April 2, 2024: Prayer Meeting – Demonic Spirit Manifestations

:bible2: Prayer Meeting – Demonic Spirit Manifestations

Pastor JD addresses the recent manifestation of a demonic spirit during the Sunday, March 24th Prophecy Update live stream by going through the scriptures that speak to the reality of demonic activity, which most Christians are sadly and woefully naïve about.

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Informative and timely.
Thanks, Pastor.


AMEN. Thank you, pastor JD, for giving us a boldness to come against the dark forces of this world. All believers must be prepared for the days to get even more dark and take a stand. We must be prayed up, fasting, hiding God’s word in our hearts so we can give every man an answer for the hope that is in us. People are and will be hungry for truth and hope.


Lately i can hear the inner child of Pastor JD speaking… it’s a beautiful thing to witness.


Thank you for the teaching, Pastor!

In case of “Chicken Skin”, this is the Hawaiian context for those who want to know.

The 7 pieces of Christian Armor:

Example of demonic influences:

Pulpit Problems: 41% Of Churchgoers Find No Biblical Problem With Homosexual ‘Marriages’


In one of the unedited clip of the video of Pastor JD that i saw on TikToc has 416 likes of this comment, not sharing her name but this is so true.


@BayouBushi Hi Jack. I was just wondering if you had looked into the bridge/boat collision. Some say you can see explosions under the bridge prior to collapse. Might that be lighting effected under the bridge upon impact? Have you seen the video with an eye for that? Would you consider explosives used to compliment a collapsing bridge potentially? Thanks brother. Blessings.

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Thank you for the definition of “chicken skin.” It is a much-preferred phrase as opposed to “goosebumps” which describes a cold chill or fear.


Part Uno:

Well the first thing I did when I saw the news was watch it a couple of times. I was most interested in how the Dali managed to get turned the way it did. Given the power outages, position of the rudder at the time of the outage the loss of control when the rudder was locked in the last position when the power went out and the outgoing tide they were using to get extra clearance under the bridge, it was told to me several things.

First was it appeared form the video that the start of the turn had just begun when the power when out. Rudder was slightly to the starboard and locked there. Speed was 8 knots so momentum was already up. When the power came back on the first time it was most likely that they attempted a strong port rudder and the power went out again. With no power the rudder locked the Dali just continued in the basic direction it was heading after both power outages. When power came on again and that is evidenced by the heavy black smoke they probably were attempting to reverse first and foremost forgetting the rudder was to port. In that situation the reverse acts opposite the rudder direction for foward so it brought that back end more to starboard and way out of the channel towards the support.

Important things to understand a ship with a full load like the Dali was running at about 94,000 to 96,000 tons gross tonnage. The momentum on that weight level means the ship will take no less than 4 miles to come to a stop with power on and engines running in reverse. It will take well more than twice that distances with no power and drifting to a stop. By the same token a turn like it was attempting to make to line up under the center of the bridge to get the most clearance for the mast head will take around a mile or more. That being said the first movement of a turn started about half a mile from the bridge. Even with power headed to the bridge support with no control would not have been achieved. That is the distance was already to close to do a full stop.

Some people are saying the Dali was hacked. Not unless it was an inside job and the engine failure was done by the hand of man. That class of vessel by the owner design specks does not use very much computer on board and definitely on as a part of engine control or steering. Too dangerous for a ship that size as it will get in to tight areas where the largest tankers will never go. Then given the Dali has a maintenance history problem with needing repairs but ignoring them it would be safe to say just like you car if you never change the oil you engine will seize up eventually.

Next thing I did on that first day after seeing how the bridge collapse, I contacted a couple of engineers I know. One is a structural engineer and the other is a civil engineer. After they viewed the video the explained that the kind of bridge that it was made it collapse the way it did. Being the style of bridge it was meant from the support hit to the matching support on the other side it was one continuous frame under the road bed. Detaching one side had the affect of a see-saw where one side went down and the other went up. The side that went up then had enough force to detach from the opposite support. With the breaking of the continuous under frame and detachment from the overhead truss support the road bed broke into pieces and then fell in one after the other working form the damaged side to the other side.

The mention of explosion made me go back and make sure I did not miss anything. So the first thing I saw that some might think is explosions is the bow wake washing up over the concrete base of the support. With the scene being backlit by the port lights back in the distance it is hard to tell it was water not and explosion as some are claiming. Now there are lights on the bridge in the upper part of the overhead truss but there are also the lights from the ship’s super structure and wheelhouse area. On this ship that was built amid ships not to the stern so it is within 100 feet or so of the truss as it collapses and we what look like light flashes as part of the truss pass in front of the ship during its downward collapse. As we look at the video the light at the far left end as we view it is a part of the bridge lighting as it stays lit way to long to be and explosion. Further in is another light on the bridge that also stays on till the power lines feeding the lights snap and kill power. Finally as the bridge under support reaches the containers we lights on the ship going out on the bow, most of the bridge lights are staring to fail and some sparking but also sparks from where the under frame is hitting the containers creating more sparks. Not knowing what is in the container being struck by the bridge their maybe things in them that look like small explosions or just rupture of items in the containers. Hard to determine in the raw video exactly what it is. One way to know for sure is that if they are explosions they come to late to be involved in the bridge collapse as it is already starting to rest on the bow of the Dali so such explosions were not at all involved in the bridge break up. Near the end of the collapse there appears to be what may be a flash flame on the deck of the Dali but that could be form a vehicle on the bridge at the time or form something in one of the containers being crushed. One thing is for sure that flame is not similar to any explosion which would be going out in all directions at once not in a flame straight up. The flame is short lived as well. The only other flash seen is on the far right as the main over channel piece separates from the far right piece and appears to be a power wire snapping more than an explosion necessary to separate structural steel. This was all pointed out to me by the two engineers and I went back and watched it many times to make sure. I then went and watch explosions done by military EOD of varying sizes and none of the flash seen on the bridge or the ship match anywhere close to what even small explosives do when detonated.


Part Due:

As my boat driver friend stated at most the only blame that can be laid is on the company leasing the ship and not keeping maintenance up causing the power failure at a most inoportune time and at worst it is a very tragic accident. As he put it if people knew how many of these such accidents happen that do not destroy major infrastructure they would be shocked. Ship and boat collisions are more common than anyone realizes. Power failures likewise are a very common occurence but most of the time happen in ways and places that don’t involve a crash such as out on the open seas. As he put it this is just a sad confluence of events that were likely not handled the best way or just truly a very sad event that would have happened some place else at another time with this particular ship. If it happened outside US waters we would never even know.

So my take is that people who are suddenly ship driver and structural engineer experts this time when they are likely holding down a job in an entirely unrelated field like maybe flipping burgers. I have seen a number of so called instant experts arguing with my boat driver friend and one of the engineers I contacted. In both cases they finally just said people are going to believe what they want to believe because other instant experts told them everything already. Joe who drives boats an Louis the engineer finally just walked away from trying to explain things to people. I told them at the outset to get ready as conspiracy theories that Trump did it or the deep state set it all up will start flying and likely before the close of business on the day following and sure enough the internet exploded with every possible explanation to what happen from Trump by the liberals to the deep state by the Trump followers to home grown terrorist and even international terrorist because people don’t know the difference between a Hindi and a Muslim. Even saw some saying aliens were involved. There was and still is no end to the insanity that people are coming up with to explain this event. This is why I stay off looking things up on the internet as much as possible. I prefer to find people work in the field, have the creds in the field to know best who things work, and hit the library any time I need old info that is no longer found on the internet. For me if I don’t know, I pick up the phone and call people who do. If I can’t find them I go to the library and start reading from old books that are not being changed to fit some narrative or insane conspiracy theory.

Is what happened relevant to the times? Yes it is. Tribulation means troubles right? What we know will happen in the Tribulation will get its start before the tribulation time periods. Jesus told us that. So bad things are happening more and more and getting worse with each new event. Flash news alert, they happened long before now. Ships crashing is not suddenly something new. I remember when I was a kid a small ship hit the I-10 bridge in my home town it was shut down for damage assessment for 3 days. My dad could not get to work during that time because it was the only way across the river at that time. Did that make a big splash on the national news? Nope, not a peep. I can’t count on two hands how many crashes there have been on the Mississippi River or in the port of Houston. It is just something that happen now and again. Can’t attribute that to conspiracy or even end time because some of that happened less than 20 years after the rebirth of Israel long before the signs started picking up speed and coming faster and faster.

Big problem is a lot of people born after some certain times don’t have any recollection of historical events in the couple of decades before their birth. Their parents do but not them so they have no good frame of reference to remember some of the most current history save what little they may have heard in school which these days is not that much and often very skewed to some agenda.

So my take is form the experts I know and talked to this was just a tragic accident and the responsibilty over all lands on the greed of the company owners for not keeping the ship well maintained. As for the rest of the insanity I have decided I am not getting involved in trying to correct all the false info that shows up with each new event. As Mark Twain said, “It is easier to convince some one to believe a lie than it is to convince them they have been lied to.”


Further update on what happened on the Dali from the point of first power loss till bridge impact. Looking at the NTSB news brief transcript the time from power loss till bridge impact was just over 10 minutes. Some are claiming the VDR or voyage data recorder was intentionally turned off. If that had been true then the NTSB would not had the precise time of the information they gave out at the press conference. While yes the sensor data ceased with the power outage as there was no data to be recorded the voice audio recorder remained operational as it was on a battery back up power supply. As soon as power was restored the data recording was resumed automatically as the VDR had not been turned off. If it had there would have been no audio recording in the bridge of the ship. The first power outage came are approximately 1:24 am. Power was restore temporarily at around 1:26 am. and the pilot on board made the call at that time for tug assist. Less than a half minute later the order was given to drop the port anchor. It did little to slow the ship down as it never had the opportunity to set in the channel bed and was drug along. Another half minute later calls were made that the Dali was fully loss of all power and control and approaching the bridge. From that point to impact was another 6 or so minutes. Doing some calculatin about the speed, and distance traveled, the first power loss came at just under 2 miles miles from the bridge. Given the turning distance under good conditions a turn on a ship that size would be around 2 to 2 1/2 miles for a easy turn so the star to the turn before the power was on schedule to put the ship under the center of the bridge at passing. All other times seem to match up between the VDR audio recording and the Date/Time stamp on the river cameras.

While the NTSB has only the 6 hours from midnight to 6 am, the additional data going back 30 days with things like speed, rudder angle. RPMs, and various other data and audio recordings is being gathered for further analysis. So far this all matches to what my tow boat driver friend said on the day of the accident in reply to my request for him to give his best estimation. He was pretty much right on target. Additional information on the bridge maintenance records, design specs, etc are still being gathered at this time for the rest of the investigation. Both NTSB and Coast Guard are reviewing ever thing from official documents on specs and maintenance logs to visually inspecting all the downed bridge components so we still have to wait for further info to be made available.


Thank you very much, i thought it meant goosebumps but wasnt sure.


Thank you very much i really appreciate your explanation. I honestly just couldn’t see the point of it being deliberate.


It is kind of like Pastor JD said at the recent prayer service about his discussion about demonic infestation and why he spoke up about it. There are two ways he could have gone, said nothing and left people to speculate where sensationalism on one side where people see demons in every little event and desensitization where any demonic involvement is just a fanciful thought. Recently and further back in time there has been tons of sensationalism that people play on for followers and the money they bring as well as getting people to buy what they are selling. This has been true of many of the prepper videos where everyday the world is ending. The more scary the headlines that they can get people to believe the more money they make.

In the end we live in a world where throughout history bad things happen out of the blue and for no discernable reason, just accidents, tragedies, etc. 50 years ago, 100 years ago such events would not be given a second thought as to being something more than a tragic event. In this day and age every event is view through heavily colored lenses of conspiracies. It does not matter which side of the fence you are on. If you lean to the left it is a right wing conspiracy and if you lean to the right it is a left wing conspiracy. It is just like the pandemic. in the year of 2020 and 2021 the number of flu reports dropped to nothing and nobody died of flu. Funny how that happened but at the same time any sniffle was suddenly a absolutely insured case of Covid. This proved that data was manipulated so it was wrong. So too wild conspiracies like this tragic accident is way more than just a common accident that have happened since the first two cars hit each other on roads.

If we extrapolate that kind of thinking out every evening will be conisdered the end of the world because the sun shut down and we will all soon die of lack of food and freeze to death because we have no heat. Sounds silly but no more than seeing a demon in every event and every event is a man made event or at least man instigated event. So just because we live in a very corrupt world and it growing worse with each passing day does not mean that everything that happens is planned by this or that nefarious group or groups of people.


4 April 2024

In view of recent Resurrection Sunday, this is a good testimony from a formerly demon possessed person in the Bible, you sure heard of her:

In the past, Luke 8: 1-3

Luk 8:1 And it happened afterwards, He traveled in every city and village, proclaiming and announcing the gospel of the kingdom of God. And the Twelve were with Him,
Luk 8:2 and also certain women who had been healed of evil spirits and infirmities; Mary called Magdalene, out of whom went seven demons,
Luk 8:3 and Joanna the wife of Chuza, Herod’s steward, and Susanna, and many others, who ministered to Him of their possessions.

In short Jesus delivered Mary Magdelene from demonization.

Later the Holy Spirit saw fit to record this, in John 20: 1-18:

Joh 20:1 Now on the first day of the week Mary Magdalene came to the tomb early, while it was still dark, and saw that the stone had been taken away from the tomb.

Joh 20:11 But Mary was standing outside the tomb weeping; and as she wept, she stooped to look into the tomb;

Joh 20:15 Jesus said to her, “Woman, why are you weeping? Whom are you seeking?” Supposing him to be the gardener, she said to him, “Sir, if you have carried him away, tell me where you have laid him, and I will take him away.”

Joh 20:17 Jesus said to her, “Stop clinging to me, for I have not yet ascended to the Father; but go to my brothers and say to them, ‘I ascend to my Father and your Father, and my God and your God.’”

Joh 20:18 Mary Magdalene came and announced to the disciples, “I have seen the Lord,” and that he had said these things to her.

In short, Jesus asked her as the first witness to His Resurrection, to announce the good news to his disciples who are hiding in fear, majority of them disbelieve that Jesus will rise from the dead that time.


Interesting how that seems to hit us from both directions these days. Thanks for your careful and articulate response. Blessings brother. :slight_smile:


Some thing to keep in mind as this ship crash discussion continues. There are two, not one USAV(US Army Vessel) know as LSV’s headed to put up a temporary pier to help with the humanitarian aid in Gaza. The first one the Gen. Besson finally left the Azores after almost a week long stay for refueling and reprovisioning. It is now clear of the Strait of Gibralter and headed east through the Mediterranean. It is accompanied by several other Army Vessels as well and is still about a week or more away from reaching its final destination. It will likely sit on station until the second LSV the SP4 James Loux arrives. The James Loux is presently making its way to the Canary islands and likely to hold up there for a refuel and restock of supplies before continuing on.

Why is this important. From my perspective there are two important parts. One is the rush to get the LSVs underway made it sound like the US is moving fast to help the refugees. Really? We are now 3 weeks since they took off, another two weeks before the first arrive in the area. so well over a month. Nothing is likely to happen till all assets are in place to get started making the pier so likely over a month and a half from start of trip to start of making the pier to assist in bringing in humanitarian aid. Not quite the rush they implied with the news when it first kicked off. On top of that we are not hearing nearly as much of the humanitarian crisis in Gaza now as that would put light on the fact that the US chose the slow boat to Gaza method of getting there.

If the UN and the US had just employed private contractors to do the work, people and equipment already available in the Mediterranean, not only would the work already be underway but maybe it would already be complete. Even with having it sent from the US on cargo aircraft and then loaded on Navy vessels, it would be a lot further along than the nothing there is now.

Second concern is security of the vessels being sent. Nothing headed to Gaza is a major weapon and have limited ability to defend themselves. If we consider what terrorist did to the Cole or what Israel did to the USS Liberty at the time of the 6 day war in 1967, any attack by Hamas, Houthies, or Hezzbolah could spell the demise to any of the Army Vessels when they arrive. It is the Oval office response that concerns me. It could ignore it and lives will be lost for noting, It could retaliate. Any kind of retaliation could send shock waves through the area and ratchet up more attacks by Hamas and/or Hezzbolah. All we can do at this point is wait.


5 April 2024

I will be posting bible teaching on Demon-logy as extras material for you by Andy Woods.

I will be focusing on topic demon possession in view of limited time.


6 April 2024

Demon possession Part 2 teaching:


Truly an excellent sermon on what happened in church that day, and worth a second and third look as Pastor JD nails this teaching.
We are so lucky to have him as our Pastor.
This teaching also draws attention to familiar spirits and how they can affect us if we become lax. This should be reason for all forum members to take pause, and to think twice before posting something that they know will become divisive.