ABC Postcards in my Christmas Cards This Year

I made a postcard that have the ABCs of salvation that I have included in my Christmas letters. This year, everyone will be receiving that postcard (along with a Christmas letter that has a drawing that includes the ABCs in the drawing). Plus, I have a postal mailing list for my website that I’ve started building as social media and Mail Chimp crack down on censoring users and sending out things the old fashioned way seems better. Everyone on my mailing list will also get the postcard. I also hope to send the extras out to people who ask for them over on the MeWe Bible Prophecy page I created (

I was so concerned that I get things in the mail ASAP (in case the rapture comes!) that I really worked hard to get all the Christmas cards and newsletters out before December 1. I prayed over each letter. I don’t know how they’ll be received, but I had to try.

I’ve been getting addresses of shut-ins and folks who have been isolated this year from people who provide them to me, and am sending out cards of encouragement, with this ABC postcard inside. This is something anyone could do; you just need some stamps and a walk to the mailbox. If you want some of these postcards, they are here, free:

I made them on VistaPrint. That’s a great place to go to make lots of things; you can even build your own designs there easily, even if you don’t have graphic design experience.


Yes, by all means, use it freely.

Hey Julie,

I sent you an email to ask about sending me some postcards but I just realized that I can download them from here so don’t worry about sending them. Thank you for providing these for us to use!
I really appreciate it since I’m not that tech savvy.

Terhi from Calgary

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No problem, Terhi! If you need any other file types (PDF, EPS, etc) just email me and I’ll get them to you!

Thank you, Julie, that’s so awesome!!

That’s pretty cool, Josee!!

That’s so awesome. I did the same thing. I added scripture cards in my Christmas cards and added the ABC’s of salvation card in some too. Encouraging one another helps so much. Thank you for sharing.

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Thanks Julie! I just ordered some post cards! I love your idea! I am so glad you shared this idea with us!

Julie, thanks so much for sharing your postcard and the download. During this time, so many need HOPE and we know Jesus is our only hope. Blessings to you!

Hello jullie,do you have cards of the ABC of salvation in the dutch language?

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I’m very sorry, but I don’t…

I searched on Google and i found it :blush:

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Hi this is my first time on here and I had the same idea about putting the ABC’s of salvation in Christmas cards. I saw the nice job that you did on your post card and noticed that you said that it was ok to use it. Thank you. But how do I print it?
Donna Gervais

Hi. The two images I posted are the front/back JPEGs. So you could do a right click on each image and save to your computer. Then import them into a document or print them as you would any photograph. Does that help? They are also high enough resolution to take to a printer or use someplace like Vistaprint to order postcards of your own. Let me know if that helps.

Great work Julie, I’ve have just had some ABC flyers arrive from Vista print. I found it more cost effective to order the best quality paper A6 flyer. They have turned up and are just like postcards. I’m going to go walking round my home town in UK and post them in letter boxes. I have a thousand to distribute haha so I’ll be getting my daily steps in. I write a personal message on the back so they know it’s come from a real person with a new email address.
I do hope the weather is kind :pray:, God bless .


I love that! What a wonderful idea. It’s so exciting to think of all of the people around the world doing this!!!


Hoi @andrea1

I have translated some ABC cards from a brother who designed them @fluidicice . You can check them out on his website.

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