What’s wrong with me?

@1jewel She doesn’t necessary have demons.
Wicked people have demons, problems, addictions.
We are suffering because they don’t have Jesus in their lifes…

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I think you just described everyone here in this discussion. Except Jon, maybe. He is in a land far, far away…lol.

I listened to a song this morning, “I Must Tell Jesus”. Oh, tell Him all about it dear sis. We cannot bare these burdens alone. The Holy Spirit was sent to us to be our comforter and teacher. I am agreeing with all here to hold you up in prayer and ask the Holy Spirit to lift you up and out of this “funk” as we called it back in the 70’s (uh oh, I just told my age…lol). We are feeling the heaviness of the sin which has not permeated every nook and cranny of this old earth and it’s up to us to call out to our Heavenly Father for deliverance. He will not leave you alone to suffer. Lay it all at the foot of the cross every moment of the day until this heaviness has lifted. Thank you, Lord for your promises and I ask for this oppression to be lifted off every believer here. We need you now and cannot bare it any longer. We look for a healing touch, in the mighty name of Jesus. Amen!


I absolutely understand what you’re saying and feeling.
I start out my day determined to be positive, live as the best Christian I can. I fail … every :clap:single :clap:day
I start thinking if people I see are saved. If they know what’s coming. Watching the news , I am at a loss for the pure evil that is infiltrating everything and is everywhere.
All the proven lies, especially regarding the jab and it’s empty promises and epic failures is still being touted as an answer …… add the gender garbage, lawlessness, stance on abortion, our slow eroding of personal rights, the economic situation etc.
People are increasing their acceptance of the enemy’s lies hook line and sinker on all these issues.

The people carrying on with their daily activities, disregarding the dire situations of the state of not only the world but their own U. S. Of A is mind boggling.
I’m deeply troubled.
I’m so ready to leave this planet to my heavenly home.
Just this morning everything seemed to go wrong. I am
I’m a funk of why I’m even here and why I was ever even out here. I know this is not thoughts from God but Satan as I’ve gotten them over most of my life.
It’s just that I am tired of my failures, trying to hang in there and trying to “ fix” people’s ignorance of what’s going on, that they need to get saved etc. Especially my own family.

I’m sure we are so close to hearing the trumpet that Satan is hard at work on Christians… he already has those that are not born again so he certainly is going to try to oppress those that are trying to reach them and cause these negative feelings.

I don’t want to say I just don’t care anymore, but I admit sometimes I think I don’t but then the Holy Spirit starts touching my mind and my heart and I know I do care and that this is a spiritual battle that is amping up.

Personally, I talk out loud ( loudly too :grimacing:) to God and just let everything out. It’s not like he doesn’t know what I’m suppressing inside :roll_eyes:

The end result is a total reliance on Jesus and a humbling smack upside my
“spiritual head” because I certainly can’t walk this life by myself as I so easily prove daily.


@Stephmerm Stephanie , have you been walking around in my head lately? Yup I am struggling in the same way. And sick of myself as well. Getting tired of all the evil around us. Tired of dodging the arrows and still taking a few. Tired of stepping out to do the right thing and having it blow up inmy face. Yes I think Satan is trying to keep us quiet. We get demoralized and crawl back into our hiding place and don’t speak when we should.
I can’t remember what a good night sleep is anymore. Or a conversation with family without tension or strife.
As yesterday came and went and I heard more burdens all I could do was throw up my hands and say, “Please Lord. No more. Please no more.”
I see more the importance of praying for Him to come quickly.


@NStallard Naomi and @Stephmerm Stephanie - Ditto y’all. The battle rages night and day! I forgot my armor last night, including prayer, and boy did I get hit hard! Won’t happen again - don’t care how tired I am.

God bless and protect you both.


Could I have been walking around in your head :woman_shrugging:t4:@NStallard ?? Possibly, but for now I can barely handle what goes on in my own :joy::joy:


I really believe you are not failing my dear sis. You are in the fight and have kept your armor on. Maybe it needs a little repair or some buffing to let your light shine more, but by no means are you failing, and don’t listen to the enemy tell you how much you have failed. ITS A LIE FROM THE PIT!! Love you!


Thank you @Flamingogirl49563
My armor is definitely dented, tarnished and sometimes ill fitting and it ALWAYS needs buffed, shined, hammered out and refitted. Thank the Lord he is the MASTER blacksmith for the task :sweat_smile:


Yep, but sometimes I think He forgets to take us out of our armor when He puts us thru the refurbishing fire. I guess that is just purification, huh?


I have noticed some rising temps on some days more than others personally :fire:


Dear everybody here, @1jewel @Flamingogirl49563 @Stephmerm @HIS @Jesuslover1985 @KateAly @Tony @Jon @Janet7 @ anybody I have missed on this thread!

I can so relate to everything shared here. It is getting harder and harder to cope with all we know and all that others don’t see or admit. Harder and harder to know what to be doing in the waiting. Harder and harder to reign in imaginings . . . Harder and harder for me to chase away the fears by just getting still and filling myself up with God’s love . . . Trauma from the past being brought to the present . . . Relived in my mind . . . Can’t remember which of you mentioned this song, but it’s another I love. . . And I find there is nothing like a song of praise and worship and longing for more of Him; a song of one crying out to Him; that calms my anxious and grieving heart . . . So, let’s just tell Jesus, over and over if we must! Love and prayers :two_hearts: Brenda


Wow, what a blessing to hear that song right now… Strangely, the video kept stopping and then wouldn’t play, I had to redo like 3 times. Never done that before. Isn’t it interesting when the warfare is so obvious and permeating, that the enemy tries to stop you from watching a video? Oh Maranatha Lord Jesus.


I do sing every day, dear sis. I cannot bare these budens alone. Thank you for the beautiful song of encouragement :heart:


Sorry to hear of your pain. For what it’s worth, you are NOT ALONE! It is a spiritual battle, and the enemy wants to take you down. I am recovering from a bad illness and the depression got to me, almost. I fought it tooth and nail and feeling better today. You are dealing with a personal struggle with the enemy, and he longs to hear you are struggling. You cannot let him know you are struggling! He can’t read your mind but can only hear when you speak or see your actions. Fight and fight hard. When you feel you are losing it say this out loud over and over again: “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Oh how I need You Jesus.” It works! God Bless!



So very true Frank. That is wisdom from the Lord.
I see you have been gone a while, welcome back.
Many of us call the forum our church home, and we pray you will enjoy it too. Thanks for praying for a total stranger.
Many of us have been praying for 1jewel all along.


Keep your eye on JESUS not the world it is passing away read your word pray ask for the peace goes out of all understanding :pray::heart::pray:


Keep your eyes on Jesus not the world the world is passing away read your word ask God to give you the piece that goes out all

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Hi Jewel,

i love your name “Jewel”, i had a cat with that name and i love the voice of the well known singer Jewel.

i find spending time with God outside comforting… i love watching sunsets, gazing at the sky admiring the majestic clouds and birds flying up above me gives me peace… there’s something special about spending time with Heavenly Father outside. also, i no longer have a t.v. so that’s been a life changing for me. I thank God constantly everyday for the little things as well as all my blessings. I pray for my family alot that God will move in a powerful way in their lives. I keep my bibles open and read powerful scripture everyday…

Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you. Notwithstanding in this rejoice not, that the spirits are subject unto you; but rather rejoice, because your names are written in heaven.
Luke 10:19‭-‬20 KJV

Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.
James 4:7 KJV

Psalm 91

Ephesians 6:10-18 i put on the Armor of God everyday

I read the Lord’s Prayer every morning and every night

if fear starts to creep back in, i tell satan to get thee behind me in Jesus name! Amen!

Jesus is coming soon woooooo!

Blessings :two_hearts:


When I read what you are feeling right now and suffering, I think of how VERY BLESSED you are and have been because you wouldn’t fear the loss so much of loved ones if there wasn’t a great deal of love there.

I don’t feel that same way at all toward my remaining (estranged) parent because sadly there is no love from him to me, and the relationship has always been very painful for me. Pretty much the same with my mother - she was so very difficult and demanding.

So I see it as a reminder that you have been very blessed with happy memories, and loving relationships. I would focus on that, and thank God for all the blessings in life!

Also, for those in my life that have been loving and kind, I am now mourning their loss (due to my Christianity, my stance on the Jab). I remind myself when I look back to happy memories that THAT was a SEASON. We are in a NEW SEASON now. We are told not to look back, but straight ahead. Keep running the race. I have said like never before: LORD, I TRUST IN YOU!!!


Exactly, God tells us “I am, do not fear.”