Weird spiritual vibes

Maybe, maybe not. I will quote something Amir Tsafarti said about it : " The hatred for a man, is stronger than the love for a country. "


Sorry for the ramble because I am trying to connect the dots at the sub-atomic level :joy: as I speak and research the info. Wow your post started me to thinking about something that has swirled around in my mind during all the last now 5 years . :face_with_monocle:

After watching this video right after I posted this not a coincidence JFK to 911

I now have ask is Trump more connected to JFK in this scenario than I 1st thought? Even as the Q would have us believe sort of?

In Essence:
What is a coincidence

Posted in the “Above Top Secret Forum” I only found this today.
This don’t mean I legitimize the site but its interesting and informative and its Bias but to whom is really hard to tell yet.

Hebrew word for coincidence?

It depends on what Hebrew you are talking about? There is the Biblical Hebrew which consists of 22 letters, all consonants and NO vowels. This language was dead for almost 2000 years and then in the early to mid 1800’s modern Hebrew was invented out of thin air, this time with vowels. If there is a Biblical Hebrew word for Coincidence then it would be almost impossible to spell or understand, and maybe even impossible to really verify. Your best bet is to look within modern Hebrew or possibly even Aramaic.

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The word was never used Biblically in the Hebrew and only once in the Greek as far as I am aware. Maybe one of the extra biblical texts like the Talmud or Zohar have used it before modern times. There is a reason for this. According to that strain of monotheism, happenstance is a purely psychological construct. “The lot is cast into the lap, but its every decision is from the LORD.”

Note: I find these definitions or lack of do line closer to what I am trying to convey.

I have always found it interesting that Hebrew has no real word for the word Coincidence even though there are occurrences in the bible that talk about battles that happen simultaneously but supposedly without a connection. Or were they is the ?

I believe everything that happens in the universe is connected at least in the sub-atomic level and definitely in the depths of the spiritual realm. Lets not forget using fuzzy logic plays into the deep secrets showing atoms that are twins, mirror images of each other connected making them not a coincidence. You will have to find that out for yourself.

The Parallel Connection
I do see Trump and Bibi on the same plane not airplane but it kinda is, just to many mirror points connecting and with pre-determined timely outcomes that is also connected so its not a coincidence then is it?

But when will this come back to the top and how will it play out?

This too plays into the above dots
I see another connection between Amir and Jack Hibbs, over 25 year partnership, both highly connected to their governments both teach basically the same gospel. Neither would be as well known especially Amir without the other.

They use to guide the believers toward but during the last election they were driving the sheep. Big difference in “to guide sheep and to drive sheep”, the difference is where they are taking them and against the will of the one that know where…

All 3 men were in agreement and collaborators in the ministry but then two rejected JD when JD saw the CCP V as the way it all goes down!

But JD’s distrust of Trump and Co was more the issue we all know what led to the divide the two created. They were still looking at the election in a carnal mind trying to get all Christians on board even to the point of shaming (driving) folks that did not agree.

Even though I voted for Trump but not becuase of anything they said they almost talked me out of voting for Trump or at all.

JD was way past our brothers in the spiritual sense of what was going on. Just my personal observation…

Note: I still love these two brothers I just believe they stumbled in their zeal to protect us. I see St. Peter in the early days in them at least I have hope that to be true.

If you saw how they were self absorbed into getting Trump reelected you see the divide with JD Amir was the vocal one in this…

Amir sitting with Jack H. went as far as suggesting if you love Israel you must vote for Trump if you don’t then he “suggested” you may not be a Christian if you did not love Israel you see the manipulation?

I believe Jack is back Amir I don’t watch enough to say either way any more. Just my view from the bunker.

Of course after Trump lost, the 1st thing was is to say we were never for Trump just his policies we championed. But as good as Trumps policies seemed to be there were signs that maybe its what is behind the polices that we should have been looking at.

How I get there.
Its kind of like the “patriot act” sounded good to many after the 911 attack but Bush passed on an unconstitutional powerful against the people of the USA to Obama and now Biden by using a crisis.

I believe the things Trump did, could also come back to bite us sooner than later or maybe I need to walk away from all this and start a garden and keep the snake repellents at work because we all are going to need them.



The differences are noticeable between them without any doubt. Your comparison with Peter I believe is also quite accurate. They tried to do it their way and not let God do it His way. If I have understood correctly.

I also agree that it is wrong to make some decide to do or not do something by making them feel guilty and casting doubt on their faith by using it as a weapon against them.

Your points are sound.

We must continue to pray for them.


Thanks for laying all that out Dan. Hey, that video looks interesting. But its long. I may watch it. But can you give like an overview and your takeaway and reasons for your takeaway?

Very good job Dan in laying out your thoughts here. I remember Hibbs and Amir and their super-siding with Trump. I remember JD’s concern with how it divided up Israel…and there was controversy on both sides of that issue.

My official take on that front is that it is good that Pastor JD has concern to not divide up Israel so that it does not bring a curse upon our land. Even though I agree with that position of JD’s, I do not believe that is the core issue of concern. I don’t believe America will be cursed this side of the tribulation. Even if it is dividing up Israel, God may delay a curse. And you know I think there is so much more to look at concerning America in the short term. So on the merits, I sided with Pastor JD.

As for Hibbs and Amir trying to get a country aligned behind Trump, well I can understand this on several levels. 1) Our country was not used to a ruler that actually did stuff for the country…kind of a culture shock, 2) I would permit a certain amount of over zeal for a leader that did that, and give America a kind of pass on their interest in Trump, for the sheer reason we don’t get non-politicians in office, 3) We saw the church and weird heresy groups line up with Trump. That should have been a red flag to Christians that something else was going on. And that the church did go over the top unreasonably certainly in that respect. And as much as it is true there, I think it also applies to the alternative side. Pastor JD’s side.

Since we see how much America and Israel kind of mirror each other to degree in our day, I think it is reasonable to also factor in that the reason for the Abraham Accords was an intention of peace. However ill structure a dividing of Israel in any respect may be (according to a concern of the word of God on that), the desire to help Israel and bring peace to them and the Middle East would not be something I believe that God would not notice or consider in the attempting tries of man. And to the degree God may “stay” a judgement or not be as harsh with one upon a land for reasons of peace in that respect, God would certainly not misunderstand the state of affairs and intentions of the Abrahamic Accords. So, I think it is healthy to consider where both sides might have had some measure of reasonableness to their positions, and some measure of overkill too. But Israel and America today are kind of in similar spots. And I feel this is no coincidence. And no matter how great are convictions might be on one side or the other, factoring in the whole of the context would not be unreasonable to do, I believe.

So the over zealous passion though on Hibbs side I see as problematic in that as you well state Dan it did err on the side of flesh. But just as my feeble attempts to process hopefully in understanding and wisdom in our context may well be lacking, I would say 1) We see Hibbs over zeal fleshy, I would also say going too far the other direction can lead to fleshy views as well. 2) Holding to a position that having a patriotic hope for our country is not looking toward heaven, to me, would be the other extreme. I believe we should hope for heaven and a soon rapture as well as do what we reasonably can in protecting our own country. For it is just the right thing to do, less we fall prey too far into the oppositions side on this. Plus, it may provide a measure of opportunity for loved ones who don’t rapture out and buy some time for reflection for them…and that watching out for our neighbors in this way is not unreasonable either.

I believe the reason the left is so vax happy is likely two fold. 1) They need us to be vaxed to cover their backends from being exposed in how fraudulent the pandemic was, and 2) Like any good political criminal would do, you try and go along with what you understand the people need, and unreasonably profit off the back of it. So likely the deep state is profiting from the vax much the same way the mafia burns a building down for the insurance money when that building no longer is a money producer for them. Since Trump forced the vax on them…they force it on the people and profit from it.

Unfortunately, this looks like Trump is aligned with the deep state no doubt. But I can assign two very different applications here. 1) The deep state pouting criminal response to a matter, and 2) Trump’s desire to thwart shutdowns and totalitarian control. Unfortunately we live in a day and age where those are the complexities and nuances. At least how I would understand. Blessings.

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This is interesting… how other Faith’s see God… is it the same God, if they believe that it is the same God, then a one faith religion wont be too hard to sell to the world…


Yes, They already are ready to buy into the one World Religion.
Its like they really don’t comprehend the question.

It has been said that Judaism has more in common with Islam than Christianity.

Plus when they think Christianity they think the Roman Catholic Religion.

King James Bible

Mark 4:9
And he said unto them, He that hath ears to hear, let him hear.


I found it really strange to watch, they are all religious but it’s all about the religion not about God himself… you can see how they are going to jump at a religious cult that solidifies everything they already think… The pope isnt going to have to work too hard to pull the one world religion off is he…


How will you know when the messiah comes? (Beside the fact they missed it last time)

Oh, I think the Pope has been working very hard to pull it off along with many others But when the demonic Spirit and the 1st AC comes on the scene the fix is in.

I say 1st AC becuase the one that is end weld at mid-trib could very well be a clone that gets filled with the demonic spirit .

But yes they are primed and need a savior to bad most are looking the wrong way.



The Pope, trying the ends together of his devious knot… God must be crying. All the hard work and sacrifice done in his name to tell the world about Jesus, being destroyed before our very eyes…


Is this what the new world religion will be like?.. I havent seen any of this… I’m really shocked!!


Yes, they have been so sadly off the rails…

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What do we see behind the curtain

The more I think about it as I see this sort of thing manifesting world wide and is not only revealing a false Church.

I see it coming through communistic the religion of the Official Religion used by Satan this time. Its part of the deconstruction process.

What I believe I see is not God revealing as much as it is Him allowing the deception that “has been” to be removed for the coming Greater Deception coming up from the ashes.



IRANIAN SHIPS IN ATLANTIC… with suspected weapon shipment on board…




Yes, Just sharing the Love of their peaceful religion. maybe we are losing something in the translation?