What are you doing today?

So, I’m not sure if other topics are allowed, not specifically related to Bible prophecy? …but, I know myself, and some others here are pretty isolated…either from Covid or just life events leaving us mostly alone. I don’t have a Facebook account, and never really wanted one…but I thought maybe it would be fun to see what each other is up to on a daily basis…if you want to share.
Today I chopped up a whole head of cabbage, boiled it with a tbsp. of bacon fat, some salt and pepper til tender…drained most of the juice, then added some butter…YUM!!..watching it snow, folding clothes, ironing my work scrubs for tomorrow. Tonight gonna fix lil smokies to go with the cabbage…maybe Mac-n-cheese too? Idk…when I make that, I eat the whole box!!..like a kid, I love that stuff! Anyway, kind of a nice boring day…waiting to watch JD’s update! Can’t wait! Hope you all are having a great day…
On a side note, I kinda feel like soon we will be with the Lord,…I really have never thought it would be in my lifetime until recently, even though I’ve been a “watcher” for about 30 years!..hope these feelings are right.
Now, since I’m trying to lose another 5 lbs, gonna go do my floor exercises! I realize this might be a little boring to read, but I really wouldn’t be bored to hear about your day!..I love that because I want to know that even though we believers are scattered throughout the world, we share the same spirit, so whatever you’re doing would be interesting to me! :heart:


This sounds wonderful, @kristine :hugs: I don’t write (at least compellingly :grin:) but I do paint. Your life sounds very similar to mine!

@1jewel Love these posts. :relaxed: Just wanted to say that I appreciate you blessing us by asking about our lives, the one the Lord has gifted each of us with.

Today I’m looking forward to cooking and a bit of cleaning. I’ll be doing some artwork later (painting) because it gives me great pleasure to be creative. Thank you, Lord!

And, of course, I’ll be watching the prophecy update and sermon when they are available. :heart:


We’ve a lot in common!..I’m also in my fifties & love artwork (painting) maybe we could trade pics of our latest art!


We should find a way to share our artworks with each other here…looks like there are several of us who love to paint!


So, it was -8 on my drive to work this morning!..still snowing too…thought patients would stay home today, but we are swamped…seems like the most feeble always venture out in the worst weather! Ice is on the INSIDE of the hospital windows, and melting into puddles that are running down the walls! Short 30 minute lunch, seems like 10 minutes! Last night I stayed up late watching videos on Vimeo about the great reset…all of the YouTube videos about it are blocked! Unreal. I’ve had several patients today ask me if I’ve gotten the vaccine yet…and if not, why?..I’m asked in a way that seems like pressure…one guy said “you should all be vaccinated already if you are taking care of people here”…I felt like saying, maybe you should be vaccinated before coming in here around me…what’s the difference?..I’m so tired of listening to people not use any logic at all…it’s like the ability to use critical thinking has left ship. Anyway, after an icy trip home today, I’m gonna eat a boring can of chicken & rice soup, plug in my heating pad.,and hopefully get to listen to JD… I couldn’t get the video to work yesterday :frowning: hope you all are having a blessed day :heart:


Well, today I had a ‘day off’ as its my girls birthday, in lockdown, so had to be creative. Tomorrow I start the second of my 2 full time jobs. I have no idea how I’m going to manage both, even for 6 weeks. Plus my child, the house, 9 animals…


I hear you. I looked at the comments on a bbc article today about us non vaccinated people. It was awful and not to be repeated. No jab no job, us in health and social care shouldn’t be around the population don’t you know. It made me feel a bit ill


A wonderful discussion! I do still have my facebook account in hopes that I could possibly reach someone and turn them to the truth. But lately it’s been too depressing for me. I love that JD made me get on this site by only giving me the introductions of his updates! :joy: It’s wonderful here meeting all of you! :heart:
My days have been pretty much the same. We’re a homeshooling family so the shut downs haven’t really affected us too much. I also love art! I’m not good at painting but I do push my kids to paint, they love it! I’ve always loved my plain old pencil and paper drawings.
Lately I have been getting lost in biblical fiction novels! My favorite author is Connilyn Cossette. I’m waiting for her next book release! :heart: Her first series is called Out of Egypt. She walks you right through that Red Sea! It’s truly amazing! If you love to read and you love the Bible, she is wonderful! She doesn’t alter any scripture and she places you in that time period! I’ve even had to put some of her books down to go and re-read the scriptures so I can freshen up the details! :blush:


What a great topic! As I have no cable (shut it off) and no social media accounts (shut them down) the feeling of isolation gets heavy sometimes but in a different way. It’s by my choice I stay isolated.
I tried to go for a drive today but turned around and came home because while physically I am out in the world; mentally I wasnt there. I kept Telling myself to go back home. Nothing looked beautiful outside, people all shuffling around in a hurry and I’m in what felt like a foreign world. I was Listening to some worship music but just kept looking at the sky thinking “what if the rapture happened… and I’m behind the wheel?” Yep, turned around.

I came home and assembled some air plants on a piece of driftwood and cork bark which made me smile. Now where to hang it lol :joy:

The weather is kind of yucky, gray and rainy, so I figure it’s a good day to curl up with my Bible and some sermons. Thinking I might order a puzzle that I can work on a little each day for an activity because if I hang anymore plants my husband and daughter are going to have a fit.

Whatever and wherever you are I’m praying you enjoy your day. :two_hearts:

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Wow! I made that purple cabbage recipe a lot lately, minus the pork fat :sweat_smile:. It’s so yummy right?! Perfect for cold weather days. So soothingly buttery.

Working all day. Tired. Still have to do one lecture which starts in 1 hour (9:30 - 10:15PM). And that for a Monday :cold_face: angry student that blackmouths me (sorry, is that a word?) but overall prepping for the coming weeks with my bird on my desk. Giving him head scratches. He loves that.

Waiting too. For the Lord. I can’t wait to meet Him. I’m tired to live in the flesh, know what I mean? Especially when you get frustrated by whatever happening in the world. It’s hard to remain sanctified all the time. Then again, can we even be sancitifies? I don’t know. A lot of rhetorical questions :sweat_smile:.

Good that you remind me of it: I need to iron the laundry! Oh… and not too far away of the laundry that’s waiting to be ironed are… the hometrainer and workout tools. Blagh my husband keeps telling me to start exercising (my neck is killing me from working home for almost a year). I keep postponing it. I just think: who cares? Maybe I’m slacking, maybe I’m just not interested in worldly things no more.

See. A lot of thinking. And Bible reading. And weeping for Jesus to come, despite I’m living a still “perfect” life, because when you’re home all the time you don’t really notice what’s going on. Just a matter of time, I think.

But to end on a positive note: I get to have a break next week, Lord willing, if we’re still here, and if not, an eternal break. Wow! :star_struck:

WOW. I heard ice fall off the roof. What a weird sound. Thought it was going to collapse :confounded:.


Nice topic by the way.


Love seeing old topics being…erm…resurrected!


working today pulling a 12hr shift as a CNA in Home Health and read on my free time.


Hanging out with the little bucks.


Sitting here reading and trying to revive old threads.
In a half hour or so, I’ll be watching J.D.'s prophecy update.
If you are reading this - BLESS YOU. Hope you are having a GREAT day. :two_hearts: :two_hearts:

f picture


Cooking Spaghetti and meat balls with zucchiin, egg plant and yellow squash.


I was at home all day, today. My church was doing a Sunday school kick-off in the other town where my pastor travels, so I stayed home. Made garlic flavored roasted squash seeds (these turned out great), watched JD’s prophecy update (it was terrific, wasn’t it!), took a nap, and now I’m crocheting.


Loved his prophecy update. Hoping people will begin sharing some of those testimonies on the forum so we can see them ourselves and comment and be encouraged.


:dove: :dove: :dove: :dove: :dove: :dove: :dove:


Happy belated Birthday and Anniversary.
You should be proud hitting a milestone like a silver anniversary especially in these days. Congratulations.


Thank you from my heart Dallas :blush: