Weird spiritual vibes

Whenever my wife an I visit a particular small town we are attacked spiritually. This town has several shops steeped in new age influence. Our moods are always being tampered with and mentally we are attacked. I’ve been, in a crafty way, insulted by one of the shop owner to have me step outside to separate me from my wife.

I understand what you mean by experiencing these kind of things.


“Greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world” I John 4:4


The vaccines are going to change the personality. They will be weird and you will pick up on it. They took down a video of scientific evidence that when you take a vaccine made from abortion and the baby that died the horrific gruesome death of abortion their DNA is in that vaccine.
If you have done research on people that received heart transplants, lung transplants the science is there proving that you actually take on the likes, dislikes even the same food preferences as the person you received their DNA that heart or lung or kidney transplant from.
For example a little girl, this is one of the cases had a heart transplant. Well oddly enough she became interested in sports and excelled at it when she had never shown an interest before. She began to take on more and more personality traits that her parents and she herself had never before had.
Finally they discovered the donor and the donor that had died and given her the heart was into the very things even down to the food tastes that this young girl was now experiencing. Even the sports!
Scientists have found that when you receive the DNA of the aborted baby, that horror of what they went through, the pain and the anger they must have felt is transferred into your body.
These people are no longer normal. Their DNA has been tampered with.
These babies organs are harvested with NO anesthesia and they have to be kept alive in order to harvest their heart, liver, lungs, kidneys, cornea whatever body parts they take.
I can look into the eyes of people now that have received the vaccines and see they are there but nobody is home any more. They are forever changed. So yes it is going to get weirder and weirder.
You tube took down the video that proves the science behind what I am saying.
The DNA of abortion is in these vaccines and people will die horrible deaths. Either right away or later.


I’ve been wondering if dna from a baby boy’s cells given in a vaccine to a girl, and vice versa, is causing this “gender confusion.”


I just know it is satanic, all of it. A child not knowing whether they are boy or girl is satanic. I recognize there are some children born with both sexes. It is rare but it happens. But they can determine which sex is dominant and have an operation. I had a friend that had twins born to her and one of the twins was male and the other one was born with both sexes. A mess up in nature. It happens because we live in a fallen world. The mother was wise. She let the child decide. She was very clever in how she handled it and she asked her child born with both sexes in their body, “Which way do you feel more comfortable when you go to the bathroom, standing, or sitting to pee?” The child made the decision and had the surgery. His dominant genes were male even though born with both sexes.


You are being thought about, and I’m one who cares. At my place of work I am the only member on staff who ‘hasn’t’ taken the poke. To me they seem different and 2 members of the staff have tried to guilt me into taking it. Although I have a built in excuse of “my Dr. advised against it,” I can tell they look at me differently… and I look at them differently because they have changed. I sort of feel like a leper in the midst of ‘people who believe they are whole.’ This battle (race) is almost over. Be of good cheer… it’s time to go home. This is the only hell we will ever know, and this (plus the next 7 years) is the only heaven they will know. We got the better deal.


I read your post about weird spiritual vibes. If you’re a believer, you have to be listening to God’s prompts. Whether you call them your “spidey senses,” or “gut feelings” or intuition, if something feels dark or evil, avoid it! Your mom was happy to get her shots…in my family, my son is pushing me to get the shots. It depends which “truth” people accept. I’ll take biblical truth any day!


How true! As things appear to be opening up in various communities, during Covid, we are hearing of “wars and rumors of wars” and as I look around, people are going about their usual lives, trying to pick up where they left off. Outside of the Lord, there is little in this world that has meaning and that attracts my attention. I feel I am just going through the motions until God releases His bride from this earthly obligation. I am praying for all who are waiting for the “Blessed Hope” and that we will continue to stand, stay strong in the faith, and be ready to go! (Ephesians 6:10-18)


Dear Fireflies,
This just breaks my heart, especially about the aborted babies. It’s as if my heart is not just broken but shattered as I think of these precious little ones knitted together by God in their mother’s wombs where they are supposed to be safe. I can’t even comprehend how it must break the heart of our dear Father in heaven.
Everything that is happening in our world today is unbelievable demonic evil destruction and control by the powerful corrupt elite.
I have loved ones in my family that have been vaccinated and I have literally wept sobbing tears of grief for them. The saddest thing of all is that they are Christians. I cannot believe that they are so naive to do this when they are mature Christians. I live in the US and they are in Canada and because of the border closure I have not seen them for 6 months. What personality changes will I see in my dear brother, my Mother and others, I cannot even imagine?
I pray every day for Jesus to take us home as the world continues to catapult at warp speed to inevitable destruction and the coming days grow darker and darker. Come Lord Jesus!


I just dropped of my 11-yr-old granddaughter at her home. She spent the night with me last night and we had a lovely time together. However, she informed me that she wishes to be known as “Ace” from now on and wants to transition into a boy. I have another granddaughter, 12, who feels the same way, as does their mutual friend. There are other issues in my immediate family as well. Driving home from her house I was just crying out to the Lord. I feel as if I have failed as a wife, twice, I have failed as a mother, I have failed as a grandmother, I have failed as a friend, and I most definitely have failed the Lord. I have attempted to share the Lord with my family to no avail. They reject every word and come back at me with the most ridiculous arguments. One of my adults daughter’s friends asked her if I was ok due to a Facebook post I had written about the coming Rapture…my daughter told her “oh, you know my mom. She’s just nuts.” And they had a good laugh. I am anguished thinking about them having to deal with the Tribulation but they must make this decision for themselves. I just tell them to please remember what I told them when millions of people have disappeared and I am gone. Can y’all pray with me for the impossible?


Dear Valencia,
My love and prayers are with you. I am so sorry about what you are going through. It is so sad to see our young people led astray by the lies that’s it’s ok to be any gender you want. We have a 19 year old grandson that decided he was gay when he was 15. It broke our hearts. He is so lost and confused.
I truly understand your pain and anguish over your family. May the Lord bring comfort to your heart and may you feel His loving arms around you.


I can completely relate. Sorry this is happening to you. It’s worse when it distances us from those closest to us. God bless you & give u strength.


I find this really interesting, cause you are not the only one who saying that the personality changes. Maybe they will be more obedient about the government? The World Economic Forum has worked on Neuroscience and their information was so disturbing, that they took it offline, because people have find out that they want to control the human behaviour. Its logic for me, that this so called vaccine changes people over time (especially when they are not Children of God) to be more obedient for the future New World Order.


I hope and pray that you and your husband will make it through whatever period you are going through. We’re about to cross the finish line to home. And, as I’m telling you… I’m reminding myself … “Don’t be afraid, Only Believe.” Jesus won’t be late coming for us… one of the reasons I’m so sure it’s close. Don’t let anyone, be it Pastor, friend, or family member try and guilt you into taking this. Two of the employees where I work are obsessed with talking about the vaccine. They weren’t until they got it. And vaccine is not the word I would choose to describe this “genocidal hoax.” The Lord bless you, and Keep you. The Lord make His face to shine upon you, and be gracious to you. The Lord lift up His countenance on you, and give you peace! (Just say Amen!) Blessings,


Such a beautiful encouraging and uplifting post.
Thank you!:pray::two_hearts:


The veil is thinning,our King is at the door and Satan knows it. Shalom!


Amen it is! We’re almost out of here… Praise the Lord! Shalom Tov!


I’m glad it blessed you as well Janny. Really I am. God bless you for telling me this. Sometimes I wonder if I’m doing any good. It’s folks like you telling me I’m ‘being’ a blessing that helps keep fuel in my tank! God bless you now… and always!


People have been reporting a change in their friends and families behavior after taking the vax.


What a beautiful, encouraging, spirit-filled prayer! This prayer has strengthened my spirit when I was feeling so overwhelmed and sad. Thank you! :pray::heart:


But you are to keep going on. You live until Jesus returns for us because we know not the day or the hour he returns for us. So do you think people should just stop doing anything? Just because you buy a house or remodel doesn’t mean you are not a Christian and you are not doing Christ’s work. The people you come in contact with is a chance for you to witness to. That’s my opinion.