What’s wrong with me?

I sing every day, I clean homes for a living and every morning as I leave I’m looking up into the sky im looking for my lord, and now I’m waking up at all hrs wondering when it will be I hardly sleep thru the night any more thinking it could be any moment now. Hang in there! He’s coming for us he will never forsake or leave us
Your sister,


You are a great encouragement Debby. I don’t know you, yet we are joint heirs with Jesus. How kind of you to show me love. You made my morning so beautiful and sweet. Thank you.


I suffer from depression and anxiety. Just recently, I started going through the same symptoms you are having. It turned out to be panic attacks. Although I do believe that Satan had found this serious weakness in me, I still consulted my doctor because I felt I was losing my mind. He DID increase my anxiety medication and everything is slowly getting back to normal; BUT, I continue to pray that God will give me strength every day. This is a spiritual battle and we need to rebuke Satan in Jesus name every time even he BEGINNING of a painful thought arises. God gave us doctors for a reason though. Please speak with yours. Anxiety and stress can harm your total health. Have faith, God will be there with you.


Prayer for thought life

Found this prayer helped me. Click link to it. :heart:


You are welcome , maybe we can sing in the lords choir! Looking forward to meeting you one day very soon!
Your sister in Christ,


So much love you all ((hugs)) thank you :heart:


Evening Jewel @1jewel, was thinking about you and thought I’d check in on you. Hope things are better!

Thank you. I’m sorry you’re also feeling the same…but you’re right, it’s only temporary. May the Lord comfort us all while we are still on this earth :pray:

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