What will happen to our pets?

Hi, I apologize if this has already been discussed but I would like to ask a question. What does everyone think will happen to pets at the rapture. I’ve heard some say that they will go with us but, I’m just not sure. I don’t want to sound like my pets are more important than the lost because they aren’t but, I, like so many others, dearly love my pets and I can’t stand the thought of them starving to death or something. I think about it ALL THE TIME! The Bible talks about animals being in Heaven but that’s not saying they are our pets. Any thoughts?


I think the Lord understands our love for His creation can be as strong as for children or close family members. I don’t think pets will be raptured. But if you want Bingo or whatever the pets name is, I’m sure the Lord in His love and goodness would have Bingo there with you.


Well … people will starve to death soon and animals too. The Tribulation is the judgement for the earth.

I am having two cats which I love dearly. But pets wont be raptured. But the great news is that animals will go to heaven because they have a soul the bible tells that. Thats the best news I can give you.


I just had a thought, correct me if I’m wrong, but dosn’t Revelation mention something about a portion mankind being killed off by animals? All of Gods creation was affected when sin entered the world. Makes me wonder, if when we are all gone and evil is allowed to run wild. Maybe our sweet loving pets will turn mean and wild kind of like Cujo from the old Steven king novel. I don’t know, just a random thought.


I think the bible means the wild animals like Bears, Cats and stuff. Its great that in Germany we have wolves again here that arent allowed to get shot even they kill sheeps.

Think about the wild animals in the jungles flooding the cities nearby.

My two cats … well. I pray that they dont have to suffer when I am gone and that they have a quick death.


Cujo? Thanks, I needed that laugh.


Happy to help :grin::+1:

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I think about this as well. Sobering. I’m not sure what will happen to them, but I know Who does and we can trust Him to do right.


I wondered if God just has them sleep and not wake up after His children get rapture and that they’re covered because were saved


No one knows the answer to this question, it’s not stated in the bible. We all have our own opinions, but none of us knows for sure. We don’t know if they will be in heaven with us either, but there are scriptures that seem to allude to it like in Romans 8. I have a cat and worry about this issue too. I regularly pray that my cat will be raptured with me.

Dr. Jack Van Impe believed that our pets will go to heaven and he created a video on the subject. Our God is a loving God and he gave us these precious creatures to love and take care of. I believe He loves blessing us and will bless us in heaven beyond our wildest dreams. To me, that includes all my pets.

I have a cartoon hanging on my office wall. It is two dogs; a dad dog and a puppy.
The dad dog says to his puppy, “All dogs go to Heaven, because we’re not the ones who messed up”.
How true is that? We have a bible with God’s word and instructions. We are sinners so we needed God’s law and instructions to live right. Animals didn’t sin. They have had to live in a fallen world which in turn changed their original path that God planned.

Will they go in the rapture? I’m praying they do. My hope is I can grab kitty while going up!

I like Bazzi85’s thought!!!


I think about our little dog Sadie. When we go she’ll be all alone and won’t have anyone to care for her. So I keep a very large bag of dog food open and the toilet seats up. That way she might be able to make it until someone discovers her in our vacant house if it’s still standing. Please understand that we do not let her drink out of the toilets now…just to be clear :lying_face::grimacing:.


I don’t know if she’ll be in Heaven but Heaven is really limitless so I’m going to say yes, it’s possible. Although I hope she is more self sufficient because I got stuff to do when I get there. :grin:


I’m in agreement with you. I watched Jack Van Impe a lot and saw his video about our pets being in Heaven with us. I can’t imagine a loving God taking us to Heaven but leaving our furry children behind. He knows how much joy they bring to our lives and for Him to take us and leave our pets behind, would just not be in His nature. He created animals before He created man, after all. He loves animals! All creation will sing His praises in Heaven and, yes, that means our blessed furry ones! Rest well in knowing that they will be worshiping and praising God with us for all eternity!


Precious puppy! We also have a Sadie and her sister Sophie. They are Boxers and less than 2 years old so they still have a lot of life left in them. Our other dog, Bella, only weighs 5 lbs and has 1 eye….the other had to be removed last December….and she is completely blind in the one eye. She wouldn’t make it for more than a few days. We have a dog lick on a faucet in the front of the house where the sisters can get water, as long as it is on. We have a doggie door that goes out into a fenced yard so they can go in and out of the house. We bought 2 50 lb bags of dog food this past weekend and they are currently on our table. Sadie and Sophie could get to it but Bella couldn’t. She also can’t reach the dog lick or the toilet bowl so, once her bowl of water were dried up, that would be it as far as it goes for her water. I just don’t want them to starve to death. I know they would miss us and wonder why we don’t come back. (They were confined to their kennel in this picture because it was pouring down rain and they were out playing in a puddle when we got home.). I would love to hear what Pastor Farag thinks about it.


They are all so sweet. The animals aren’t the crowning jewel of God’s Creation but He is to be glorified and magnified for all that He has created. Look at the intricate details of the families, genus and species of all of the animals. They matter! And I’m inclined to think that because these little doggies matter to you, God has an answer and a plan. :wink:


I am the last one to be a negative believer, but if you can show me or convince me in the bible that shows any creature has the ability to accept Jesus Christ as their Saviour, then I will believe animals will be in heaven.

I’m a devoted pet lover but just because you think, or believe, that all pets go to heaven, then kindly find the scripture and post it. I am always willing to follow truth.

Feelings are NOT TRUTH. Wishes are NOT TRUTH. The truth is the truth.

How many people are NOT going to heaven and yet we care more about pets, than we do about people with BODY SOUL AND SPIRIT. DO pets have these? Show me please. Body yes, but please show me a pet’s SOUL AND SPIRIT.

I have known and seen people who put more love and care into their pets while their fellow beings go through suffering never hearing the gospel.

Pets are here for us to enjoy, but certainly not to take the place of our neighbors, brothers, sisters and ones whom we’ve haven’t met yet.

I’ve owned enough pets in my 70 years to be able to witness to the joy they bring you.
But you are leaving EVERYTHING BEHIND. The only thing you can take to heaven with you is…PEOPLE. That’s our mission. Spread the WORD.

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