We Can Count It All Joy

We’re in a liminal space as it were, in transit, while awaiting our rapture. Yet we’re to keep on doing the things Christ commanded, running the race according to Paul.

I continue to be strengthened by knowing it is God who births a good work in us though the birthing produces labor pains! Our trials are like labor pains but what’s birthed in us, through those trials, afterwards brings something good and wonderful!! This is why we can rejoice in suffering - good fruit is the end result to those who are called according to God’s purpose who makes all things work together for our (spiritual) good and for His glory!! The Lord makes EVERYTHING beautiful in His time.

So don’t think it strange that fiery darts are aimed at us. Trials, whether satanic spiritual attacks or mundane life challenges/situations, are part of our journey. The covid experience and everything associated with it including any personal fallout from choosing not to be covid vaccinated, will work together for our spiritual good. Count it all joy! Blessings and encouragement.