🌎 your last day on Earth

if this week was your last week on earth, what will you want to do, what will you want to say, who would you like to visit with, what would you like to eat as your last meal, what would you like to do that you’ve always wanted to do on your bucket list?


Ha! I got a chuckle out of this post because about a week ago I jokingly told my wife If I new when the rapture would happen I would take a week of vacation from work just before. Well as of last thursday employee health has had me off pending negative covid results. So if the rapture happens before I go back to work, it will be almost a full week off work before. :crazy_face::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Not the way I would normally take a vacation, but hey I won’t complain.


I hope I would spend that time in the Word and in prayer, rather than worrying about food, activities, etc. I would again reach out to unsaved family members and urge them strongly to let Jesus in to htier hearts.


I would probably get my work done early, sit outside under a tree and watch the sunrise. Go to a flat area nearby and watch the sunset. And in the middle enjoy what I have around me. I’ve told everyone that would listen and ignore me about Christ. I’ve tried to fill minds around with the ability to think rationally and failed miserably at it. I’ve told everyone I love them and I’ve helped out where I was wanted. I’m good.


I asked my bible study ladies this very same question last Thursday night. Here is what I did.

Sunday night, we had our daughter and her 2 daughters over for dinner and shared the gospel message again and this time, we shared about the rapture and how we don’t want them left behind. There was tears and sharing, she went away alittle more aware of what is to come. I pray that they heard the message but only God knows the heart.

I want to show God’s love to everyone, but it is hard. You can’t make them accept Him.


Actually I was kind of hoping it would be this week. The 7th or 8th looks good on my schedule.

Good questions Stacey.

  1. I’d be in nonstop prayer for the Holy Spirit to guide me on the time left.
  2. I would tell everybody in close proximity, and online, about Jesus.
  3. Some lost family members.
  4. 20oz Filet mignon wrapped in bacon… lots and lots of bacon.
  5. I just want to go home. Can I just have another 20oz steak instead?

If we actually knew the week of the rapture, most Christians would really want to spend all their remaining time doing the Lord’s will, cause we all want to hear Him say, “ well done my good and faithful servant.”


Ironically this has been on my mind ….assuming the rapture.

First, I would abandon all fears of retribution and flood the internet with all things Jesus, though it seems like a futile effort which is why I’ve chilled on that to some degree. Deception has taken hold of those who reject truth and they will. not. see. But I’m still following my directive.

I’ve reached out to such an extensive degree with people that I love and care about that reject me because of my faith and worldview that I believe I’m a bit overreached. Those that surround me daily with love have surely paid the price.


It would be the time for me to spend the day doing what they want to do. Pop corn and watch Hallmark movies with my wife. Go kayaking with my son because he loves it. Build a campfire and have s’mores because it’s my daughter’s favorite. Wait to be snatched away.


im hoping this week too! everyone in my family have received Jesus Christ into their hearts. They’re lukewarm but i truly believe i will see them all in Heaven. i have told everyone over 3000 on my FB that Jesus is coming plus i have given away close to 300 gospel tracts and the Wedding invitation by Jesus tracts. I have 200 more wedding invitations by Jesus tracts to give out. my family all know that Jesus is coming after i told them several times. I have printed out over 20 left behind letters, i don’t log out of any of my social media pages nor my emails, so that way when whoever opens my phone they’ll be able to go in and read everything. I have wanted to visit one person and look him in the eyes and tell him i forgive him which i already have in my heart but i want to tell him in person about my Jesus but he lives in another state.


Interesting thread, especially considering that some are on “high watch” for the Oct 7-8 time frame for the Rapture (Feast of Trumpets as calculated by the sun/moon/stars).

Honestly, I think of Ecclesiastes 9:10 - “Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might” and am inclined to continue on with the work in front of me. Even if I am not here anymore, who’s to say that someone who comes after won’t need it? Maybe I’m doing it for their benefit and maybe Jesus is giving me whatever task that may be to do for Him because He knows someone will need something that I have or am making or am building. (?) Right now, I’m building a greenhouse. Will I ever get to use it? Dunno. If Oct 7-8 is the Rapture, the answer is no. But I’m still working on it anyway. Might be someone who will find it that will need it after I’m gone.


Im always in the Word of God and my heart is packed full of the Holy Spirit, i have forgiven everyone from childhood and i still forgive continually so my heart is clean. My mind is stayed on Jesus Yeshua more than anyone else and i continually pray for my family. my full armor is on and im protected by God’s Holy angels.


i changed it to this week which i am ready to go! Even so, come Lord Jesus


I would go meet face to face first time a lot of very dear friends I have gained over the years thanx to end times forums. I would go see family that I have not seen in years. As much as people drive me crazy at times, I am still deep down a people person.


Actually… I find myself in prayer more. And pretty much, I don’t have a whole lot to ask for for me personally. For me, it’s mostly thanksgiving and praise for how kind and merciful He is to me, in so many ways. (I hope He doesn’t get tired of me thanking Him for the little stuff.) But I often find myself asking for His mercy on loved ones that are in various places spiritually, asking Him not to give up on them, asking for His Spirit to woo their hearts and bring them to salvation, regardless of what church they go to or don’t go to, or any particular habit they may have. I don’t want any to be lost or left behind, even a few that I may not get along with as well as I might like. (No hate, it’s not like that, just some that have drastically different political or even religious views that make peaceful conversation difficult. I still pray for them. Not much I can actually say that they’d listen to or haven’t already heard.)

Funny thing is, I usually do that at night. Don’t know why but sometimes I wake up at odd hours. Might not be long prayers, but I remember people. I also find it rather fascinating how many names I seem to remember, I’m not one that remembers names. I joke about sometimes remembering my own. :wink:

Looking forward to seeing Him! Soon! Today? Tomorrow? Maybe? I’ll be watching and listening.


Brian what a precious brother in The Lord you are and God surely is delighted in all that you bring to Him as you lay awake in the dark of night. The small matters of thanksgiving as well as the plea for loved ones; all significant to our Loving Heavenly Father. The murmurs and groans within that we have for lost loved ones can hardly be put into words except that of an unspoken language of the heart that only God can translate :heart:

You have been an encouragement to me this morning. :wink:


I’m struck by a feeling of complete uselessness for the Lord. I have, by the Holy Spirit, lost all interest in this world. All the things that once mattered to me, material things, wealth, success, no longer appeal to me. Since I was saved at 17 yrs old I’ve been compelled to “watch” as the world barreled towards the tribulation. After September 11th I knew God’s coming has been steadily approaching! I sense we are at the very precipice of hearing the trumpet sound. Recently I travelled 700 miles by car😳to have a last chance to visit my mother sister and nieces. 10 years ago I dreamt a vision of an enormous black wall of water dreadfully advancing on the east coast USA. We’re almost there. That darkness will soon spread over all the inhabitants of the earth. I’ve tried to no avail to plant seeds in those God has put in front of me. I want to go out to the public and scream at the top of my lungs,
“ Repent! The Day of the Lord is at hand!” Perhaps I should muster the courage and do just that! Everyone would clearly think I’m crazy! Lol! And I am crazy for Jesus!! Just not so sure this deceived generation would even notice!

My dear brothers and sisters I’d like to express my sincere gratitude and love for you ALL!! By the power of the Holy Spirit we are all one in Christ Jesus! Can’t wait to meet you all at the tree of life!!

Praying always! Always looking up! Ready to go home!!

-Maranatha- Rebecca :two_hearts::blush::pray::heart:


I’ve been debating whether or not to share on here without it coming across wrong.

If I knew this was my last week on earth, I would just go on doing exactly what I have been doing for the past number of years.

I was expecting Jesus to come a number of years ago and began living my life with ‘his any moment return’ in mind. Each day I hope it might be today. So while I wait I keep drawing nearer and nearer to him and keep doing what I think He wants me doing.

I live alone and don’t have a job so it is easier for me as I don’t really have any responsibilities except to Jesus. I do my daily devotions, some Bible study, and listen to various Pastors throughout the day. Now that I have found the forum, I try to minister to others and to uplift and encourage them where I can. My days are pretty routine and each day I hope will be my last.



Hang in there Dallas! The Lord is with you! And you’re with the lord! We’re the foolish that confound the wise! Keep on keeping on! We’re going home soon!


God is definitely using you right where you are! I remember your topic about imagining what Heaven will be like🙂. Keep those righteous dreams imagining Heaven with Jesus in the forefront because that’s really all that matters.


Amen!! That would be my stance too. Blessings :pray:


Rebecca, I have wanted to do the same thing…go out in public with a megaphone and share Jesus.

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