A Thank You

I wanted to take the time and thank all of you for being so supportive with my hospital bed, extra sheets, comforters etc [as the Body of Christ], the back up battery all the things needed.

It has been absolutely a blessing. It is truly a gift that continues to give, daily, yearly and momentarily.

I lay awake at night, remembering each and every one of you how you contributed and helped. It will never be forgotten - ever.

I don’t think I could have managed much longer without one. I am eternally grateful. Especially having the control panels installed so now my daughters can control it when I am just in too much pain.

I don’t want you guys to ever forget. What you did for me, was a need that was desperate. The Lord used you to ensure that I could have an improved quality of life.

Thank you sincerely,
Warmly in Christ. Lya & girls :heart: