Worship on You Tube

I would like to tell the church family at CCKaneohe how blessed they are to have a faithful and loving pastor such as JD. I am in California and my husband and I often say how much we would love to be a physical part of the body of believers. In our area there is no Spirit filled, prophecy teaching, loving church except for Jack Hibbs church to go to. It is such a big church, though and very hard to find parking so we turn around and come home. I am a singer and have lead worship for many years and miss that part of the service. Would JD be willing to show their worship on YouTube for the On Line church? It would be so uplifting to worship along with them in song. Anyone else feel the same way? Maybe we can get a message to him and suggest it. Thank you for reading and responding to my post!


Dear Lord ,
We pray you find a church for Flam
family . We pray you lead them to
a church that will help them grow and have fellowship . Lord we ask a church
that will preach truth through scripture .
we ask this in Your Holy Name
Jesus Christ amen


Pastor Brett from Athey Creek has great Bible prophesy updates and weekly Bible study :pray:
God bless you and your family in Jesus name :pray:


Thank you Diana; I will check him out!

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