Worship Songs - what are your favorite?

I figured it would be awesome to post some YouTube links of some of our favorite worship songs. :heart: These are some of mine.


Hi, about a year ago or so I stumbled upon an artist by the name of Nathaniel Bassey.

His music has blessed me beyond words.

I’ll link a few of my favorite praise and worship songs of his, along with a few others mixed in.

This first link is one of my favorite albums


There is a place song - wow! Goosebumps! I absolutely love it! I will have to watch the other videos. Thank you for sharing.


Old hymns. Most churches don’t sing them anymore.

Most of the “music” that’s popular in Christian churches today is not pleasant to me. Some of the last few times I set foot in a church I nearly wished for deafness so as not to have to listen. :frowning:


About 2 weeks into the ‘plandemic’, my brother sent me this meme.

I hadn’t heard that song in many years so did a search and found this. Russians singing a country western version of 'When the Roll is called Up Yonder"…piqued my interest, had to listen to it. That’s when I first discovered Simon Khorolskiy’s music, most in Russian but with English subtitles. A few felt like an end times soundtrack and got me through the first few months until I discovered JD’s updates. The third and fourth ones down are my favorites, ‘Heaven is my Home’ and ‘New Heaven’.


@Lya I have never heard Go Ahead, thanks for posting it!


@Lya i love the song “So Will I”
to mee this one is so cool…

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Good idea Kate…
I am very traditonal when it comes to worship, and prefer acappella choirs. I have found that Mennonite choirs are epescially worshipful. Sorry for the links that have annoying ads!

Here is my favorite Christmas carol too:


I am a singer and have been for 60 years. I have lead worship also, but my idea of worship is not focused on singing. Strange, huh? I have learned over the years that what I was doing wasn’t all that God requires of me. I was listening to Alistair Begg on my home one day from work over 10 years ago and he was teaching on worship. It has opened my eyes to all that I should and could be and has changed my idea of worship forever. This is what he said. I hope it blesses you as it did me:

**Worship is the submission of all of our nature to God. It is the quickening of the conscience by His Holiness; the nourishment of the mind with His Truth; the purification of the imagination by His beauty; the opening of the heart to His love; the surrender of will to His purpose. All of this gathered up in adoration; the most selfless emotion of which our nature is capable

How can I ever truly worship God?

Be Spiritually alive - John 7
Be Spiritually assisted - Eph 5:18, Col 3:16
Be filled with the Spirit and the Word.
Be Spiritually active

All Word; no Spirit, you dry up
All Spirit; no Word you blow up
All Spirit and Word; you become a worshiper and you grow up

Decide to sing. Don’t allow external things to move you.

Thank you, Lord!

P.S. I could not share this message but you can find it on Truthforlife.org. Message is titled Worship dated 8/21/94. Scripture reference is John 4:23,24


I love power in the blood, what a friend we have in Jesus, thine be the glory …powerful old hymns


I actually love, love, love the Children’s Bible Songs! Yep! I play them on my phone and even save some of them on my phone under “Notes.” They are songs like, “Sing Hossana” (all the verses - the oil burning - the praying - the praise - the joy); “He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands” and “This Little Light of Mine.” For many years I taught in the children’s programs and I find them to be perfect little examples of how to worship and praise the Lord!


Hi Beverly, @IamBlessed :slightly_smiling_face:

can you post some children songs in here please, i would love to listen some of your favorites.

Blessings and Maranatha

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Hey Brian. I worked in the oil patch. I’d have to listen to horrible music because that’s what the supervisor listened too. Then I’d go to church and hear almost the same. I walked out. I’m not sure what the words were but it didn’t matter. I couldn’t handle it.


Stacy, I will try. I am not “tech-savy” but I’ll go to Youtube and see if I can get the link!


I don’t do YouTube but here are 2 of my faves:

"I Have Decided"

I have decided to follow Jesus
no turning back

though none go with me, still I will follow.
no turning back

the world behind me, the cross before me
no turning back.

"Chariot of Clouds"

someday we’ll leave this world of sin
with all its dark despair.
and like Elijah, rise to meet our Savior in the air.

then faith at last will turn to sight
as heaven looms before
and in that land of love and light,
we’ll live forevermore.

oh glorious day,
when in clear view will stand the Lord we love
and we can worship at His feet
beyond the stars above.

we’ll be caught up in a chariot of clouds.
from Elijah of old
to the mansions of gold
we’ll be caught up in a chariot of clouds.


this one is special to me… i love to sing this to Jesus :dove:


Revelation 19:1 by Maverick City has been in my head for days.


This one makes me so Joyful I can’t stand myself! When I get to Heaven, I hope I can sing like Angela Primm!