Will You Praise Him?

Will you praise Him in the morning?
Will you praise Him in the eve?
When all seems lost and lonely
Will you trust He never leaves?

Oh sister, will you praise Him?
When the night comes like a knife,
When it cuts away your courage,
When all is pain and strife?

Oh brother, will you praise Him?
Will you stand fast in the fray?
Will you put upon the armour?
Will you trust He has the day?

Oh brethren, will you praise Him,
When the enemy’s at your breast?
Will you lift the shield of faith
And trust He has your best?

Will you praise Him in the morning?
Will you praise Him in the eve?
Will you give your life to serve Him?
Will He be all that you need?

Oh friend, place your trust in Jesus!
He is ever at your side,
He carries when you cannot walk,
He seeks us when we hide.

Our greatest hope is Jesus!
Place all your faith and trust
In Jehovah…God…Provider!
Sin’s power turned aught to dust.

One morning we shall see Him,
One eve we shall behold,
Our loud hosannas ringing
Over shining streets of gold.

The griefs that press so strongly,
The fears that tempt us strong
Will fade away completely
In the glory that’s to come.

O! now praise Him in the morning!
O! now praise Him in the eve!
O! now let us loud our voices raise,
Our praises never cease!

God bless you and keep you all. :hugs::heart: Maranatha!


This has been sitting here tucked away on the forum for over seven months. God’s timing is everything! What a blessing :blush:


I’m glad it’s blessed you, Tony. :blush: @anon17134780


That is beautiful and moving. thankyou for posting.


@anon43521308 That was so beautiful. Thank you.


You are most welcome, Dallas :blush: @DallasT And thank you!


Thank you, Nancy :blush: @Grandma5 You are most welcome!

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