ABCs Salvation Bookmark Question

Hello. Does anyone know where I can purchase the ABCs salvation laminated bookmark? I want to send these to my unsaved friends for Christmas. I know there’s a way for me to download the template and create my own but I’m not good at that sort of thing. It would just be easier for me to just purchase them.
Let me know if anybody knows how I can get them.
Thank you!
God bless,

Did anyone get back to you? I would like to order some too!

Hi! No one got back to me. I’m guessing it’s because no one is really manufacturing these for a price, which I understand. So I just ended up purchasing a different salvation bookmark off of amazon. If you like, I can send you the link. I would have much preferred JD’s Salvation Bookmark, but looks like right now with the time crunch to Christmas, that was the only option I had. I thought about making them, but I don’t have a color printer and I don’t have a laminator. Plus I’m not real creative. So, maybe someone will work on them…:slight_smile:

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Hi Grace, @gferroni If you’re still interested I could turn one of my existing designs into a bookmark for you.
Were you looking for the ABCs or Bible Verses on them?

Here’s my designs:

Even though I can design them for you I can’t print them, so you would still have to find a bookmark printer and upload the design to their website.

In Christ,


This person seems to be making money off of these. I don’t think this was the purpose, do you? Shouldn’t they be free?