We pray for YOU OH LORD to protect our natioin

Loving Heavenly Father,
My heart is so heavy there are almost no words adequate enough to express my distress. We are being betrayed at every turn by those in leadership positions leaving us ALL to feel abandoned in our own country and at the mercy of our enemies. Since we’ve been forsaken by the government our open boarders have become an invitation to anyone wishing us harm to cross into our land with evil intentions. But God…with Your protection we will never be at anyone’s mercy for You and You alone are our refuge.

Please Father…we beg of you to be ever watchful on our behalf to thwart our enemy’s plans and strike them down for YOUR GLORY.
In Jesus precious name we pray…Amen


I pray the Lord’s will be done. Even if that’s lighting this nation on fire.


That’s such a frightening thought yet terror attacks on our soil now seem inevitable. Our destruction has been foretold so we can only pray that Jesus will come for us SOON.

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