ABC Face Mask Example

My husband asked for the ABCs of Salvation on a face mask. He said it would be good to put the Gospel of Jesus Christ on the symbol the deceiver is forcing on us. The masks were ordered through Amazon and printed in China. Hopefully, the message was received by those working on the project.

May the Lord Jesus Christ bless JDFarag, the congregation, and everyone working to get the word out even when it is only one person at a time.


Sadly, I live in a blue state where masks are required in public places if you go to the store. The store can be fined up to $2,500 if someone is caught without one. So I’m the first one to rip it off as soon as possible.

However, if I’ve got to wear one, then this is the one I would choose to wear. I need 5 of these. Are you going to order more for sale on Amazon or make some available another way?

Sold by: Jiepu
The pic displays the Amazon mask vendor/company. I ordered five and the total was $42.54 11/30/20. I will upload the graphic I uploaded to Amazon shortly.


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