April 28, 2024: Bible Prophecy Update – Why Bible Prophecy Is So Controversial

In this Jack you are a bit more empathetic. I understand where you are coming from though with pastors being responsbile. I understand how you mean this and it does display a sense of empathetic love toward the body while maintaining a sober outlook in general. Amen to that brother.

I don’t really go with any pastor’s view on end times. I’m here on JDF because all things considered, as radically different i might be on some theological points, Pastor JD is the closest “in general.” Plus he has an awesome forum setup and the family here has been a very rich and deep blessing as well. Amen. What i like about what you said brother above is that these men, pastors, are coming from where they come from and they have the right. In the sense of God affording them the free range grace to do so, yes. Amen. In that sense i do believe there is something to be said about a pastor having the dignity to lead the church in the way they see best fit. I actually kind of like that. As oppose to I guess a raw constant of push back of heresy hunters. Wow…in fact you might be rather instrumental in moving my thoughts along these lines as well (which given our past I would have never thought to be the case likely…but is nice to run into you this way).

In general i guess the reason i see it as unprofessional is that the parable of the talents might yes for some be in how God is looking at it to include the value or exercise one places on voting, but one thing is pretty certain. That is not the reason for parable or the theological import of it. So to do church by footloose and fancy free according to one’s whim…yeah i would see that as innapropriate use of office and therefore unprossional. To take our Fathers word and own it for well meant purpose? I suppose every single pastor in the world does that, but not so blantantly.

I do not mind in the slightest that Pastor Hibbs sees politics as important. I agree with him actually. More than this forum would see things as. I do not mind Hibbs using the book of Romans to show character heart of scritpure as maybe a principle or bases for voting or political action. I could see “some” wiggle room for that – even though i would see it as a stretch…well…ok though. But using parables with very selfish use of them…i just can’t see that as anything but unprofessional. That is not the job of a pastor. And its wrong to use God’s word to favor one’s view in an office that effects the lives and thinking processess of so many. So yeah i guess we would disagree there brother. Aslo it sets an immature and fleshy dumb down version of Holy writ (while America is being dumbed down in general…as problem in generan anyway). So its like teaching us to lower the maturity ceiling down to our knees rather than perhaps somewhere above our heads. If a pastor is not demonstrating maturity…that does not demonstrate professionally an extended ability to mature for those under their care i reckin.

I understand the sentiment Jack. In fact I would see that taking biblical positions to any extremes apposing Christian Nationalism is being used by the enemy as our dividing too. Not because I stand for CN. Not at all. I am certain it will fail as God will not bless that insanity. But to not understand why churches (even as you have expressed understanding toward Hibbs not being unprofessional) would feel that way except that they are deceived…to me…is falling pray to the devices of the enemeis ability to divide. Instead implying empathy on why CN churches might feel that way (except for like those WOF versions) I believe is a better way to talk about so as not to be a useful tool of the enemy in dividing us…is kind of how I guess I would resolve that. I guess a plumb line of sorts for me would be: Are we as eager to work with the different ways churches are looking at things as much as we are that they might align too with how we do? When Pastor JD invited Bud and interviewed him online…this was an olive branch in the right (not being used by the enemy) direction. I’ve seen we can do it. But yeah whatever the whatever…where we super agree???


He Jack Hibbs have changed thanks to C19 plandemic, I posted this one video last year:

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I don’t know about emphatic as much as I see it more just plain common sense. Using the story of the coin that Jesus was challenged by the Pharisees with seeing how he would respond as they wanted to remove the Roman overlords of their time, give unto Caesar what is Caesars and give unto God what is God’s. I understand this having lived in a foreign land under laws similar but not exact to US laws. The basics were the same, don’t murder, don’t steal, etc. But when it came to say driving there were many differences. For example they drove on the opposite side of the road and the opposite side of the car in their own cars. If I was in an American car then I just drove on the opposite side of the road. When I returned I changed back over to the US rules for driving. No big deal. Over there I gave to them what was their due to their rules but I never gave up what following the rules in the US were. Much like Daniel not bowing to worship the image even though he had been thoroughly trained under their spiritual advisors, he never let go of his responsibility to God. He only got into trouble when Satan went on the attack via his human agents of that time. As such he ended up in the lion’s den but he always remained faithful to God.

So as I perceive it Pastor JD was just reminding us of our duty to God sense there is yet no edict to worship some image, at least not yet but, it is coming. As long as voting is a choice then it does not really matter who says what as it is not a violation of any law to vote or not to vote.

Since I have read the last chapter and I know how the story ends voting will not come into play for the last scene. Besides once Jesus comes for the church and we are out of the world it is out of our hands anyway. Either way Satan gets his 15 minutes of fame and then bam he gets shut down at the end of the last scene. So common sense says given the closeness of the hour voting is not really gonna change anything at this point. The Tribulation will still come, we will still be gone. With that in mind I need not spend time researching candidates and trying to figure out who will do what. It simply no longer matters one way or the other. The wheels are already set in motion.

At this point the best I can see any of us doing is living here as best as we can as Christians, avoiding conflict like Pastor JD mentioned that is all over social media and just do our best to smell like Jesus and have a ready answer for our faith. We are already on the platform, the train is on its way and all we can really do is wait to get on it. If not then we just turn around and leave the station and face the consequences of that choice. I am waiting for the train myself.


So, so, so much is happening and converging at one time. It can’t be long now.

I remember JD saying a nuclear event happens and we go up! Maranatha!

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I’m Rapture Ready! Looking up!

Saudi Arabia has decided not to renew its petrodollar deal with the U.S.
I’ve been sharing about this for over a year relative to Saudi Arabia and BRICS. There’s still time to get your finances together before we really see the impact of this in conjunction with what we’re already facing concerning our economy. Fear not! Be prepared and Trust the Lord !

Ty Green


Amen brother. I hear you. I agree with staying out of social media confilct. Common sense makes sense too. For me its not as much about voting or not voting. As i believe i have been blessed with how the passions on both sides of that isle think. So for me its about honoring the hearts of others where i can understand them, or try to amen. But for me it is common sense that if a statement like Hibbs about “depart from me a never knew you” because you didnt vote…well…that common sense tells me there is something wrong upstairs with that. And its a good signal to be aware if peeps are dealing with a full 52 card deck. So yeah when i hear stuff like that the issues are not what a pastor says or does not say. But helpful signals of where to be careful in how else they might use His word. Thanks for the road trip brother :slight_smile: Blessings.

Thansk Stacey. Yeah good to get an economic grip. Gold has risen 80% in last 1.5 years. Good to have as a buffer. Some excess long survival water and food good idea too. Rough waters. But when i see Biden and Saudi i’m thinking he’s just getting punked…lol. Like that man has no business in the presidency. Unfortanately everyone knows it. Its like the Grand American Fire sale. Or like Black Friday America. Grap it while Joe is still breathing. Access may not last. And access to saints either…we be flying :wink: Blessings.

Major fault line off West Coast could trigger catastrophic 9-magnitude earthquake, study finds - and it’s due to go off any minute.

Using underwater mapping techniques, scientists have mapped the Cascadia Subduction Zone - a 600-mile fault line extending from southern Canada to northern California - in never before seen detail.

(Daily Mail)

The thing of it is, no matter what Pastor Hibbs says it is not your problem. His church membership is not your responsibility. So it begs the question why even qualify what he says other than to say maybe he said this or that and it is not Biblical and let others decide for themselves. It is simply not our call to make.

I get it you are into trying to figure out every little minute detail. I am not. I could care less unless it becomes a personal attack on another pastor like what has happened to Pastor JD in the past with Holthaus. Yes I responded to his video and sorry no it was not nice at all. But since then what have I seen Holthaus and others like Crone et al are doing an up coming religious cruise to Turkey. Really? Like just any Christian can just drop what they are doing and go take a cruise or like every Christian is wealthy enough to give up work time and just pay for a cruise ticket. If what they have to say to the church at large is that important then why hide it behind some kind of paywall or force people to cough up lots of money to hear what they have to say. Are any of the churches of those several pastors willing to pony up financial help to those interested in hearing what they will say? I doubt it.

One thing we can take from Scripture and that is not Jesus not Peter, Paul, John, even Stephan ever charged to spread the gospel or teach from scripture. Never, not once. Not even Pastor JD has ever played that game. He freely tells it like it is at no cost to anyone but himself and his family. That then begs the question about the likes of Hibbs, Holthaus, Crone and all the rest and their so called ministries, are they in it for the good of the church at large, bring Jesus to people and people to Jesus. Is that not what Paul hit hard on in 2 Cor 2:17 “For we are not, as so many, peddling the word of God; but as of sincerity, but as from God, we speak in the sight of God in Christ.” That is something Pastor has never done but the list of influencer pastors on YT and other platforms are not shy about doing such things. They do it in groups no less to make it seem more valuable and the cost palatable. Sorry not buying that from any of them. In that regard they are no different the likes of Benny Hinn, Keneth Copeland, Creflo Dollar, and the rest of the prosperity preachers on TV. While the likes of Hibbs, Crone, and Holthaus are not selling prosperity they are charging for the word of God which Paul never did. At times he was offered assistance and only accepted it out of politeness only to give it away later. Jesus, Peter, John, Mathew, Luke, Mark or Stephan who was martyred for preaching Jesus and him crucified never charged a single soul they were witnessing to a penny. So in my mind if a preacher holds a conference at some ritzy place, he is only getting others to pay for his vacation. Not my idea of an honest pastor.

While I understand you will see this different and that is ok for you, I don’t and will not accept any pastor that does this as a good legit pastor no matter what he may speak in the open free and clear. I see that as only advertising for when he is going to bilk people out of money so he can have a nice classy vacation. But then that is just me. I hate scammers for what they do to those who don’t see it coming. But again that is just me.


Before i heart this i will check it out. Thanks Dennis.

Dear awesome soul of brotherdom…i really appreciate you. Very kind thoughts my way. And i know you mean with passion the protection of His word as I. But just for the record, i actually love Jack Hibbs. I don’t visit his church often. I love the opportunities God provides the body with his church. I love the fact that he is into politics (like he’s the heel part of the body…gets a lot of flack).

I’d like to clarify what I mean by psychotic. Psychosis is losing touch with reality. Its not like any of us never have any of that what so ever. But its not a place we should encourage each other to stay. Especially when in our postmodern era we have kind of grown to the fluffy cloud level of giant inflated talking head personalities we can tend to point to as our vicarious rightness of thought. A dangerous time to alive I believe actually.

How does this sound: “When Jesus said do not waste your talent, he meant that if you do not do something with the salvation you have been given, you will lose it. If you don’t vote, in fact, Jesus will tell yu He never knew you.” That my friend is a disquaifying statement and no longer supports the profession of elder in the church (because that is unsound biblically to a 5 year old). BUT…to me…its Laodicea. We all bit bat spit crazy. Hold on to Him…not them. Not any of them. Just Him and learn to love more.

I have no ill toward Jack. I don’t like the whole Hollywood persona. But out of respect for his office in the body, i would love on that brother given the chance. I don’t go out of my way to call Jack Hibbs this or that. In fact i usually try ways to tie him into the good stream. Like he believes in a near Ezekiel 38. And God helps get that word out. But I say it here because you guys are my living diary. A place to let my hair down had i any. So its like that is how i want to spend end times. With my family…in our spiritual birthday suits…eh hem…if you will. Don’t go any where with that. Blessings. :heart:


There is a heck of a lot of confusion out there, like a lot. - im quite good at spotting it, in people with various beliefs. I have seen on a lot of occasions that “something is off” with reality and bible prophecy and then you mention like a fake seal kind of say like this place is counterfeiting the end times. I don’t point at the book of revelations and say we are totally at this point - i just dont know. I’ve had guys say they think we are in the millennial rule of Jesus,and some even claim purgatory, or even “limbo.” “Gnosticism” is at an all-time high from the things im seeing. Heavily inspired by films like the matrix with the red/blue pill now prevalent over a lot of social media.

I believe something is “off” with reality. I literally can not say otherwise i would be lying to my self and to what Jesus has allowed me to see. But how i present that info is more important and to not lose the anchor of the words of the Bible. I remember JD saying he was at his house on a weekend and he said there is usually cars and people and it’s busy going to the beach. Then he said it’s like a ghost town or something like this. And I was like man! So many people i know who are awake are saying things like, its too quiet.
I had one woman i know tell me she goes out on her porch and there are no “bugs” on a night time - nothing. And these “glitches” seem to be happening more and more. I’ve had people tell me the moon shuffled - and yes these are normal sane people lol. The list of gltiches is huuuuuuge man. If anyone wants to DM me i can share what I know.
And thank you for your prayers brotha!! :slight_smile:

I think we are closer to ezekiel prophecy of gog/mgog and “time” is out of sync with daniel 7:25 - but i wouldnt really know - i mean i had a dream - and i know we are not suppsoed to share dream, but very quickly as an example how we can be confused - i broke the 6th seal, then i saw there was “no more sea” so dreams, prophecy, and a make sense order lol i dunno about that ATM.

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Yep it sure seems that Hibbs has done the old flip flop here. I never knew he ran what the call a mega church. That does say something about why he did make his change. While the membership lost jobs and income the lock down also cut into his income I would guess as the collections dropped of to little or nothing. That would be my guess but I am not set in stone on it. I just base that on the differences I have seen in US general mentality compared to other countries in the world. The US has a much stronger emphasis on success by the dollar value above all other things. It appears Hibbs is going along with that definition.

One thing I have to confess then is I was very sinful during the lock down. I was considered critical so I stayed working but I went without the mask the majority of the time and when I was absolutely forced into it I did not do a mask but a face shield instead. My justification to myself was several fold. One main reason is that the mandate was not a law. It was an edict per se and therefore in violation of sever Constitutional laws First and Fourth amendment. As such it was an unlawful edict. Just he same as when I was in the military I obeyed orders as long as they were legal to do so. I would not obey if for instance I was told to kill someone. My time in service was not in combat and I was in a place where combat was not happening. So killing anyone would be breaking the law. But yes I resisted the edict as much as I could as often as I could. Forgive me please.

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Sounds like false, dangerous teaching that would rob a believer of his grace and peace he has been guaranteed of in Jesus Christ.


I do not even listen to Jack…to glam for me! The end!


I’m not going to get run over :grinning:Jesus is going to put us on the train with Him and take us with Him - yea! :latin_cross: :pray: :+1:MARANATHA

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But what seems to be our call to make is:

  • See all poltics as the maxtrix
  • See what is happening in providence as deception
  • Just get ready for the rapture
  • Anything happening in providence does not really matter

These are pretty major themes to just expect people to sign on to…lol. So the reason i said that about Jack Hibbs is really a clarifying point as to why i am on this forum brother (I am not alt right or Christian Nationalist…sometimes my view as a distinct perspective gets blurry). Over the years i have kind of been accused of being too much into the Hibbs view on things. I don’t know if you recall, but there was a major rift between Trumps Deal of the Century with JD and Hibbs. Very different views…which likely started a distancing between JD and Amir.

Hibbs church was noted for becoming too interested in politics and taking the congregation in an unhealthy direction. I know this because i have family members in his flock. Being led as his flock. So i kind of can care for their sakes brother. in one sense the best thing to happen for Jack Hibbs is that Trump lost the election. And as far as my reason for being at the forum…well…sure it is to fellowship with likeminded believers. To an extent this has been very valuable. But my past three years on this forum has been discernig between two extreme camps. Plus i have my own take on eschatology besides. What Pastor Hibbs says is actually my solution rather. Because I am very pro politics and providence in how God moves. And it is helpful for those on the forum who enteract with me to be aware of this. Out of good faith gestures. Hibbs views being that which often aligns with NAR is a problem this forum has made. So i am on this forum with a different view than both. Articulating that. And i think its ok that i do that for discussion value.

Jack you don’t concern yourself with these nuances. I understand that. We have different perspectives. But mine is not making Jack Hibbs a problem. He’s a puzzle piece in Laodicea as i see it. And my background interests have always been in church culture. 70% ish of the trajectory Pastor JD makes prophecy updates on have to do with this understood differential with Hibbs perspective. Not directly. But generically and inferentially. So because that is the case, and because Hibbs is in my own families lives, I make observations along the way. Granted, it can come to railing…which is not godly. And for that i humbly take the admonition.

But as for this forum there seems to be two main views we emphasize quite about (such as Christian Nationalism):

  • Focus on the spiritual and don’t pay much attention to what is going on politcally (JD)
  • Be very involved in politics and be very concerned for our neighbors in this respect (Hibbs)

Hibss side comingles with NAR (as Jack has had NAR on stage with him at the same time Macarthur came for a convention in 2020). The irony there is in 2013 Macarthur hosted the Strange Fire conference much in contrast to Calvery Chapel not separating themselves from the NAR fringe. Only to 7 years later have Macarhur join Jack and NAR at a conference. To me the state of the church in our day and age matters to me. Its how i am wired. Its been my experience in church cuture. And i was a part of Macarhurs church for decades. So the church culture may not matter to some. We are different parts of the body. It matters to me. Because as the church culture goes, so we are having a sense of kind of what actually is kind of going on at the moment. And seeing how the machanics in the church go from Strange Fire to being at the same conference as NAR, kind of winks out our Laodicean problem generally in the church.

So you can say 'No matter what Jack says its not your problem." But you don’t know how his church affects my families life. How can you just say that like not knowing or maybe thinking to ask?

That is not accurate. To you perhaps. But to where you don’t, does not mean it is higher ground necessarily brother. Look i understand we will have differences. And i appreciate even admonition not to be jaded…which is an endearing and noble concern. Amen. I hear you brother. But this charactorization i don’t see as altogether healthy. I mean like, in relation to what?

As an example on this it is not meant to rehash something. But to highlight why to me its more about the sound and sober approaches to engage with life (not figuring everything out) as oppose to figuring everything out…well…we had a discussion a while back about Gen 6 interpretation. If by what you mean in “my figuring everything out” is that i go beyond my own bias. Then yes. You are correct brother. For back then i shared with you a commentary to which you said you have a sense to know how others are biased. And therefore have no need to consider their viewpoints. Coming from that mindset i suppose i would seem to want to unturn every single stone in the universe…lol. But i just think it is healthy and mature to challenge our biases from time to time because we in Him never stop growing.

So on that simple note i will leave it to where if ever you have interest you are free to weigh back. But it is not my intention to. Just clarifying since addressed on this forum that i have an ongoing interest to challenge my own biases. Which is a huge reason i’m on this forum for years. Because my views do differ quite a bit in several places. One being angels as the sons of God. I realize Jack that the full weight of this forum including Pastor JD side with your perspective on that. Fair enough. But one reason i would not settle for my sense of being able to discern the bias of others, or rest too much in my own confidence in exluding what light the septuagint might provide for consideration, is because it is healthy not to have arrived for the most part. A danger for our age it seems can be is all brother. So i will leave with this. In the septuagint the way it reads when angels are meant is very different than when it means men. The septuagint makes this distinction. And although the outcome of this evidence is not to draw as much to a conclusion, as it might in just have us aware of what those questionable passages looked like in a time capsul. Blessings.

The Sons of God Are Not Angels - Proven By The Bible Alone (refuteit.com)

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Maybe you see it as your call to make. I don’t care what he tells his church. As I have been trying to say I am not interested in politics.

In relation to the fact I just don’t care about politics but you keep at it. I am trying to tell you that it means absolutely nothing to me but you insist on coming back with stuff like

This kind of dance around and around it not my cup of coffee any more. I just don’t care. As far as I am concerned what ever happens happens, it is in God’s hands and I choose to leave it there. Whether it is discipline on a very sin sick world or it is being allowed to fulfill prophecy or both it not my call to make. Nothing I do will change what God has spoken that will come to pass so I leave it to Him.

There are more important things to me like praying for our sister Dallas who is laid up in a hospital now dealing with recovery from a stroke. That is important and is levels well above any political theater to which I can not do anything to change it.

I guess since you have never lived in situations where your entire life is not left into your hands for any reason you have never learned to just let go of those things you can not control. I have and I choose to do that with politics. And that is the same reason I will not go out and work in my yard if my neighbor is out because all he ever wants to talk about is politics. I am tired of it so I just avoid him. If I am out and he comes out I go back in. If he is out and I need to go out I don’t or I leave and go do something else.

I don’t know how many ways I can tell you that I am not interested in the US political theater. But evidently you are and I would ask of you to please find someone who is to discuss it with. I am not your guy for that.

Like wise I don’t follow other pastors like so many do. For the most part I don’t care for what they have to say as some are date setters, others are back biters, and almost all of them are self serving to some degree. I have never seen that in Pastor JD so he is the only one I go to for bible study sermons and prophecy updates. I am not going to change that any time soon as I don’t see him flipping into something else any time soon.

As far as Hibbs and his flock are concerned they are not close to me, I am not responsible for what he says or teaches as I am not with the elders of his church and I am not a member. So it is simply not my call what he says or does. I hope you can finally understand that. I am just not interested in him for any reason save if he goes on a personal attack like Holthaus did.

The only way I think you will understand this all is I am not interested in what happens in Germany because I don’t live there, it has little affect on my life and it will be part of the fulfillment of prophecy which I cannot change. So I don’t pay attention. That is the same thing with Hibbs and his church. Maybe this saying will make it clear, Not my circus, not my monkeys."

No Jack your telling me why the things i say are not important. Don’t matter. Or should not be said. I’m telling you from my heart why I say some things. Don’t care about anything i say. But i will reply if you weigh in on why they are not necessary. Its your place to say that but then when i reply i am trying to convince you politics are important? No that is not what is happening. Maybe to you it is. All i am doing is expressing why i am coming across as i do. As i said your admonition in considering to not be so forward with comments about pastors of another flock are reasonable. I hear you borther. I’m not trying to tell you anything. This is for those who read my post who do care somewhat. :slight_smile: Yeah?

Then don’t care to tell me what to say or not say or how i should think abou it. Take your own advice brother.

Then leave it there. You don’t have to respond to certain things i share. I might share back. And that transcends whether you care or not because this is a public forum.

I’m quoting because i want to highlight your affirmations. They are yours. And worthy to echo. Amen. By the same notion i am not saying what we do changes what God has said. We see what that means differently. So we have had our say. Let the forum decide what to do with all that. Amen.

Right but the TOS also tells us not to tell others what to post or not post. Why does it always seem to come back to that? lol. Are you Mr. TOS lol. I mean that like a gentle hug brother.

My eschatological view has God 100% in control. I trust him enough with it. I am just interested in knowing my Lord’s groovy moves. I am interested in Him in what he does. Not the enemy. He is soveriegn. What occurs much of it is Him. So im hot on to that. This is how I fall madlier in love with my Lord. Who is living and active and deeply involved in life today. I’m into that. You don’t need to pschoanlyze that as me not trusting Him. We just different brother.

This is not your front yard. Its a pulbic forum. And you are not a moderator. Fine to have your opinion brother. But this is not your front yard. It belongs to the community. So just don’t talk about politics. Or weigh in when you want. But if others see differently trust God enough to let Him have it. Its not yours. BY THE WAY brother you crack me up. I can picture in my head you and your neighbor. Thanks for the smile. Its adorable. :+1:

You don’t. I am telling you where i am coming from. You don’t agree. But in the future Jack. I hate to break it to you brother. But i gonna commit an anathema. I am probably going to talk about it with those that might care to interact. I know that is not what you want to hear. But kind of how life…works?

That fine i hear that. Lets move on.

I just share my perspective. That doesn’t make you repsonsible for Hibbs.

Right. But i explained why I saw it the way you do not. I don’t say it because of how you see things. I say it because of how i see things. But i tell you brother, as you weigh in i do consider how maybe i can have too strong a statement here. So you have moved my soul somewhat. But please don’t make this about you. I am mainly responding to why i find what i find important. You don’t have to. In fact…for your sake i reckin…please dont?

The huge glaring reality though brother is that Hibbs seems to be interconnected with Christian Nationalism somewhat and concerns of NAR false light futures. So you don’t have to care. Just don’t get involved with any of that stuff. But there has been a long standing interest (as also appears often on the prophecy updates) in this forum for topics relating to much of this. We get you are not interested. So i guess be long suffering for the forum. Because there are those who have interest in various aspects of what is going on in the eschatological world you may not be interested in.

For example lets look at Dennis. Awesome brother. Full on passion in this forum. He posts on Christian Nationalism, beast system, cyborging humanity, Antichrist (although not so much), vaccine this and vaccine that, how conservative politics is part of the forming beast system etc. My views and his are very different. For the most part i just check out what he posts. A lot of it even though not my cup of tea is down right fascinating. I appreciate his heart in wanting to share all these different things related to escatology. In politics we especially see way differently. Sometimes i say something back on that. Sometimes he does. Sometimes i dont. Sometimes he don’t. But we share our forum and like 007 live and let live. We say something if moved in favor or against in respect to something if we are moved to. Otherwise we just appreciate our being brothers in Him with pretty different views. As different as i may see things than Dennis, he brought to me the most remarkable video i probably would have never found on my own. About rapture history. And its of huge importance in a lot of different conversations. If Dennis did not post, i would be left out from a grand treasure. So just saying…i get it you are not interested. So be with us and post when and how you want and don’t be interessted in what you are not too. Blessigns.

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I can see you are getting bent out of shape over this and that is why I don’t like getting into these discussions with you. I am not telling you any thing about what you should or should not do say or believe. I am telling you what I think, feel about this or that and what I a believe and why. You asked I told you, that should be the end of it and like the other post I responded to, I get tired of long discussion when I have clearly stated my point which is I don’t care about politics just like I don’t care that you care. Good that you do for you. Please enjoy those discussions just not with me.

If Dennis is willing to do long discussions with you then fine you two have a blast and I will be happy for you both. Please just don’t try to drag me into them. I see that almost the same as telling people they should vote or they should not vote and then hounding them if they resist. That is my view of this mess.

After all, all I did was tell people a simple fact that those who want to vote and follow politics then feel free to do so as it is a right. Like wise for those that do not want to vote and follow politics also have a blast as that is their right equally. That was all I ever wanted to say on the subject but I get repsonse after response up to this point where now your feelings are hurt but you kept this going over and over. If you would have know well enough to leave it alone as I have said to you many times in the past then you would not have your feelings hurt. You really need to pay attention when people are trying to tell you politely they want to get out of the conversation. I am not mad at you I am just hoping you wake up to the fact that what you want when you want it, if it involves another you have to give consideration to their wants as well. Not happening here.

But I get it now, I will just not post or respond to anything and that way this problem will never arise again. I am good with that as well.

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