You shall have no other Gods

This happened in my hometown today, reminds me of worshipping false Gods and about JD Farag’s resent teaching this sunday about fire coming down from our Lord.

You shall have no other Gods before me says our King.

Its amazing only the face of George Floyd was damaged.


Good to see it destroyed, I’m so sick of the way the media and politicians have politicized this man into some sort of social justice hero/martyr. It was horrible how he died, his death was preventable and should not of happened. However, he was no hero, he was a criminal, not someone to be deified like people have been doing.


Exactly sad situation but they have taken this circumstance and turned it into something completely different.


I had just come to the forum to share this. God does not like idolatry and this is a message loud and clear. Do not lie in court (bear false witness). Do not worship idols. The fact that only his face is gone and the rest of the mural remains (more or less) should tell us all we need to know about God’s opinion of this movement. Praise God for His perfect will. Amen! Exodus 23:1.


Not only was the face of Floyd blown down, but the words “change of mind” which, as we know means “REPENT,” remains untouched on the wall…. God is speaking!


Idols…yes,you are spot on. I have been listening to a lot of podcasts and many pastors teaching from Exodus lately. God gets pretty angry about idols.