Wife's family is falling apart

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Needs prayer for all in her family, unfortunatly she is the only believer and it seems the enemy is hitting them hard, one sister in an effort to reach her dead husband is getting into contacting mediums in an attempt to contact him and is inviting all sorts of trouble, she wont listen to the gospel and her level of animosity has reached its peak she wont even talk to me now, other sister is on verge of divorce, brother is involved with scammers, alcoholism injuries, anger, the list goes on. I feel for all of my lady’s family as the time for our departure is soon and I have been praying for them for a very long time thank you.


Probably the shortest prayer I’ll ever be given to write.

Loving Heavenly Father

Please intervene within Rick’s entire in-law’s lives to inspire them to flee the prisons they’ve made for themselves and believe and accept and announce Jesus as their Lord and accept His gift of salvation before it’s too late.

We pray this in Jesus’ name