to harm anyone?” “Are you that delusional?”…“you will wake up from the nonsense you are believing someday, but it will be too late.,you will have already given up everything it took a lifetime to build”
Anyway, those are some of the intrusive thoughts, or “fiery darts” tormenting me lately.
I do believe with all my heart that this “jab” has something to do with the actual mark. It may not be the official “mark” yet, but it’s somehow related to it. Also know that what I’m seeing is the same things JD is seeing. He is just confirming what we all already know…so very thankful for him, because the world’s voice is very loud…but the Lord is being so good to us by providing one who is willing to shout out the truth. Maybe our “oddness” / willingness to give everything up over a shot, will be a strong witness of the truth?..we will sure have an open door explaining to others “why” we are being so odd! If they see us lose everything for the truth, some eyes may open. Anyway, keep praying we will have strength to endure if left here much longer & boldness/ fearlessness to witness the truth.


Amen - it is a very strange time…even more strange to be the “outsider” among other Christians who don’t see it.

Habakkuk 1:5 - Behold ye among the heathen, and regard, and wonder marvellously:
for I will work a work in your days, which ye will not believe, though it be told you .

Isaiah 28:1 - For the LORD shall rise up as in mount Perazim, he shall be wroth as in the valley of Gibeon, that he may do his work, his strange work; and bring to pass his act, his strange act.


Very strange indeed. So many lies and deceit that I only listen to the Lord because I know and believe and trust He will only lead me to Truth.

He has blessed us with this site where believers who are like-minded can come and for that we are grateful.


praying <3

I get those questions nagging at me at times too. it always ends with me being like, hey I’m sure I’m wrong about some things, but even so, those don’t hold me back from believing there are such lies in this, because there are a few things I have experienced or seen so close-up, that I will not budge from my understandings on those few things. and those few things happen to be wrapped up in the huge lies out there. abortion is one of those things. watching govt officials grossly contradict themselves, is another one of those things. there are plenty of reasons to disbelieve what they say, even when truths are slipped in.

if we are completely wrong, it’s as simple as apologizing eventually and going along with the jab, etc. if we are right though, it will be clear as day. we will be either killed, raptured, or shut out of society.

regardless of what’s happening in the world, above all that, I do believe in our salvation as souls that love the One who created us. that He is our destiny. I’ve had dreams that give me this idea, and that’s a personal testimony but I’m sticking to it. so no matter how wrong I am, it won’t matter how much I lose for sticking to what I believe in. our lives beyond this stretch on forever. so why worry about losing all I’ve built my life on? only God gave me those things. He will provide again if He wants me to keep living. and if He is ready to take me, all the better lol. this life is so small compared to what eternity will bring. in conclusion, even if I’m wrong about a lot, I am doing my best based on what I’m absolutely sure about. if the agenda out there isn’t evil, they will welcome me with open arms when I figure it out. so if I am nagged with more questions from satan or wherever else, that’s fine, because I don’t want to blindly follow anything, and can handle the heat of questioning myself and admitting I’m wrong. I’ve had to do that many times before. it’s embarrassing but it’s worth it once the moment passes.

we are definitely sticking out like sore thumbs, and we did before all this went down as well. it’s just become even starker a contrast. I’m going to lean on the fact that I am willing and able to admit it if I find I’m wrong. I’m okay with that possibility. been through enough of admitting things already lol. no big deal. and the more okay I am with being different, the more I see that I am relaxed in saying things that are different. I have insightful questions for those who disagree, and it usually ends with them not knowing a strong answer, and they change the subject. I stay calm. God is revealing hearts in the simplest ways. we don’t need to convince anyone. just gotta be their friend, be real, show where our compassion is, and at the very least, that should stir understanding from them for us, and not stir up their wrath. done trying to convince anyone. but when we are loving, chill, and ask questions, without pushing them, it’s amazing what I have seen as far as what’s deep in their hearts. I could probably keep typing but I don’t need to leave a novel. just praying for you and all the rest of us who face this conundrum on the regular. praying that we can stay calm and trust God. and be true lights for Him in this world rather than anything less. if we are right, there’s no time for anything else.


Thank you for the reply from the heart :heart:…all you said was true…it’s just there aren’t many like you, and the others on this message board, out there…at least that I know of. I’m sure there are, but how do we find them? Anyway, your post was comforting :heart::heart:


Right now we have just slammed the door shut in Soddom and are running for the hills. Running as fast as we can. Sometimes I’m tempted to look back. Take a longing stare at this old world. I think we are all tempted. I can’t. I can’t go back no matter how tempting it might be. Be of good courage Christians. This is when it counts.


Yes, there’s no going back to this world, because we have been shown too much…we know what is happening…this can’t be undone because this is IT♥️


So encouraged and proud to have such Mighty Warriors of God on this forum.

We were created for such a time as this!


So glad to know this is a place we can come to, relate to each other. I too, am experiencing such loneliness from being totally shunned by the world, friends, and family because they aren’t all in for Jesus like I am. It’s very hard for me because i was raised in a co-dependent controlling very private family who said no one would ever love me like them, made me very paranoid of people in general. Now I’m living with strangers in a place I don’t know and I get very scared sometimes. And so very lonely for fellowship with like minded believers…Why is it that no one around us where we live gets it??? Does anyone find this odd? We’re all scattered everywhere that we can’t even visit each other!


I have so many Christian friends who don’t see what’s going on. The Holy Spirit is revealing all kinds of warnings to me, but when I try to talk to them, they look at me like I’m crazy. They don’t want to talk about Revelation at all – they think it’s “fear mongering.” Why would God give us the book of Revelation if He didn’t want us to read it and know it? Why would He promise to bless those who read it and heed it (Rev 1:3) if He wanted it to be ignored? Why are they so afraid of that book when God says over and over in it, “fear not” and “don’t be afraid”? Why are they ignoring Scripture, “The secret things belong to the LORD our God, but the things revealed belong to us and to our children forever”??? Deut 29:29. Maybe they take comfort in pretending that everything is normal and OK?

It is lonely not being able to talk to some people, but I’m grateful for this forum to see that there are other Christians out there who see what is going on. And, no, I don’t think you have to worry about being in a “cult.” I saw these things loud and clear – long before I had ever heard of J.D. Farag. When the media started chanting, “We’re all in this together,” my alarm bells were going off like I was witnessing the birth of Babylon 2.0. It was my search to find out, “Do other Christians see what I see?” that lead me to discover J.D. Farag and this forum.

I agree with you that this jab has something to do with the mark. I don’t think that it “is” the mark, but I think it is part of the foundational framework. I suspect that they will roll out the digital passports on smartphones. Then once that’s accomplished, they will push to have the passport become injectable under the excuse that the smartphone ones were too easy to fake/share with friends. I think the injectable digital passport will likely contain the mark of the beast. And I think that the jab itself will help reduce the population to a number that is easier for them to manage and control.

I know I sound like a nut-job to some, but I don’t care. Even if I am totally wrong, I still don’t want to put an experimental, rushed pharmaceutical into my body when the long-term side effects are unknown. And they are using aborted fetal tissue to make these vaccines. As a Christian, I don’t believe in murder, so why should I personally benefit from the murder of another? And when the Bible says that dead bodies are unclean and make the person touching them unclean, why on earth would I inject that into my body? I can Purell my hands, but I can’t Purell the inside of my body. So even if I am wrong about “the mark,” I still have strong Biblical reasons for not taking this so-called “vaccine.” Even scientists like Dr. Robert Malone, the inventor of mRNA vaccine technology, are speaking out about the potential for severe long-term health damage. So why take it? I don’t think it’s crazy to have reservations. I think it’s crazy not to.


Agree completely. Same experience here. Only one older man that I know is ready and talking about this-oh and some younger woman who were in my Bible study late last year about end times. They were Russian- they recognize what’s going on. They are ready for the Lord. Anyway, I am in same boat and emphasize with you.
I am from MN, how about you?


Yes, I also have many Christian friends and Christian acquaintances- many active in the church and body- who have no idea and who do not want to know the times. It makes me incredibly sad they do not want to know the time nor be getting ready for our Lord and Savior.
When they are talking about plans for the future I cannot stand it - and this is often after I have said our time is short and He is due to come at any time! I have a couple summer trips planned- but honestly, the Lord is not putting those on my heart. He is putting on my heart to get ready for Him and focus on Him, letting go of this world (easy to do) and the things in it. I am ready!
It is very lonely but I thank God for this forum also and all of you!!. Thank you to Pastor JD and his team for facilitating this. I look forward each day to seeing how this remnant group is doing. Its my favorite thing to do!
God Bless!


Not getting the jab you’re still in a large majority including that of physicians so that’s a far cry from cult but that’s what they’re trying to get you to believe. I can completely relate to your entire post.


Welcome here! @Blessed :relaxed:

Likewise! Thank you for the encouragement. :heart:


I just say Amen to all this…I’m in the same boat…we all are…we are however all going over the Jordan river into the promised land…battle ahead but God is doing the fighting for us. We must just obey as the Spirit gives us wisdom and discernment. Maranatha. Come quickly Lord Jesus!


It is like the little children who cover their eyes and think you can’t see them.

They are hoping all of this will just disappear and won’t affect them.

Those are the ones who will be totally unprepared when the time comes to take a stand for The Lord.

You have done your best to warn them.

You planted, maybe The Lord has someone else who will water the warnings and bring them to understanding.


I at times feel very lonely also. I was saved at age 9 but have been married 30 years to a Greek man who is Eastern Orthodox. I left the church 2 years ago joining a local Baptist Church. He still attends the Greek church.
I knew for years the orthodox doctrine was non biblical and finally had to decide to stay true to Christ or keep the family peace. I chose Christ.
My husband threatened divorce but didn’t follow through. We agreed to disagree.
My loneliness comes from trying to explain not only what is doctrinally wrong using scripture but also trying to explain what is going on in the world and what the Bible says is coming.
I am told by him that there’s always been these things ( immorality, earthquakes, pestilence, anti semitism, war etc).
He nor my 2 children care to listen and think I’m nuts. I get mocked or shut down all the time.
I live in a heavily populated Mormon area and all my coworkers ( I’m a preschool teacher and there’s 11 staff) are Mormon.
Sometimes I feel so burdened about my family, and my coworkers eternal destiny on top what is going on in this world , knowing what the Bible predicts is coming and no one cares to listen.
Without prayer, scripture reading and attending my church and knowing God knows my heart and situation these things would crush me.
I’m amazed at the inability of so many people to realize things are upside down choosing instead to believe everything will get better and continue on.
It definitely can weigh a person down.
Thank you your comment as it helps to know others feel this way.
By the way, my husband and both children got the vx. That’s a whole other contention to add to the pile :sweat:


I grew up Catholic. My wife was going through a little rebellion when we got married (otherwise, she probably would have realized we were unequally yoked). But she was faithful and even chose to come to Catholic church with me. I told her she needed to become Catholic. So she started classes and I went with her. It was during that experience that my eyes were opened…I was like “my church teaches that?”…and then my wife would challenge the teachers with Bible, and they didn’t know how to answer…and then finally, the leaders of the class asked us to drop out of the class. The church then assigned us to private education with a Nun and Priest…and this ended up in the same thing. My eyes were opened!..I began my search…and about 2 yrs after that I got saved!! Who knows if my wife never married me…what would’ve happened to me!


When I read these posts this morning, I could definitely relate. Other than one of my sisters who listens and knows the truth, the rest of my family just “respects” my beliefs but don’t want to know any more about it.

Both of my children were raised believing but have drifted. My husband, raised Catholic, just listens with no response. Everyone just goes on about their business with no thought of how God fits into their life or future.
I prayed that God would give me peace about it. It is a lonely place to be. He led me to 1 Corinthians 2:14—

“But the natural man does not receive the things of the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness to him; nor can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned.”

So grateful to have “the mind of Christ” (1 Corinthians 16).

Prayers for all who are struggling with this.


I remember several years ago when I first read someone on the internet claiming that there were aborted fetal cells in vaccines. I thought she was a nutjob – that this couldn’t possibly be true. So the next time I took my kids to the pediatrician, I asked him about it. He looked at me quizically for several seconds then said, “No one has ever asked me that. I’ll be right back.” Then he abruptly left the room and I was in there waiting for him for about 15 minutes. Then he came back with a long print-out with lots of highlighter marks all over it. He said, “I guess I learned something new today after all these years. You were right.” Then he showed me where he had printed out the ingredient list from the CDC website and he had gone through and highlighted “diploid human cell line.” There were highlighter marks all over the stapled pages. And that’s when I realized that the “crazy” lady on the internet was telling the TRUTH. They use aborted fetal lung tissue to make several of the childhood vaccines – not all of them, but several of them. I felt such guilt and shame and disgust that I had put this into my children without knowing. Even our pediatrician, an old guy near retirement, didn’t know.

Two lessons I learned from this:
(1) Do your own research. Don’t expect your doctor to know everything. Doctors just follow what everyone else in their profession is doing. They are not laboratory researchers. They are not pharmaceutical lab scientists.
(2) Sometimes the “crazy” people on the internet aren’t crazy at all. Sometimes they’re just desperately trying to get through to people like me, who are too blinded and thick-headed to listen. I’m really glad that woman was willing to take a risk to look crazy to help out some strangers.