April 28, 2024: Revelation 1:19-20 -- God Wants Us To Know The Future

:bible2: Revelation 1:19-20 – God Wants Us To Know The Future

Pastor JD :hawaiianshirt_1: explains why God doesn’t want us to be ignorant concerning the future, rather, He wants us to know about the future.

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Truly an excellent sermon full of promise and excitement!
Have a great vacation Pastor JD.
See you when you get back, If we are still here!


Is there a difference between knowing about the future and knowing the future?


For me the answer is yes there is a difference between knowing “about” the future and knowing the future, if we want to be more precise.

God wants us to know about the future.
God is the only one who knows the future, meaning every single detail.


This is important to me everyday, but today especially. Yesterday I was having a conversation with my Mom and I had a check in my spirit that I needed to stop. Why? Because I was being judgy and using myself, how I study, how I act, as a measuring rod for how I thought she should be.

I literally said to my husband, why was I saying that stuff? Does Jesus really make it that easy? Is He that good to us? YES, HE DOES AND YES HE IS.

I was immediately humbled and apologized to my Mom. How easy it is to slip into being self righteous and lead people away from Jesus.

Thank God He is so good and makes it so simple for us. :pleading_face::heart::latin_cross::pray::dove:


One of the churches I attend, senior pastor was out with his wife for their anniversary. The waitresses sees them and asks " what’s your secret?"

He said “communication” in his flesh (maybe proud of the compliment) and repented to the congregation. It’s so easy. Our pride is right there, THISCLOSE, crouching at the door. I have the same issues too. How often have we taken some of the credit for the work He is doing? This flesh… :pensive:


I have to remind myself often that the only reason I am here at all or have any gifts or intelligence or anything is because I was created the way I am. Not because I have done anything myself. We are all just created beings and outside of God we are literally nothing.



:arrow_up: daily self check :white_check_mark: in case someone needs to snap out of it lol oh and btw smile :grimacing:


When Jesus talks about the oil in the virgin lamps… could he be talking about the people that are not watching the prophecies? They knew He was coming for His Bride, but they were not ready??

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I don’t believe that people will be rejected from the rapture because they’re not actively watching for it. We are saved by the Blood of the Lamb and that’s the only thing that saves us. But, I do believe there will be blessings missed by not being “present” in watchfulness. And personally…I don’t want to miss a thing :wink:


True…They will not receive a watchers crown.