April 14, 2024: Bible Prophecy Update -- When Bible Prophecy Hits Too Close To Home

Isn’t this just part of what’s called sabre rattling? I’m sure from the extent, quality and timing of Amir’s posts that he has friends in high places in both Govt and military. 3 of his kids are in the IDF and he was a Major in the reserves. He wouldn’t be permitted to share anything top secret that would compromise Israel’s position, nor would he want to. With a following of 523k+ on Telegram alone around the world and re-posts, that’s quite an audience and not all friendly! It provides a warning for innocent civilians to take cover and prepare and a clear message for the tyrannical leaders to stand by, don’t mess with Israel or our God!


Thanks Anca. As it seems a common theme struggle there in the middle east, something you posted did stand out. The way it came across to me is, “I wonder if the biblical angle of unwalled villages is implicated in such this way for cause beyond its face value?”

What i mean by that is today there are varying views on what that means. Some think Israel has walls enough. Others recognize they do not and Israel be in a season of unwalled villages now. But the iron dome seems to enter uniquely here.

In ancient times there would not be such a strategy as iron dome. But what if “unwalled villages” impicates iron dome? In other words, it might be interesting that the reason the termed “unwalled villages” is used is for making it a highlight larger than face value. For one it is high.lighted in debated for sure today. It is also highlighted though for why unwalled villages might be important. It might seem for two reasons perhaps:

  1. The reason why Israel does not heavily rely on walls as much is because of the iron dome virtual wall it has.
  2. The way the hords attack in Ez 38 seem to do so in such a way so as it not be resisted by the iron dome much. That virtual wall. What we saw on 10/7 might have more to do with how that looks on a much smaller scale.

And for those two main reasons, it would seem perhaps that the term in Ez 38 about “unwalled villages” is perhaps more like a dog whistle or hot button or trigger like concept to be…drum roll please…a clue :slight_smile:



It will be fascinating to see where this goes. Anca, i offer an alternative perspective…as you know me always be open to challenge our own biases. Scott Ritter served as part of the US team that inspected Sadaam Husien’s weapons program back in the day. Scott back then was against going to war with Iraq. Scott has been noted as very forth right views. Often much more honest than American media (for example on the real situation in Ukraine war).

Jimmy Dore is a democrat, but old school. He is a conservative democrat that does not want America fighting wars all over the world. He is anti-covid vax. And ironically one of the more trusted sources of media on youtube. Dore recently addressed the UN Security Counsel on his views concerning American involvement in the Russian Nordstream Pipeline sabbatage. He has been against much American propoganda. Its ironic how our left can produce more honest reporting than our right wing conservatives. But this is how Jimmy Dore is viewed in our country.

This video is half an hour. I can’t shorten it. This video offers a unique perspective one like yourself who looks at world news and posts on our forum would do well to have at least in the back of the mind as things develop one way or another. To determine whether this is your cup of tea to begin with, the caption for this is:

  • Iran really did succeed
  • The USA has enabled Iran to now be a serious world power
  • Isreal caught in a very hard place now
  • Stories behind the headlines
  • Palestine victory
  • Netenyahu navigating a severe run for the delicate life of his political career

If any of these topics might bear witness somewhere or perhaps even just interest you…as far as secular media goes…these voices present a clean perspective at least from an honest (but of course no one is bias free) perspective. And WELL WORTH the listen. In the event :blush:

PS – I do not endorse Dore or Ritter 100% on anything. Each individual i would see as too biased one way or another on a host of issues. But in core overviews, their socio-political intuition are often proven more substantial than media perspectives. Thanks for your heart in this forum and our making sense of the world in fallout. Blessings much, dear sister :+1:

“The Dome” COMPLETELY FAILED! – Scott Ritter (youtube.com)

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Good to hear in light of the video i shared if interested. For what this might be worth or helpful:


My 2 cents–the best sense announcing strategies publically i believe are valuable for three reason (likely more):

  • In world politics it is important for nations to appear strong in order to gain support of allies. Potential allies don’t want to be grouped with weak nations suggesting they also are weak.
  • The power of dissinformation – The opportunity and ability to perform psychological warfare (to whatever effect) would exist on some levels of public media for cause
  • Letting the world in general calibrate their plans based on media play

This last one is demonstrated well in that Jimmy Dore video i posted recently. There were two examples:

  • During Trump Presidency–Trump did not want to retaliate with Iran when US property was hit. The backstory is the real (not tv version) generals informed Trump that escalation over this issue would result in catostrophe for years. Later the US did kill high level Iran leader and all iran did was look like they were retaliating. So there is likely more to the story. But on this event, Trump wanting to look like a peace maker and humanitarian by not striking back. On Dore video it is said bacuase Trump spins this for his ego (which is true). But i think case in point its more an example of not striking back at that time as wise, and the US not lose face in doing so globally because of how so doing might implicate more terror in other countries and stress uncertainty places on economics. So we could say Trump ego. But on that one it would be salvaging face to the world because of how not doing so would innadvertently put other courses of violence potential (seeing USA weak) and ecnomic jeaporady (business decisions based on a host of new factors that occur due to the emotional uncertainty that America is weak or stupid). That could hurt global supply chain in a host of ways. A miniature example of this is the US stockmarket. If the US stockmarket senses uncertainty it can and has dropped significantly over “perception.” Take that on a global scale and that is a good example of how perception can enforce or impeed how political leaders and businesses should be thinking forward kind of thing.

  • I forget the other one…lol. But its in that Dore video if interested…blessings.


Very Good! Thanks for posting. I have sent to friends!




Brilliant Tyler!

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I agree with you @goodboy

Although in general it is good to be discerning for all things. But in particular, Matt 24 is warning against false Christs. That alone is the warning of deception. That alone is the context. This is why i would agree.

But having said that i came across a Tom Hughes recent video interview. Alex Newman wrote a book about the history of education. Alex does not appear to be related to any NAR factions (please see his endorsements in case i might have missed something). As education is one of the 7 mountain mandates, i had to cross check this guy. But he is a genuine researcher.

Alex lays out the case how education shifted from parents and churches to the government. Now i am not an advocate for 7 mountian mandate. Nor am i an advocat for Christian Nationalism. But i do think it helps to see why varying groups (beyond NAR) might have concerns of this nature.

In the case of education, Alex demonstrates how we have neglected education and allow government to own it. It makes sense why there might be extreme reactions like NARs to this. But there are less extreme versions that have sincere and responsible care toward this issue. I would hope that those sober balances might not be dismissed outright because of some fringe perspectives.

It is rare to get a glimpes of the history of education. It is clear the direction education is going. I believe this is a great example to demonstrate where making Matt 24 about every form of deception rather than just what Matt 24 says it means can tend to unintentionally and inadvertedly promote the beast system by default. The reasoning would be: We are not for taking back education because NAR is wrong. Yet if we don’t have an interest to take it back to some sober extent in case we are here a while, we allow the beast system to infiltrate children and many Christian parents even.

I do see though too that this argument in a way could be also used to support an aspect of how @BayouBushi is looking at the overall picture. Because if we look at it as Jack posted, would we come out with a different outcome than: We should do what we wisely and soberly can to not allow beast system education to remain at its progressive momentum rate to the degree we might be responsible (as discerning parents and laypeople) to protect our children, laypeople, and neighbors from what remaining tennants of godly sense upon reality yet still remains?

I mean like if the outcome of “do not be deived by any man” leads us to sober protection of what sphere of influence we might have, its not discerning not to, right?

(10) What’s Really Happening Here? | Live with Pastor Tom and Alex Newman - YouTube

About Alex Newman - Liberty Sentinel



All I was stating is not to take scripture out of context. I am not saying we should not teach people how to keep from being deceived. There are many things that are not in the Bible we should teach, but taking scripture out of context is just wrong.

People like to take Matthew 7:16 out of context to say we should judge other Christians and see if they are saved by their fruit. However, if we read the verse before that we can clearly see it is speaking of false prophets.

Matthew 7:15 Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.
Matthew 7:16 Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles?

That is all I will say about that, so please don’t look for me to respond any further. :blush:


I wonder how @Uturn is interpreting the events in Gaza, Syria, Iran, Yemen, South Lebanon, Iraq, aka ( ). I am sure he thinks a peace deal negotiated by Qatar is like moments away….:dash:

It is good to stay in a prophetic middle ground and not back youself into a corner in which you call everyone else an apostate that doesnt agree with you.

Had to get that off my chest…

I miss him



…If for no other reason than acting with humility when it comes to “knowing.” I say this as I can’t help but notice that I have to scroll pretty far down the typical news webpage…past Trump and even way down past the celeb gossip about the likes of Goldie Hawn’s son and various sports figures to see a mention of what just happened with Iran. One day it’s “the world is on the brink”…and now that news has shrunk in significance. Of course we know something is happening but exactly what…how can we be sure. I also noticed, even taking in consideration the time difference between the Middle East and the USA, that most events seem to happen in America’s prime time hours for viewership. Do wars stop so warring people can sleep while the news media sleeps??? Is the Trump trial merely a commercial….a pause before the next act? The world has become so theatrical and the players are doing what they do best; playing us for lucrative earnings.

You have been reading…

My musings :face_with_monocle:



“Two things only the people anxiously desire — bread and circuses.”

And that is what I believe the media is projecting to the populace…”circuses”. What really matters is buried and even if it was broadcast across the news would society really be able to interpret it? Would they want to? I have had this burden (knowing that we are in the end times) for a long time and some say it would be labeled depression. I always interpreted my outlook as “short term pessimism, long term optimism” . Either way we should remember in context of what is happening “But you, brothers and sisters, are not in darkness so that this day should surprise you like a thief. So then, let us not be like others, who are asleep, but let us be awake and sober. You are all children of the light and children of the day. We do not belong to the night or to the darkness.”


Love that Will. There’s so much comfort in that scripture that you just shared. I appreciate you🙂

We really are all so likeminded. And God is taking care of us and is with us to the end.


Yes, it would seem to be similar to depression because like depression, we feel the heaviness of sin and darkness closing in. We are of the light as you say and even though we have a hope and joy that extends beyond the natural, it is none-the-less oppressing and causes us to be on the edge of our seat. In other words, our earthly body is waiting for a heavenly deliverance that should be coming soon. We really can’t say with surety when and it looks so dark that we think it is now, but it could be years (I hope not) from now. That realization makes one feel the heaviness even more.


17 April 2024

Tucker Carlson interviewed Doug Wilson on CN: Both men still don’t get the deception.

Douglas James Wilson, born on June 18, 1953, is a conservative Reformed and evangelical theologian. He is a pastor at Christ Church in Moscow, Idaho, and a faculty member at New Saint Andrews College. Wilson is known for his writing on classical Christian education, Reformed theology, as well as general cultural commentary.

He is a public proponent of postmillennialism, Christian nationalism, and covenant theology. He is also featured in the documentary film Collision documenting his debates with anti-theist Christopher Hitchens on their promotional tour for the book “Is Christianity Good for the World?”.

Something is fishy here, Why Michele Bachmann got involved in NARly Flashpoint event?
Flashpoint is connected to Kenneth Copeland.

This document explains how “salt and light” meaning being changed subtly:

The final picture is the zoomed The Economist mag prediction for 2024:

The red box is recent April eclipse. The blue box is the container ships mowing down bridges like that movie Leave the world behind.



Back to the old thing about the fall of Rome, give them bread and circus and they won’t pay attention to anything else.


Acutally I do agree with goodboy about keeping to scripture as it is written. It is from my life’s expressions that I have also learned that scripture is also like and onion, layered with meaning. many verses have a simple meaning to the face value of it. For instance John 3:16 that we all know so well has an extremely important value on its face and deeper and is its own context. In that way I agree with goodboy. Yet I have learned over the years that some scripture passages have more than the simple face value meaning. Sometimes when you do ad additional context of preceding verse or several verses before and after deeper meaning come to life in the very same passage.

Since you brought up education as in the US education system, lets go there. I will used learning our language as an example. At first we learn words, what they mean, how to pronounce them but we do not see great authors producing great works of literature at the age of 3. Nope there is after learning words, learning to string them together to form sentences, and those that have menaing. In school we learn to spell words, how to put them together in sentences on paper utilizing punctuation. Later we learn to form sentences into paragraphs. Ultimately if we chose we all could write novels. But only a small few do that. But we learn by building an onion like structure one layer at a time over the previous layer. So to is understanding scripture to its fullest extent. As I have mentioned in the past even Jesus with the aid of parables, teaching tools that taught a lesson but often times by using symbolism to mean way more than the actual words used.

I see that as a hint that face value on any part of scripture may well have deeper meaning. Many times it does. When the face value is not clear or can be misunderstood in several ways then it requires broadening the context to get a better understanding of what is being taught. It may mean reading the previous verse or verses. Deeper meanings may even require matching say OT verses to NT verse and that after digging up the contextual understanding of the OT to figure out the NT implications.

So that is how I see that all the scripture is points to practical application in life. Even Jesus taugh much on things like love that only exist if we do not walk this planet alone. Consideration of others like the good Samaritan teaches us much practical aplication in how to deal with others. Jesus confirms this with love our enemy as ourselves. The spiritual aspect is to be holy we mush love everyone at least as much as we love ourselves and more so to become holy as God is holy. Of course we are not forgetful that we will never in this world be as Holy as God is but that does not mean we can’t strive for it.

So when I referred to discernment and the practical application of it in daily life helps us with discernment in spiritual things such as prophecy, as well as discerning false teachers, etc. After all it is humans flawed like ourselves that are the instruments of false doctrine that we hear about. Satan definitely works through human agency often. So to understand that a conman is lying by reading between the lines about this or that, it trains us to look between the lines especially now with so many coming out as teachers of prophecy and commentators on events that may or may not have prophetic significance. Otherwise we have no basis by which we have tested our ability to discern false teachers and prophets as the deeper we go towards the Tribulation period where discernment will be the order of the day we would never have caught the teachings of NAR, CN, even things like JW and Mormonism. We would have accepted them out right.

Ultimately what I am saying is to be good at discernment we need to practice it often. Like the old joke about how a new you musician was in NYC and was planning to attend a great concert asked a local, if they knew how to get to Carnegie Hall, the local replied seeing a musical instrument in the visitor’s hand with a single word…PRACTICE. Just like anything we ever get good at it we need to practice. They don’t pluck NFL players off the street. The come from college level players who played high school football. In short those chosen to play any national league level sports spend hours and hours perfecting their skills. Only then when they out shine among the many others vying for spots on the various sports rosters do they get chosen. So the practical application of becoming good at discernment is to practice it even in the mundane things of every day life.

Right now we have a golden opportunity to sharpen our discernment skills with all the many channels of so called experts on this or that as well as the progressive that attempt to redefine just about everything. When we can read between the lines and hear what is not being said with in the first few paragraphs then we have developed a skill of discernment to find the lies in most everything we see and hear. To put it a more simpler way is that practice makes perfect.


And all “i was saying” was what the conversation between you and Jack became on a public forum. Thanks for replying brother. Always good to hear from you. Blessings.


Hi Will. I hope all is well with you and family. And it must be really awesome to be raising a family in a most off the charts biblical times as we are witnessing, amen. There were a few times i did display encouragement that differences on the forum could be discussed without it becoming too adversarial (@Jon himself had taken the time to post some awesome thoughts as well upon this matter). As one with regularly contrary views found within our forum family, I would put more of a premium on discussion over conviction. Which to some might sound weak. My view on this stated before is that I believe that good faith discussion can have the effect of helping others consider with greater comprehensive and perhaps more 20/20 vision on at least where we are coming from. Col 4:6

6 Let your speech be always with grace, seasoned with salt, that ye may know how ye ought to answer every man.

I believe has the best spirit of the principle: The best way to know how to answer someone is to give the other person every possibility to come to the discussion without much bias (or the tendency of leaning into bias). So like the more we try to get to places of respectable discussion, the more opportunity the level of discussion that could take place gets its place for the benefit of ourselves and the benefit of those around us.

In general i see quite a bit of the watcher world perspective tend to lean conviction heavy as opposed to good faith discussion heavy. I liked Utrun a lot because the level of detial i was able to discuss things with him, as well as the ways in which he approached the word. I understand your concern though brother.

. . . . .

As for me and my cliff hanger avatar, lol, well whatever corner Uturn might be percieved to have back himself into a corner of, I perhaps far more. My 1st seal view by itself on its face has a very short shelf life. 2024 would have to be the year to potentially affirm its possibility, or send me to scarp heap of really sad and bad watcher theory. If that were not enough, all the things happening to Israel certainly do not clearly demonstrate a path to afford my first seal position (as I sink in my own quicksand…lol).

But I think this is healthy that our views are challenged. I would see what is occuring as a way God providing perhaps His family challenge as well as deeper hope with all of us. So in a way i, if this go wanky for me and my conviction’s trajectory i would sink twice: Once for my consideration of the playing field in respect to Ez 38 & Another for my first seal perspective…lol. So at that point it would become very clear I would do well to do some better homework. That’s for sure.

Having said that though i do believe both the Ez 38 posture and my first seal view remain as complete possibilities. But i am also excited if wrong on either or both that i get to be in a time sharing this time with my Christian online family. And in that sense, its almost better to be wrong perhaps. Because the reality of it can become some much richer as we share this time unfolding in Him. Blessings.