Witnessing to Mormon Coworkers

O Lord, open my lips,
That my mouth may declare Your praise.

Psalm 51:15

This is a praise/ prayer request:
Tonight my daycare had a “girl’s night” in order to decorate some cowgirl wear for a parade in our town this Saturday. They consider these get together “ team building “ activities.
If anyone remembers, I am the only non Mormon where I work.
I was debating whether to go but something kept prompting me to just bite the bullet and attend.

It started at 7:45 so I thought I’ll just go for an hour. I kept sensing it was the Holy Spirit doing this prompting.

So yesterday and today on my way to BYU women’s housing apartments ( the coworker hosting this is a student there and was having us come to her apartment), I asked God that if I go to please if he wills it for there be an opportunity to talk about the gospel.

Well, I ended up staying until midnight. And I’ll be getting no sleep as I get up at 3:30 anyway.

But here is the praise………

I am 50 and 5 other coworkers showed up. They’re all ages 19-24 ish.
As women did, we grabbed the night away as we decorated our cowgirl hats.
I was thinking ok, I don’t think there’s going to be a segue into beliefs.

Then literally , one of the girls says she was shocked the guy she was dating didn’t believe in evolution. She saw the look on my face and asked me if I didn’t believe in it. I told her no then joked not to get me started , we all laughed but then I KNEW this was the opportunity I asked the Lord for.

I started explaining creation etc. Well within a short time as she was mentioning Mormon beliefs on this the conversation was able to turn to salvation , heaven , Christ etc.
I was able to explain the gospel , the person of Christ / his finished work in the cross , heaven and hell , the judgment seat of Christ versus the Great White Throne judgement, salvation by faith and not works, a little about Joseph Smith and of course more about creation versus evolution and the biblical reasons for creation etc.
I told them I didn’t want to offend them but that I cared about their souls and Jesus was the only way but that it must be the right Jesus.
I told them I had a recommendation and to do with it what they wish as we all have freedom to choose what we believe.
I asked them to just take the Bible and not any other if their books and to start reading in the New Testament ( book of John) and to sincerely ask God to reveal the truth.

This girl did must if the talking and everyone else just sat quietly listening. Occasionally the others would talk amongst themselves about something else but did hear this conversation.

I kept silently asking God to give me the words and if course I probably could’ve done better etc.

But I am so thankful that God opened the door for his truth to be discussed.
I hopefully did the best I could and some seeds , no matter how small were planted tonight.

Sacrificing sleep because the faithful, loving God who heard and answered my request, is worth it for what happened tonight.

Although nothing tonight resulted in Andy conversions from Mormonism to Christianity, no one left this gathering tonight mad, offended , disrespectful but instead smiling, laughing and
“ I’ll see you tomorrow at work “ , Stephanie!
So I am very thankful for that.

If anyone who feels called to pray for my wonderful coworkers that heard this conversation and their salvation, their names are Jenna F, Jenna W, Lanie, Emily, and Rachael.

Thank you all for listening to the truth unfolding of my night’s events and for lifting these young ladies up in prayer. :heart:


he gave insight and I wish we’d had that while my great aunt was still here actually several older family members.


Wow this is amazing!!! Praise the Lord! I love how you let the Lord use you !
You were able to share alot!

I will pray for them and your whole situation as on the others thread.

I really think you would be great with a local evangelism team Steph- I think you would really enjoy :heart_decoration:. Is that something you have ever thought about?

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Steph, I will pray that God makes the seed you sowed fruitful, and that He will grant them repentance.

I have talked with Mormons when they used to go door-to -door in our old neighborhood; used to invite them in, and the conversation lasted a fair amount of time- until I pulled out my list of problems with their theology. It was very eye opening to them as most regular Mormons (meaning not part of the upper class) do not know the wacky beliefs of the LDS. It must have hit a nerve because they brought an older LDS member with them on a return visit; but he couldn’t respond either. After that we never had another visit ,so our address must have made their “do not knock” list.
Although we would prefer it not to be so, the gospel is offensive to the lost, and try as we do eventually we must tell them the hard truths.

PS- I’d be glad to share that document with anyone on this thread… just PM me your email.


This families conversation from Mormonism to Christianity touches me every time I hear about it.
It’s an amazing testimony to say the least.

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I’ve asked my church about doing outreach but it hasn’t gone anywhere really.

I actually emailed the family in the video above posted by @Jenn1 about 5 months ago. They were Mormon and now due outreach to reach other Mormons. I believe it’s called Adam’s Road”.

I asked if they would travel to my area and do a talk , sing etc. They responded that they were booked up but would contact me next year and see what we could work out together then.

I told them I’d be willing to rent out a facility to host them and I’d also get fliers out to the public ( Mormon focused goal but for anyone of course) and just let God take it from there.
If I could leave this earth before I go to heaven, I would love to leave having accomplished putting together with this family a Mormon outreach in my area which is so inundated with the LDS faith.


I just had 3 Mormon missionaries come Sunday night. I had some brochures “ the Book of Mormon Today “ and “ Is Mormonism Christianity?” ( we have cameras on the house to scan visitors :smirk:)
My husband is not a fan of having them in the house so I simply gave them the brochures, said I have something I’d like you to read , they said ok, saw the titles and laughed. I said thank you and God bless you and went inside.

The Mormon churches and bishops know me well.
Pretty sure my person and home are pegged by then as “ that defiant, Christian, stubborn lady “:rofl:( I have sent letters to the local bishops in response to things they’ve mailed me in which I point out the doctrinal errors, historical problems etc to include scripture back up and my explanation that I care for them and their souls etc etc )
So yeah, I’m not the silent type even if it’s via a letter.
I figure, hopefully God can use me through the mail too.

They have a type of 411 or something that connects them all. I think instead of a do not knock warning I actually have a bullseye on me :grimacing::woman_shrugging:t4:


That happened to me and the mission team I went on to Mormon territory in the 80s. We’d start door knocking and every house would shut curtains and doors and not open them when we knocked. Not sure exactly what the system was. But they had one.


Steph-sounds like you are doing all you can for the Mormon families in your area, and that you have the personal testimony part under control- good for you! May God bless your every effort…

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