Welcome & Introductions! 👋

Now THAT was a sharp one :wink:


Hi from South Africa. I am so grateful for this site. I’ve felt so alone. How wonderful it is to be in conversation with believers. I don’t think you guys understand how much it means to me. No mockers. No scoffers. No haters of King Jesus. I don’t have to explain or defend my faith in the Blessed Trinity. I can just relax.

What a joy to fellowship with people in Christ; my family. My real family. Surely no words can express the privilege of eternity with God. However, don’t forget the extra bonus: eternity with the loveliest humans who have ever lived and who are presently alive. Don’t we have the most glorious Blessed Hope ever!! :partying_face:


Awww, I love this and so glad you are here with us!


That’s an interesting thought. My older two are in a couple online groups, but not end times related.
My youngest in that age group does not like to hear about end times, too scary, we’re slowly working through that. With our other two though we are about to start a family study using Todd Hampson’s The Non-Prophet’s Guide™ book series. I’ve read guide to end times and guide to Revelation, both great at dishing out the info without being overwhelming and his illustrations are great for visual learners.


It’s very refreshing to see these posts of those who are new to the site. I’m already inspired by your words. Thank you and welcome! :smiley:


Amen to that a breath of fresh air to be online with fellow believers of like mind :grinning:


Love & BIG hugs to all my fellow brother and sisters who love the Lord and His word - may we continue to grow in His love and His grace at such a time as this - does not a light shine brightest when its darkest :grinning: Mathew 24:27
Dark times indeed but we are spiraling upwards and may we comfort one another with His word - what a delight to find fellowship here Yaay!
It’s so heartbreakingly sad to see the decline of the real estate church compromise to the world - we must contend for the faith Jude 3 and lift up weary arms Galatians 6:9 , 2 Thess 3:13 Hebrews 12:12
Did not our forefathers of the early church have it way harder than us - let us be of good cheer John 16:13 May we continue to encourage one another and look up for our redemption draws nigh Titus 2:13 Yaay! What an honour to be living in such a time as this as the anticipation of our Lords returning is closer now we see His word literally coming to pass before our very eyes Wow!
To God be the glory always!

Love from bonnie Scotland x


Does anyone know of a young adults forum for believers of like mind as this? Most of us are indeed alone physically but thankfully we can say as Paul - we are together in the Spirit Colossians 2:5 I would love my daughter to be able to meet up with other young believers as we are. Thank you x


Aloha from hills of West Virginia…what a mighty God we serve. So very thankful for this site and your ministry Pastor J.D. My husband has been following you for years and recently introduced me to your prophecy updates. What hope our God brings to us in this dreadful dark world. I am a grandmother to four beautiful boys. I work in accounting and enjoy my time in my garden and in the Word. Hello to all :slight_smile:


@magsymac We welcome anyone 16+ here

Regarding youth Christian chats/forums/etc. … personally I’ve managed online secular communities of 13+ (can’t be younger than that due to COPPA and similar regulations) and I have teenagers of my own, and I would honestly never recommend it. You never know who will say they’re 15 and actually isn’t. My advice, encourage good friendships offline, let them get together, and keep talking to your kids about greatness of God. @Debandstac


Hi Brenda…so nice to have you chatting.
I’ve been here since October 2020…I come in everyday to socialise with all you others believers. It’s so good to connect and just talk about our problems, happy moments and to pray for each other and to ask for prayer when we need it…which btw…is ALL the time.
I have learnt so much about the Bible and am leading a much closer walk with our dear Jesus…Our Friend and our God!
Let’s all stay in contact and build each other up.
Keep in contact.
Lol…Kariena…ps Imbfrom Johannesburg South Africa :cherry_blossom::cherry_blossom::cherry_blossom::cherry_blossom::cherry_blossom::cherry_blossom::cherry_blossom:


Thank you for the reply it is much appreciated. I’m very sorry I should have been more specific by young adult I meant 18-25yo - basically a forum of the same like minded people as in here. Obviously non secular social media platforms, Behold Israel has a young adult platform on YouTube but I’m not sure where they meet online to fellowship and I recently watched a YouTube video of Amir promoting the vaccine by interviewing a couple of people who were for it - so not sure what is going on there…
Might be an idea to prayerfully consider starting a thread in here :grinning:
Thanks again x


Hi, from Central Ohio. I’m Sheryl, and ‘think’ I joined the forum around November/December 2020. Honestly can’t remember; I just know that Pastor JD is one of the best and few to speak the true Word of God. Have been interested in and learning Bible prophecy for several years. If I hadn’t, I don’t know how I could have coped this past year and a half. So blessed and thankful for this forum family. Love you all! :heart:

Welcome, Lois!


Greetings from a fellow South African :smiley:
I know what you mean about feeling lonely - I feel very isolated and it is hard to find people who have not bought into these lies (although I thank the Lord that He has granted me eyes to see and ears to hear as I could have easily been deceived to) - I find it especially disheartening that fellow believers have been bamboozled by all this. Every time I mention this to Christians I know - that we are at the doorstep of Revelation - they seem to think that I am - well lets just say they don’t agree with my views. Or upon my discovery of aborted fetal tissue used in research/vakceens - how I was appalled and horrified - people don’t seem to be bothered by this and this deeply saddens me :sob: . I was so grieved when I first learnt this. And I always thought we would have been an encouragement to each other - talking about imminent Rapture and things to come - but it is all about the big c and big v and I get asked if have gone for it yet. Most people I know have either gone for it - or ignore the info I send on. So this is encouraging. Although I long for actual conversation and human face to face interaction.


I know me too. I was very disappointed when I discovered this - but like you I check for updates on Israel and the middle-east as he has very up to date info and a unique perspective given his background over there.


Oh I know! I have been thinking very often lately how wonderful it would be to live a simple life on a farm. Hard work of course to maintain everything - but the fresh air and food we’d produce ourselves. How wonderful. I sometimes wonder about the feast and food we will have together and how much better I taste buds would function and how good the quality of food will be - no pesticides and any other contaminants.


Welcome new (and not new) peeps! :relaxed:

My name is Sigrid and I’m Canadian (sounds like the beginning of a confession of some kind…:laughing:). I’ve lived in all of the prairie provinces and love Saskatchewan–my current location–second-most. :grin: Let’s be honest: the scenery is a little better in Alberta (just saying… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:); the people are second-to-none.

Been a member of the forum not quite from the beginning (November 2020). The people I’ve met here are at least as amazing as those from Saskatchewan. :wink: I enjoy (mostly) the girls–my two highly energetic and zoomie-tending cats–and painting (or thinking about painting haha) and gardening.

I thank God for all of you here, those on the forum in general, those who will come to gather here in time, and most of all…our merciful God who knows that we need a place to fellowship. May God bless us all and keep us in His perfect peace as we navigate the coming days. :heart:


:hugs: I am blessed, I know. I’ve always been a “Little House on the Prairie” kinda gal! So grateful! And . . . Golden’s are wonderful too! My son and his family have a sweet golden girl! I’m sure she is a blessing to you daily!


Keep holding on
Jesus is coming!!! :heart:


You made me laugh too, Jasonacts177. Thank you for the belly laugh!!