ABCs Coins to Share the Gospel

Hello! Some time ago the ABCs of Salvation challenge coin was created. Many of you helped distribute them in the US, Australia, etc.

At this time I am out of the coins and considering having more made. It costs about 4-5 dollars per coin depending on how many I order. I pay for them and pay for any shipping to those that want to help in distributing them to spread the Gospel.

I can create and have made bookmarks, magnets, bumper and other kinds of stickers as well.

What I wanted to do was ask how many of you would want to some of the coins and other items to distribute? And, how many of each? That way I could order enough.

Again, I provide these resources free of charge and will do so as long as my finances allow me to do so.

All reference a website I created with information and videos. I will be updating it soon. If you have ideas for it, let me know.

A picture of the coins is here

Please contact me at if you have questions, suggestions, or would like any of what I mentioned above.

Thank and God Bless!

PS Iā€™m working on a new video message and I may post it here to get feedback before it is posted to the abcs website I maintain.