Are You Raiding Our Pantry? - Sample Letter to Leave Behind

Here’s a sample letter to print up and leave by your stored goods.

Are You Raiding Our Pantry?

If you’ve come into our simple little home and are now raiding our pantry, then you’ve been left behind. Are you wondering where we, the owners of this house, went?

Did Aliens Abduct Us??

Absolutely not! The media might try to convince you that we were abducted by aliens, but don’t believe it! Nothing is further from the truth. We’re not in the mother ship being probed, nor are we hiding in the woods somewhere. If we’re not here, it’s because we’ve been raptured.

We’ve Been What??

What’s the rapture? It’s when Jesus Christ comes back for the church, His bride. We will be with Jesus in heaven during the Great Tribulation that lasts on earth for seven years. Then Jesus will graciously allow us, His bride, to accompany Him when He returns back to earth to lock Satan away and deal with those who have destroyed the earth and many of earth’s inhabitants.

Don’t believe me? Then I challenge you to do one thing. Think of it as payment for the food you’re taking. Find a Bible (there are several in this house) and open it to the book of John. It’s toward the back of the Bible, by the way. Pray to Jesus and tell Him you don’t believe He’s real. Then challenge Him to reveal Himself to you as you read.

Are We With All the Good People?

We weren’t taken up to heaven because we’re good people. No one is good enough to merit heaven. Romans 3:23 says that all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. Jesus is the only person who ever walked on this earth without sinning once. He paid the price we should have for our sins. Because of Him, we were allowed into heaven.

How Did We Get to Heaven?

We did three simple things to receive God’s precious gift of salvation, and so can you. Here’s what we did:

  1. We admitted that we were sinners. You have to be genuinely sorry for the sins you have committed. This isn’t a character flaw, it’s a sin nature that, except for Jesus, every person who ever lived has. We sin every day, both intentionally and unintentionally. Because God is a holy and just God, He can’t tolerate sin, no matter how small we may think it is.

  2. We believed that Jesus Christ died for our sins, was buried and that God raised Jesus from the dead. In other words, we trusted that Jesus Christ is who He said He is and that His death and resurrection is the reason we can live forever in heaven with Him. Romans 6:23 says “For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.”

  3. We called Jesus Lord. We were willing to acknowledge that Jesus is the Lord of our lives. We submitted to God and recognize Him as Lord over all that we do.

You will not be able to survive the Great Tribulation without the help and love of Christ. Accepting that precious gift is so simple. So why don’t you?

Why Won’t You Accept God’s Gift?

Is it pride? Most people don’t like to admit that they’ve sinned. Or maybe you think God hates you and will never forgive you for what you’ve done. Or maybe you prefer doing what feels good at the moment and are afraid submitting to God’s will deprives you of fun.

Whatever the reason, it’s not worth facing eternity in hell. What’s about to come may feel like hell on earth, but it’s nothing compared to the eternal hell that is awaiting those who reject God.

What Are You Waiting For?

Ask Jesus to forgive your sins and call Him Lord today. Also, help yourself to our food. We won’t need it, but you certainly will. Truth be told, we’ve been storing it up for you. A long time ago, God told us that someone like you would be coming to our house in desperate need. We’ll be praying for you because you are about to face some very difficult times.

Remember that Jesus loves you, and please give your life to Christ before it is too late.


Amen Sis,
Now that’s a good “meal” to leave behind. :slight_smile:


Thanks for sharing this @suemerriam ! Several years ago I did a Bible study about feasting on God’s word and the woman who wrote the book shared her idea for a visual reminder. I recently updated mine with ‘soul food’ for anyone who comes to my kitchen post rapture looking for provisions (yes, one of the ‘titles’ is Ghirardelli intense dark 72% cacao dark chocolate :yum:). I’ve been wanting to include a personal letter of some kind and this would be perfect.


Love it @suemerriam and @pbandj (the doily is delectable too!)


Awesome treats, pbandj!


Hello Sue @suemerriam,
What a wonderful letter! I am going to print a couple to stash in my pantry and cabinets. Thank you!

Hey there Paula @pbandj,
I love this idea! I think I’ll do something similar in my China cabinet. Although the chocolate probably won’t last… no matter how many times I replace it. Sugar— the best of comfort foods.

Can’t wait to see you guys in Heaven!


Truth be told, I was debating a different chocolate bar with a much closer expiration date so that I might need to replace it, should the Lord tarry… :rofl:


Expiration dates on chocolate…. WHY BOTHER? :rofl::joy::rofl::joy:

Me and every chocolate bar I ever met… the immediate response.


:rofl: so true!


Mahalo Sue for sharing this. I’ve been wanted to a Rapture letter but I’m so glad I came across yours. Well said🙂 I’ll be printing some out for others and myself.