Youngest son prayers please

he was hurt at work today, I dont know the extent of it, his hand was pulled into a fan tried to pull his whole arm in. cut his fingers, did’nt lose any thank you Lord!
please pray he does not get any infections and it heals well


You and yours sure are going through a rough patch, @Jenn1
Praying now for your son’s injury to heal well without any infection involved.


yes its been a rough patch for a long time.
the other prayer request was my middle son.
thank you for the prayers!


Sorry to her abut your son…ouch. Yes I will pray for speedy healing.


Merciful Heavenly Father

I read @Jenn1’s accounts for prayer regarding her sons and life in general and I think to myself, “Job would even feel bad for this group!” First we pray for her middle son and that You direct His path towards a better job and now we pray for her other son whom was injured in quite a dangerous (is there any other environment for injury) accident. I beg of You, Father to please keep all this young man’s digits intact but also that You heal him so there’s no infection that overtakes him with these injuries. Please allow his hand to heal perfectly well.

While mankind may have technology and some idiot may say, “We can rebuild him, we have the technology to make him faster, stronger, better…” we don’t need a cue for the music to come up and for him to have the “nana nana nana nana nana naaaaa” sound effects to start whenever he uses his hand. He is in need of Your miracles and attentive care to overlook and provide the medicine that no human can provide.

We pray for this healing in Jesus’ name


Praying for your son’s quick healing with no infections or complications. :pray: :pray: :pray:


Loving Heavenly Father,

Tho we weren’t physically there to personally witness Jesus’ many miracles we know that His compassion and mercy touched each one with healing. We also know and believe that Jesus didn’t even need to be present when some of those healings occurred.

In Matthew 8:5-13 and Luke 7:1-10 the Bible gives the account of a Centurian who came to Jesus because his servant was near the point of death. Jesus began to come to the house, but the Centurian met him outside the house. He humbly told Jesus that he was not worthy to have Jesus come in to his home. But, he also understood the authority of Jesus, and that if he just spoke the word, the servant would be healed. Jesus, who pointed out the great faith of this man, said the word to bring healing to the servant.

In truth none of us are worthy however, through our abiding faith in WHO Jesus is along with His promises we can ask for His healing balm to be poured over Jenn’s son. Please Lord, place Your mighty hand on his and heal it…with no complications at all.


How is he doing? Any updates?

I have not heard anymore, we will see him tomarrow and I’ll get back with you
Thanks for asking!


update on his hand, hes ok, couple finger tips and the nail sliced but not too bad.
(thank you Lord)!!!

and thank you all for the prayers, looks to be healing nicely! no infection either
It was deep but it could have been much worse!


Praise God for His mercy!


Amen, thank You Lord!