Weird spiritual vibes

can you please pray for me and my husband? we appreciate any kind words but please don’t feel obligated- just clicking the heart on this post will let me know you’re thinking of us. thank you.

it’s hard to explain this but I’m sure someone can relate. and someone might attribute it to mere anxiety, but my husband doesn’t really experience that like I do, and he felt weird about this too. so after what we just went through, and feeling so awkward, I thought I’d reach out to you guys for prayer.

we have been volunteering at a thrift shop for like a year now and therefore feel pretty established there. we went up there today as a rare occasion to just shop for things. before we headed up there, we had a few experiences that made us feel so upset- for example, my mom happily announced in a group text that she just got her covid shot- and we were relieved to get to the thrift store where we thought we’d be in a halfway-normal environment.

well, it didn’t turn out that way. it doesn’t feel worth explaining all the details, but basically things were “weird” in there too. by the time we left, we were like, let’s not go up there just to shop again. and we just felt so weird over how this whole day has gone. and it was only noon yet.

we got home and hugged for a minute and decided to order food instead of making a lunch at home. we feel drained in some sense, and off-kilter, and aren’t sure how to explain it. it just feels like the world is getting weirder, people are acting weirder as we go along, and it feels almost like a spiritual attack of sorts. I don’t know how to define it, but I know it’s a spiritual battle out there, and today it just feels super strong. but we are doing well in a material sense… it’s an internal thing.

so we appreciate any prayer. sorry this isn’t more clear. this is just how we feel and are in need of support. thanks everyone.


thank you for the helpful info and support Anthony!


:pray::hugs::sparkling_heart: I feel the same way. The things going on is distancing me and my family, including my husband. I thought it was my emotions getting to me. I’m feeling tired andd done with this world.


I’m so sorry that it’s even distancing you from your husband. I am praying for you and your family also Janet <3 it’s such turmoil, and to not have your husband’s alignment is even harder. I’m praying for him.

regarding your mention of having thought before that it was your emotions getting to you- as an extension to @Romans1013 's comment, I found a comment on a different thread here that a huge physical war is brewing right now. it sealed the deal on how we are feeling right now, in my eyes. here it is, we are blessed to be given this information- as unsettling as it is, awareness at least helps orient our hearts:


Sister, in my prayers.

I can relate. Fiery arrows lately, even from my husband who is normally very understanding. Please persevere. It’s darkness trying to beat you off the right path. Will also pray for your husband.



You are not wrong, I believe you. Stay in God’s word and prayer and he will keep you safe. Focus on Good things


Does it feel like you’re being defeated by…something? Or someone? You are getting all the (pardon the pun) wicked jabs coming at you like someone poking you endlessly and the pokes getting a little harder? Past two days for me have been rain…since 2019 I can’t stand rain. And my temper fuse has been lit with obstacles jumping up like whack-a-mole game on expert level. Arguments, stress that I can normally handle, bad drivers almost rear ending me setting me off, and even reading messages that seen attacking or trying to offend you from people normally not bugging you.

This has been piling on me for awhile now, but the past two days it’s like the conveyor belt scene from I Love Lucy.

I’m going to write a prayer for you. Give me a little time here. May be tomorrow morning. Hang in there and keep looking up!


Dear Heavenly Father
While we bless our enemies with guidance out of their prisons, we beg You to bless us with strategy to not fall victim to our environment in these days. Because many of us are being attacked on such levels we are having a hard time defending against. We’re having sometimes, even a harder time on the offensive attack. Please continue to protect @alllllz and her family through these trying times and protect her mom after she has been injected with “the shot”.

We know many are proud of this achievement while not knowing what COULD be down the road for them. This is a call for your grace and mercy not just for the victims of a malevolent group, but the victims of their own hubris. We pray, Lord, that you will bless us with a blanket of discernment, and a heavenly barrage of bold strength and courage poured upon us like the water cascading from a waterfall, endlessly basking us in Your glory. Please help @alllllz and her husband maintain their Godly armor You have so generously provided us and may nothing and no one separate them from that armor.

We wait in hope, Lord for the time the demons fear Your children in such a way that they dare not engage us but flee us and as the possessed pigs you cast Legion into, run themselves into the sea.

We pray this in Jesus’ name


I know what you’re saying. I told my husband it’s like we’re living in a science fiction movie. It’s difficult to distinguish between real and unreal. Thank God for His Word.


I was about to post something similar as I am feeling an extreme heaviness over the past week. My blood pressure has been elevated and am just not feeling well at all. It is more than a physical thing. It is as if the battle lines have been drawn and we are feeling an impending doom from the spiritual and physical world. Maybe its 5G idk but there is something happening that I can not explain. I will certainly keep you lifted up and that we all do so for each other. Prayer and intercession is our only weapon! Be blessed everyone!


You are not alone. @alllllz :hugs: I was starting to wonder if I was just physically ill but I think it’s more. There’s a physical and spiritual “heaviness” that is so incredibly weighty…difficult to describe. The sun may still be shining but the darkness is here. It always has been but this seems more pronounced. All prophesied, praise God!

Praying that you and your husband (and all here and on the forum) would have our spiritual armour in order and on that we may stand steadfast. We must not make the mistake of leaving it just hanging in our spiritual closets. :heart:


Father God, I have been speaking with you regarding this sense of deep darkness and gloom that has come over me. I am comforted that it is not just me and we are a family of your worshippers sensing that something is not right in this world. Please hear the requests and desires of Your children and intercede with Your merciful and strengthening hand into our limited fleshly frames. I know you have not given us a spirit of fear but the enemy is interfering with our communication with You much like when Gabriel was hindered from answering Daniel’s prayer. And just as it made him ill and as Our Lord felt the anxiety in the garden and the terror of being seperated from You while paying the ransom for our sins, and cried out for Your presence, We are feeling only a sliver of that and are overwhelmed. We feel the weight of not sensing Your nearness as we need. Please Father, for all Your worshippers sake, especially on this line and all to whom we love and care about, give us relief from this evil oppression. Expose the enemy and his lies to those who are worthy and repentant. We can not move forward without Your covering of the day or fire by night. Grant us wholeness and well being to be able to finish the race set before us. Not by will, nor by might but by Your Spirit. Touch us and strengthen us to endure these last moments before the days of Your judgment arrive. We want to come home but do know we are here still to finiish Your work that is remaining in all our lives. May we hear Your instruction clearly regarding anyone in our personal lives whom You desire to speak to thru us. Whether they listen or fail to listen, may Your peace be maintained in our souls until we are with You. No matter what we may have to face before then. We love You Dear Lord. Please help us now. I asked this in the Name of our Lord and Friend, Jesus the Christ. Amen.


Just curious did you take the vaccine to?
I just had a family gathering where the majority of my family told the vaccine and I felt such oppression there. Yes I am upset that my family who usually worries about whether they eat organic only non gmo foods just rolled up their sleeves and took it. I feel like I’m mourning the loss of my family.


I feel it too many times. It’s not just spiritual attack, I believe it’s demonic activity as well. For goodness sake people are openly worshiping Satan and there is even a satanic shoe out there!

With almost everyone, except my husband, I keep my cards close to my chest. The Lord has had it on my heart strongly in these times to pray for discernment. Anyone who prays for discernment and wisdom will certainly get it. God wants to protect His children and He has protected me by giving me His knowledge about certain people and situations.

It’s creepy out there now. It’s almost like we’re dealing with a different kind of human race now. It’s certainly not like it was just 5 years ago. I think it’s normal if we Believers have the heebie jeebies about certain people and environments.


I have been feeling like we’re in a tornado hanging onto the tail. So much is going on at once and everything is changing so quickly. We’re along for the ride without the “brake” option. It is spiritual and the angels are warring against evil on our behalf as we war on earth against forces. The one thing that has become so obvious to me is that everything is either of God or of Satan. Everything! Every thought, every action, every word and every deed. There is no gray area or middle ground. Be grounded in your faith and in His Word. If we don’t plant our feet firmly, we can easily be swept away. May God be with us all.


Hi alllllz…yes, the attacks keep coming. I’ve been triple hit in past few years. It seems every time I start seriously witnessing for our Lord, a new attack comes. Mine are manageable, a shot knee, almost total hearing loss and now a pulled groin that’s not healing. On crutches and not able to do anything. I know my husband is totally frustrated with me. I just retired last year. I don’t want for much, just to be able to cook and clean again. So I’ve beefed up my prayer requests for salvation for people. I think of past friends, neighbors, acquaintances etc. If I feel they don’t know the Lord, I look them up and mail a witnessing track to them. And, continue to pray for them. This helps me to not feel totally useless. “He MAKES me to lie down in green pastures”…My only advice would be to cling to Jesus and your hubby. Sounds like you have a good mate. :latin_cross::heart::pray:


Aneking…oh my goodness! What a beautiful, articulate prayer! You are one mighty prayer warrior. :pray::purple_heart:


I totally understand you!! It is the same for me and my believing children. This is a spiritual war we are in and the Lord Jesus will soon come get us. Maranatha


I completely understand how you feel and I will pray for you and your husband.
I live in the US with my husband but all my family and close friends are in Canada where I am from. Things are becoming so strange with many of them and I feel as if I don’t want to go back there to visit. For one, even though they are all Christians, they are getting vaccinated. I have tired to warn them and it makes them so defensive and angry. I have had to let go of it all and pray for them. My heart is so troubled for them though. They believe what the Canadian government and the medical profession is telling them. I feel weird spiritual vibes too.
The world we knew is gone forever. It will get darker and more evil the closer we get to the rapture. We must be strong in order to stand against this evil that is has overtaken our world and the people we love. Jesus is going to come and take us home very soon. For those who ears, may we hear what the Spirit is saying.
God bless you and keep you in His care each and every day.


thank you everyone for all the prayers. it’s been a huge wave of prayer that extended far beyond blessing just me alone. everyone in this thread felt the love and support I think!!! <3 I want to respond to each and every one but there’s just too much to devote my time to that. so I have just a few responses below. I have loved reading each response and feel so glad we are having this discussion.

@aneking thank you for coming back to share even more prayer when it hit you. and good point on 5G!!

@Jen22 no vaccine here, and there won’t be :] im with you, the majority of my family is taking the vaccine too. and I’m wondering the same thing- I grew up thinking my family was full of free thinkers, so it’s like, why havent they figured out the truth about this one yet?? it’s devastating to me. we all are history buffs and it’s amazed me that they can’t see the way this is another Holocaust in progress, etc. I too feel like I’m mourning the loss of my family. trying to make the most out of the time I have with them.

^^ indeed!!

@Natok ouch, I am praying over your physical pain and how it’s keeping you from doing simple things!!! <3 and I’m praying for extra patience from your husband. thanks for your kind words, I do have a good mate but like you, it doesn’t come easy either :]

@Akire amen!!! <3 and welcome to the forum!!

@Janny I am so sorry that you cannot even feel comfortable in going to see your family, friends, and original country anymore. it definitely feels like a darkness looming. I’m so glad we can count on God to see us through and take us with Him in the end, whatever we must endure first. I’m praying for where you’re from. <3