April 28, 2024: Bible Prophecy Update – Why Bible Prophecy Is So Controversial

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Pastor JD :hawaiianshirt_3: provides three Biblical reasons as to why it is that Bible prophecy is so controversial and even seemingly conspiratorial.

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Is pastor JD saying that he is in the Charismatic camp? Blessings.

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I don’t think so. It appears to me he is just pointing out that the times we live in are times we may see some miraculous things. I don’t think a lot of Christians put a lot of stock in supernatural events that come from God or that the Holy Spirit working through human agency will do many if not all of the gifts of the Spirit. For so long now very few of them have been seen that many thing they are of the past only and not likely to ever be seen again.Yet scripture tells us that in Acts 2:17 ‘And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out My Spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams.

It would appear that since so many are blind to the nearly daily fulfillment of Biblical prophecy neither do they see the gifts of the Spirit in action again. In the shortest form Pastor JD appears to be pointing out what should be obvious but is being missed by large numbers of Christians.

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Negatory on that Teren…He is solidly in the Bible In Context Camp. LOL


I have a new client that i will see twice a week, thankfully she does know about the rapture and she’s ready, she’s 91 and we were talking yesterday, she was telling me that her younger sister had 3 children that passed away of covid within 6 months a few yrs ago, that must’ve been tough for her to lose 3 children. Lately so many folks have died, it’s like God just set a time this month for all these people to take home. I am very fortunate that i have not gotten sick in more than 5 yrs, no testings, no vax, hardly had to wear a mask because i work with clients that live in their homes. I’m truly thankful and blessed how good God has been to me. My boss isn’t strict either. I’ve gotten along with everyone since i’ve been with the company since May 2020, they did ask me only one time to get a covid test done and i firmly told them No i will not get a test done because i’m not sick and they didn’t get mad or anything, and i was still able to continue to work the next day.


This is where we need to define Cessationism properly, need time to research. This JD forum maybe had discuss this few years back under Discussion Forums.


For thus says the HIGH and EXALTED ONE
Who Inhabits ETERNITY, whose name is HOLY,
“I dwell on a high and holy place, And ALSO with the contrite (broken) and lowly of spirit
In order to REVIVE the spirit of the lowly (humble)
And to REVIVE (restore) the HEART of the BROKEN.”
— Isaiah 57:15

God inhabits eternity and dwells upon High, but ALSO God dwells with us broken humans. God promises to REVIVE US and restore us into His life.

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It’s not over. Major strikes are coming. :zap::zap: URGENT – Danger of Israeli air strikes against the Syrian capital, Damascus, and the southern region during the next 48 hours.

John Traczyk

1 May 2024

Outline of Apr 28 PU:

  1. Confusion
  2. Accusation
  3. Deception

Pastor JD mentioned this meme, look it up on WWJP:

While we miss JD for May, the globalist are still conspiring end April:

Remember this so called prophet? He said that beforehand

Yes his dream is coming true sooner…

Example street lights in your area:



Not forgetting JD’s favourite topic, the V subject. They are hinting us, many people will go bankrupt or unaffordable this new vaccine



Jesus please come quickly!


Praise God Stacey for your job and even moreso for your boldness and faithfulness !

Oh my, your client losing 3 granddaughters , or maybe you said daughters (I can’t scroll up on my phone now)… how difficult! Praise God she is watching and waiting!

I am also seeing what seems like alot of people dying right now. People I know who are older. And my MIL has some sort of growth on her kidneys to be checked Friday. She is Catholic. Plse pray for her to be saved out of that religion and born again , not trusting in the religion or her works but in Jesus alone, trusting the Jesus of the Bible, not the Catholic Jesus who cannot and does not save. I pray my husband would be moved to be obedient and share the gospel with her . I already did try a few years back and was kicked out of the home . That’s bc the Gospel is offensive to a Catholic . :pray:t2:


Hi Merritt,

Yes, praise God she knows about the Rapture, she’s not able to attend church physically but she likes to watch Dr. David Jeremiah on Sunday mornings and that’s where she learned about the Rapture. I didn’t even ask her, she brought it up and i was like yaaaayyyy you know about the Rapture Jesus is coming and she said yes she is ready to go, I was really happy for her plus we have something in common to talk about.
it’s my client’s younger sister that lost 3 of her children within 6 months due to covid a few yrs ago., so sad.
I will say a prayer for your MIL. :yellow_heart::pray:

p.s. are you able to email her some video teachings from Billy Crone that explains that catholic is a false religion? maybe keep trying.


Pastor JD made this chart.


May we so grow in grace and in a knowledge of the Lord Jesus that we die to ourselves and live for Christ. Day by day, may we be so united in spirit and truth that we are being transformed in the likeness of the Lord Jesus so that the things that we do and the words that we speak are carried out because we abide in Christ and He in us. Just as Jesus did not speak on His own initiative, but did so through the Father living within and working through Him, may we not speak in our own authority but joyfully submit to His perfect will in our lives.

Lee Brainard


Thanks Dennis, @BayouBushi @YosemiteMountainMan

The understanding I have of cessationism is that the sign gifts stopped with the apostles:

  • Miracles, healings, prophesy, tongues

These gifts per any individual having them as gifts of the spirit today in cessationism proper is understood to have been under “offices” of the apostolic age. Meaning that no person today has the gift of miracles, healings, prophesy, or tongues. I realize tongues will be seen in some circles as a gift still in operation today. But the main view of tongues from a cessationist perspectives is 1 Cor 14:20-25. When is that last time anyone saw that (in paragraph form) occur?

John Macarthur made cessationism popular again. John Mac would believe that there are not only no persons with the gift of miracles today. But that God does not do miracles today at all. It is not a miraculous age. Just providence (per his Calvinism). I would differ with that view in that if God wants to do a miracle or healing or whatever today He will. Amen. But that there are no offices or specific people who have that gift today.

It is understood in this cessationism view that the reason for the sign gifts was to authenticat the new testament. Once it had been completed and affirmed by that miraculous period, the sign gifts stopped. That is my view. But i realize some speak in tongues in semi-charismatic cirles (I used to be charismatic).

I understand in general people will have different views on sign gifts of the spirit today. I’m not the kind of Christian that would try on harp on that. Those who believe in sign gifts (or some of them) for today I believe are saved and brethren. I don’t really make it an issue though.

. . . . .

I would not see word of wisdom though necessarily for today (although understand how it can be a bit vague in concept as to our approach today). From what i understand “word of wisdom” was the supernatural ability to cohesively make forming Old Testament and New Testament contrasts make sense to an age totally new to all of that. Having spirit filled wisdom today i would not see as the same as what word of wisdom meant in the 1st century because of its needed used functionally in making sense of old/new testament correlations as the New Testament was still being written.

Having said that, I would not say cessationism is false doctrine. In John Macarthur’s case i would see it as bad doctrine in the way he uses it. So i totally understand the concerns there. It can be abusive even at some level, amen. But cessationism proper i don’t think is bad or false doctrine in the slightest. I do have a good measure of consideration for those who hold views otherwise because we are brothers and sisters in Christ and should strive to find where we can have most sound union in Him regarding, amen.

I would differ though that “word of prophesy” as not for today. I understand how JD is looking at that. But i would see “word of prophesy” and “prophesy” as gifts as the same thing. Because when 1 Cor 14 was written, the new testament was still being written and would not be complete unitl the end of the 1st century pretty much. I appreciate Pastor JD’s desire to line “word of prophecy” up with scripture, amen. But this is why you would have heard from me for a couple of years now (prior to knowing this insight about Pastor JD) that certain watcher approaches run the danger of doing the same thing NAR does, just on the opposing side of it. This is a concern in the watcher world i have had for a number of years. Sometimes it seems like the way to understand end times is just see the oppposite of NAR. I understand that temptation, but I would nevertheless see concerns with that.

I just believe there is a danger to believe that when we speak as a layperson or pastor or whomever, and believe it has supernatural authority (even to line up with sripture), it then comes down to how much one can convince our views on what scripture does say to match up with. Another way of saying that is the word of prophesy can easily be used to affirm commentary on revealed written scritpture. When i talk about my 1st seal view i talk about it as a train wreck. Not as it being a word of prophesy. I believe it is likely most accurate, but if we say I have a word of prophesy and America will collapse and it doesn’t, we know that is not what that was. But if we don’t say it’s prophesy, but do say America will collapse or if it doesnt it is false light, to me, this is a way to be in danger of chief facing both waysism. Hedging our views unfalsifiable. This is why i like to be pronounced aboout my view. If i am wrong…i can live in my skin being wrong. Because i am here on this forum in case i totally might be wrong (in part) amen. But I think it is a danger in our age to have a version of charismatic lite and see it as supernaltural autority as a gift in contrast to NAR. Because to me, i say this in love and honesty and will try my best to work within this new discovery on our forum, its can run dangerously close to being somewhat of the same difference. I’m not trying to be difficult. These are important considerations though family. Blessings.


Not much to say on this matter except first for those who doubt the execution of gifts even now don’t forget when Paul wrote to Timothy: “Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away.” Now this was written as a warning not only to Timothy but for our time as well as verse 3:1 before it says so. “This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come.”

Then there is Jesus explaining a parable of the rich man to the disciples about how difficult it will be for those accustomed to luxury or constant gratification of their earthly lust to get into heaven. He uses, as an example, a camel going through the eye of a needle. Then he says that even so such difficulty to make it happen is not beyond God’s power, Math. 19:26 But Jesus beheld them, and said unto them, With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible.

Note well the last clause, “but with God all things are possible.” Not some things, not some of the time but ALL things ALL of the time if not all of the time then God would not be omnipotent but, he is.

That being said since we know from Joel 2:28-29 " And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions: And also upon the servants and upon the handmaids in those days will I pour out my spirit." This is again repeated in Acts 2:17 And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams."

So if it is twice in scripture that sons and daughters will prophesy, and young men will have visions and old men dreams, why is this even a question? Could it be that those who speak against it are not given such gifts and are jealous so then complain of those who God looked on with favor to do what He called them to do with derision?

I don’t know about others, but I don’t doubt that God if and when He chooses will supply what ever gifts He choose to fulfill His purposes. Will people prophesy in these the latter days? I suspect some will. Will some be given the gift of healing, I suspect some will. Who am I to judge who will and who will not bestowed with the gifts. I am nobody. If a man or a woman prophesy from God then so be it. If it comes to pass as stated then it was from God. If not then no problem they are not prophets. But woe unto me if I try to limit God with unbelief. If I do such a thing then how dare I call myself a child of God.

God will do what God will do in justice and judgment, in love and mercy, regardless of what I think or want Him to do. That being said and knowing full well this is of the nature of God then I can fully trust Him. So I don’t even worry about such things. As they say way above my pay grade.




Understood Jack. Thanks for your replly. One of the reallly wonderful things i learned while i was in the reformed camp for decades was even though they were cessationists, they would at times have Charismatics preach in the main service. What that taught me is that believers can have strong convictions in contrast to other believers, and allow those other believers to even preach from their pulpits. Which shows the grace of God for sure, amen.

Now of course the Charismatics were not permitted to teach abou their view of the gifts at the pulpit. Because there was a mutual respect that men filled with the spirit will have different convictions. And that was a powerfully beautiful example to be taught as a believer, amen.

I don’t look at it so much as an issue of limiting God. Because i came from the Charismatic camp. I know well how they will say, “Don’t touch the Lord’s annointed,” as Kenneth Copeland is famous for. So I don’t see having cessationist convictions a denial of God’s power. While I was at a cessessationist church for over 20 years i told them that God was more active in very powerful and noticeable ways beyond men in their church than i recall in my previous Charismatic church years. And i meant that. Because He was. God is not limited to our views on sign gifts to operate through the body of Chrsit in supernatural ways though.

It was Pastor JD’s heart toward the Lord that attracted me to his ministry and to his forum. It was that power of God working in him that kept me. And even though i see very differently about end times than watchers typically do, I have often watched JD’s updates and interacted often on this forum because i see the spirit of God here…even in seeing differently. So for me its not an issue of limiting God’s power. We can’t anyway…if its His power we will notice if we are His. And i have. And in a robust way…in not being in agreement with many watcher perspectives–it is uncommon to come along side views we don’t share with a measure of self adanden (this too could be a mark of recognizing the power of God and mature person of spirit, no?). I can’t say that is the norm in Christianity (and maybe in some ways for good reason). But i would say being able to weather that in love in sincerely caring for the body anyway (not so much to have our say or dominate a convictional position)…can also be a power of God marker, perhaps.

. . . . .

As far as “pouring out His spirit” in the end times, i see that happened at Pentecost. And my understanding of how scripture infers this it looks like that will happend (as best as i can tell) around the 6th seal or time of the sealing of the 144k. I see it as pertaining to Israel. We may have different views on that. Many see this outpouring for the late part of the age of grace such as we are in now. And i did consider that watching rapture dreams on youtube for a year straight…even so i can see God do unusual things. Show people unusual things too. So if God wants to impart supernatural perspective today He can. Perhaps my first seal view is just that. But since i don’t know the future and since i know the dangers of assigning our views of things as though they are supernatural “thus sayeth the Lord” moments, i defer from any consideration like that. Like i believe my first seal view stands a chance at being actually very real. But I get it from dumbing down. Not from a vision or “super natural word of prophecy” or something. So if that is how God might impart perspective…i’m ok with that. But since i don’t know, I keep it at pehaps that prophecy insight can maybe be gained and maybe provide us an edge if we look at how the Father might condescend in this age toward us. Perhaps as contrary as the first century church had to fight with secret gnostic knowledge…the end time church might have a similar fight without the luxury of also writing the pure and real words of God to boot like John at the closing of the 1st century had opporutunity to.

In addition the COC forbids us to make such claims. And i have no interest in having such claims. This standard would likely also apply to Pastor JD or any other believer, amen. There may come a time of a fork in the road of what avenues I persue in end time notions that possibly start to differ too greatly from the watcher view. I actually hope not. For i have been here for us being open to the Lord’s leading otherwise for sure. But in the event it goes that way (which i don’t believe will be the case) I am the one saying this considering carefully many sides of the equation. I’m not coming at this through limitations but through robust interaction with that which i might not so easily find agreement with. And in as much as that too is the power of God, amen. For i consider it so in charity toward the views of others. To the degree charity with sober tones in His spriit be that which we move, and breathe, and live and have our being…be that the demonstration of the supernatural power of God, amen.

However it is fairminded that if the outpouring is not on NAR it may equally not as much be upon even perhaps the entirety or pockets therein of watcher movement. In any event we know this, God knows our weaknesses. Our limits. Our confusions and bias. And He will use that even though. This we know. I just share this because what i would not think to be the most helpful in general in the body of Christ is that we have NAR and we have us, thinking what we see is the actual outpouring on us? To me, that might not be the soberist of thought. Just saying. Not saying it would be on NAR, that is for sure. But in honesty, in my view it might be cheating a bit to assume that its on us. Not that God’s blessing is not. For we are speaking of heightened supernatural outpouring. Which would likely transcend views of such things as COP28 interests for example. Just saying. Blessings.