ABCs For Those Left Behind

I know that the chances of someone coming to Christ after the rapture are probably less because their hearts are probably going to be alr

eady hardened. But if there is still hope for them I want to do anything I can to help them even after I’m gone. I have always been a prepper from way back. From Chernobyl through Y2K until now I have stocked food and supplies… I KNOW how to prep and am prepared for most any emergency.-That is if I’m still here to need my stash. I suspect I won’t be. I have wondered, maybe God has had me stock food for someone who will desperately need it. Perhaps that person is a new Christian or maybe someone that is still could be saved? I decided that along with the food and provisions I would leave a letter to the person that finds it. The letter welcomes the person to my home and tells just a little about who we are/were. I give them permission to help themselves to whatever they need but more importantly I tell them about Jesus and outline the ABCs of salvation. I have the latter taped to the front of one of the food shelves with instructions in big letters, PLEASE READ! I pray this will help someone that is searching to not only find physical food but to find the bread of life!
Christine M Arkansas


i disagree respectfully.
It’s going to wake up ALOT of people.
All those family members who have heard us speaking about The Lord, and trying to get them saved, these family members are going to be shocked and waken up, and understand at that time we were telling the truth!!
Ofcourse there are plenty of people who wont turn around and get saved, but MANY people will!


Hi Christine, I love that you’ve left not only a note a but what looks like a ton of food! I’d recommend some printed ABCs on every 5th jar or something so they can’t get away from the gospel haha.

Being one who wrote a guide on preparedness myself I think it would be wise to put a wooden strip in front of each shelf so everything won’t fall out and smash in the event of an earthquake. (Which we know will happen in Revelation)



A huge harvest of souls will happen in the Great Tribulation. Just read Revelation of all who will be Martyrs and also those in Revelation 14 where Jesus Himself 14:14 is reaping this huge end time harvest of souls just before the Wrath if God is poured out on those who has harded their heart. AMAZING AWAKENING OF SOULS FOR JESUS FOR JEWS AND GENTILES. Talk and plant as many seeds as you can now so they will be part of the end time Harvest.


Thank you for this excellent advice.!

I sure hope so!

Christine, I was wondering where to put my letter. It came to me I should put right next to the all my jars of lentils and canned peaches. :joy:
Its awesome b/c I just stocked up on a bevvy of nuts, seeds and pulses and wondered if we would go through it or not. In my big hearted hospitality kind of way it just makes me feel good that we may not only feed the body but the soul as well - all in one place!!!
Your stash of tp reminds me that I need more! :rofl:
Thank you for sharing.

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