Any ideas for signage at Medical freedom rally (to point to Jesus)?

Hello, I am going to an upcoming rally to stand against the jab mandates. I will be meeting a couple of Christian friends who haven’t witnessed before and going with a couple who have. Intent is to have signage that 1) points people to Jesus and what time it is; 2) stand up to the evil, take a stand; 3) generates conversation or questions.

Initial thoughts are for a sign to read something like this-
Side 1: picture of cross with “Jesus Saves” in it. “Do you know what time it is?”
Side 2: " No to evil plans from the NWO. Yes to Jesus"

Intent is to talk to others and share the Gospel of blessed hope and what time it is.

So, I need help… Any other ideas of what to have the signage say that could meet the objectives above and basically create interest , curiosity, conversation for the Gospel?

Creativeness is not my gifting! Thanks in advance!


“Got questions? He’s got answers” - with a picture of the cross on the hill at sunset.

I plan on having some business cards made like this with the ABCs on the back and see you’re local church or visit for details underneath it.

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I have used the following on my signs depending upon crowd: Jesus Saves, Free Prayer Jesus Saves, R U Saved?..want to make a sign asking “Will You Be Left Behind?”

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Okay, fun sign idea:
Foam finger with extended collar to show a watch and put Jesus Saves on the back of the foam finger. Or Look Up, Time Short.

I could see this as a good idea. Not because I said it though.

That sounds good!! Thank you!

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Wow, R U Saved and Will you be left behind are pretty compelling!

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That’s great!!! I would definitely need help with the art😊 Not so good at any of the arts…


Thank you all, these were great and I need to think about these - this gives me more than enough to work with!! Blessings and thank you​:two_hearts::heart_eyes:!

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All ya need is the font and you’d be good to go with this option. Lol

I just like giving out ideas. Don’t mind me.

This is a great idea. I looked it up- I would have to order in bulk and pay over $200 for the product.
It gives me a nice graphic idea tho!! You definitely have the creativity flowing!

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“Side 1: picture of cross with “Jesus Saves” in it. “Do you know what time it is?”
Side 2: " No to evil plans from the NWO. Yes to Jesus”

Unfortunately if they don’t want to hear, the arguments would be subject of mockery.

Maybe you need to go with other points.
The first point is indeed important, the second about NWO, not very important.

Maybe you have to speak about the sin of Adam and Eve (everybody knows what a sin is and who satan is), and then speak about Jesus, who he is (he was before Abraham) and came to save the world. Time is short.

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